The Dangers of Secular Humanism

Volcanic eruption
Few ideologies present such a challenge to Christianity than Secular Humanism. Secular Humanism has been accepted by so many well-meaning Christians that they are completely unaware that they are under its grasp. Secular Humanism is advocated in our public schools, on our televisions, and in our policy centers.

When I was a doctoral student at Amridge University, I was required to prepare a project on Secular Humanism. My project was a series of sermons preached at the Alum Creek Church of Christ on the dangers presented by this philosophy. Here are those sermons:


What is Secular Humanism?

Why Should I Worry About Secular Humanism?

Secular Humanism and Free Inquiry

Secular Humanism and the Separation of Church and State

Secular Humanism and Freedom

Secular Humanism and Ethics

The Secular Humanist Concept of Moral Education

The Secularm Humanist Concept of Religious Skepticism

The Secular Humanist Concept of Reason

Secular Humanism and Science and Technology

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