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Are You a Workaholic?

Do You Have Workaholism?

  1. Do you work more than 40 hours a week?
  2. Do you often feel fatigued and stressed?
  3. Do you have problems sleeping?
  4. Do you have stress-related physical issues such as back pain, headaches, indigestion, ulcers, or chronic fatigue?
  5. Do you take work home? on weekends? on vacation? on holidays?
  6. Do you feel guilty when you relax or have fun, especially when there is work to be done?
  7. Do you sometimes resent others for not working as hard as you do?
  8. Do you get impatient with coworkers who have other priorities besides work?
  9. Has your family given up expecting you on time?
  10. Do you find that it is difficult to schedule time for those you love?
  11. Are you able to have fun with your family?
  12. Do you feel that the more you work the more pleasing you will be to God?
  13. Do you have difficulty saying no?
  14. Do you sometimes feel that people who have “needs” are weak?
  15. Do you feel better about yourself when you earn more money or realize achievements in your work?
  16. Do you feel that you do things rapidly to not waste time?
  17. Do you often compare yourself to others?
  18. Do you find that free times bores you because you would rather be working?
  19. Tell me about your growing up years. What were your parents like?
  20. How did your parents assess your worth? Did you feel that you had to achieve at a certain level in order to be accepted or loved?

This course was originally taught by Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. at Ohio Valley University.

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