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Do you have a lot of stress?

Are You Stressed?

Below is a list of symptoms commonly associated with stress. Check which of the following symptoms you are experiencing. If you check very man of these items, you may be experiencing stress.

________________ Headaches

________________ Indecisive

________________ Stomach aches

________________ Easily upset

________________ Back pain

________________ Lonely

________________ Tight neck and shoulders

________________ Crying often

________________ Fever blisters

________________ Apathetic

________________ Ringing ears

________________ Resentful

________________ Sleep difficulties

________________ Distrustful

________________ Grinding teeth at night

________________ Loss of sense of humor

________________ Easily upset

________________ Nervousness

________________ Forgetfulness

This course was originally taught by Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. at Ohio Valley University.

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