Making Worship Accessible

Making Worship Accessible About ten years ago, I flew to a large city in the Deep South late one Saturday evening. The next morning, I got up and drove to a building where the Lord’s church meets. After walking in the rather large building, I found a place to sit, but I had chosen the […]

The Eucharist and Disability

The Eucharist and Disability In my week, I participate in no more moving or important activity than the Lord’s Supper – communion or the Eucharist, if you prefer (I personally like Eucharist, from the Greek for “giving thanks,” something Jesus does before He distributes the bread and the fruit of the vine to His disciples […]

Ten Ways to Serve with a Disability

Ten Ways to Serve with a Disability My health is far from what I would wish. Climbing steps has become an exercise in futility. Standing for extended periods is out of the question. Sitting without my legs elevated for more than a half hour brings incredible pain. The pain doesn’t make me the most likable […]

Shining Lights

Shining Lights A friend and I had coffee at Panera Bread this morning. I’m not a fan of Panera, but I like my friend and I like coffee. My friend and I spend ninety minutes or so talking, and as we talk I see several tables where people pause to pray before they eat. Yes, […]

Unknown Service

Unknown Service Yesterday, I was sitting in Starbucks (Starbucks isn’t that expensive if you use their iPhone app and order a tall [that’s their small] coffee and rack up reward points). As I’m writing, I happen to notice a gift card on the service counter as a lady walks over to add cream and sugar […]