Marriage and Family

Lessons on Marriage and Family

Lessons on Marriage and Family

Families face multiple challenges in the modern world. Society tells families that there is no need to work through difficulties. Television, public schools, and peers make raising children perilous. Those who rightfully enter into a second marriage face even more challenges.

However, families have always faced multiple challenges. It was Eve who convinced Adam to eat of the forbidden fruit in the Garden. Adam and Eve become the first couple in the long history of mankind to suffer the loss of a child when Cain slew Abel. Jacob induced great jealousy by giving Joseph a coat of many colors.

God, knowing quite well the perils facing the family he ordained, provided solid instruction for the family. On these pages, you will find multiple resources to help your family strive to live according to God’s design.

These resources are from a course I taught at Ohio Valley University.


God’s Creation of Marriage

Damaging Influences on the Home

Dating and Marriage

The Roles of Husbands and Wives

Communication in Marriage

Conflict Resolution







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