Church Sermons

Sermons on the Church

Sermons on the Church

The image above is the building of the Upper Spencer church of Christ where my father preached and where I spent many a Sunday as a small kid.

Building a Church 101

Can You Be Saved in a Denomination?

Challenges Confronting the Church

Characteristics of a Shepherdless Church

A Christ-Centered Church

Church Growth 101

The Cooperation of Believers

Cross-Centered Living

Deacon: A Word Study

Do We Really Need the Church? (Part One)

Do We Really Need the Church? (Part Two)

Does It Really Matter if We Use Instrumental Music in Worship?

Follow the Leader | A Look at Elders

A Glorious Church

“God Didn’t Say I Can’t Use Instrumental Music in Worship!”

Here am I, Send Someone Else!

How Can I Evangelize?

How to Resurrect the Gospel Meeting

Identifying Marks of the New Testament Church

I Love Elders

I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord

Introducing Churches of Christ

Is Instrumental Music in Worship Simply an Aid?

Is One Church as Good as Another?

Leading God’s People

Little Things Mean a Lot!

Names of the Church

The Need for Evangelism

Not Neglecting the Assembly

One Great Love

One Hundred Years of Division

Psallo and the Piano

Raising Babes in Christ

Should We Fellowship with Denominations?

Singing for the Master

Sweet Hour of Prayer

The Church as the Bride of Christ

The History of Instrumental Music in Worship

The Meeting and You

The Stars and Stripes

The Use of Instrumental Music in the Old Testament

The Wisdom of Soul Winning

Tough Love | A Look at Disfellowship | Part One

Tough Love | A Look at Disfellowship | Part Two

Undenominational Christianity

Unity, Not Division

What a Godly Church Wants the Elders to Know about the Church

What Drives This Church?

What Elders Wish the Church Knew

What God Thinks about the Church

What Should I Say When I Evangelize?

What’s a Woman to Do?

What Sisters CAN Do!

What’s Being a Missionary All About?

What’s in a Name?

Where This Church Can Go

Why Do We Sing?

Why I Left

Why Should I Evangelize?

The Work of Deacons

Working as a Shepherd | The Responsibility of the Elders to the Church

Working as Sheep | The Responsibility of the Church to the Elders

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