Expository Sermons on Judges

Samson's hair being cut

Expository Sermons on Judges by Dr. Justin Imel, Sr.

The image above depicts Samson’s hair being cut, an event described in the Book of Judges.

The Book of Judges records some rather low points in the history of God’s people. The cycle of apostasy, judgment, deliverance, and apostasy is repeated many times throughout Judges. Judges stands as a stark reminder of how easily God’s people can leave the Lord and go to apostasy.

Forsaken (Judges 2:11-15)

Lessons from the Unfaithful (Judges 2:11-19)

So Long, Fatso! (Judges 3:12-30)

Hitting Rock Bottom (Judges 4:1-3)

Mastering the Tongue (Judges 11:29-40)

In Their Own Eyes (Judges 17:1-6)

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