Technology I know that November has come and gone, and that I’m only writing thanksgiving for day #22. In my defense, I’ve never been good at math (Joe Tate would be happy to tell you that). Unfortunately, I must admit that I’ve never been good at thanksgiving and that desperately needs to change. I’m going […]


Wilson Imel On October 18, 2001, my life changed forever when my younger son, Wilson Cromwell, was born. Just over a month earlier, Tammy and I watched terrorists crash planes into buildings and forever alter our nation’s psyche. Less than two weeks before Wil was born, the Alum Creek church threw us a “surprise” baby […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Subscribe to Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. by Email I started writing this post on Tuesday, November 24, 2015, but I didn’t get it finished until Thursday, November 26, 2015. Some of the date references are a little “off,” but I’ve chosen to keep them. I didn’t get to post yesterday. I had a busy, busy […]


Preachers Preacher. I used to be one. Whether when living at home or when at college or when married, for most of my life, preaching has put food on my table. As I transition out of full-time preaching, I’m facing one of the most painful times in my life; you see, I love preaching and […]


Saturdays Today has been a nice day. It’s Saturday. Saturdays are nice. I’m thankful for Saturdays because: My family is home. I love my family, and it’s hard spending days by myself – in fact, I’ve started spending my days at Starbucks just so I’m not by myself. There’s no need for Starbucks on Saturday; […]