Saturdays Today has been a nice day. It’s Saturday. Saturdays are nice. I’m thankful for Saturdays because: My family is home. I love my family, and it’s hard spending days by myself – in fact, I’ve started spending my days at Starbucks just so I’m not by myself. There’s no need for Starbucks on Saturday; […]


Prayer Tammy was cooking supper, the boys were doing homework at the kitchen table, and I was in the living room. My phone vibrated; Mom had texted, and her message was simple: “Pray hard.” I called, and, through the tears and anguish, Mom told me that Dad was being rushed into surgery and things did […]

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

Wednesday Evening Bible Study Today is Wednesday, and that means my family and I will drive to the Star City church of Christ for Bible study. Mom and Dad dragged me to Wednesday night at church as far back as I can remember. Homework? Didn’t matter. Something good on TV? Didn’t matter. Really just didn’t […]

The Fire

The Fire I had a meeting across town last night, and as I’m about to go in my meeting, Tammy texts and says, “Kitchen fire.” I didn’t worry that much – we know supper’s ready when the smoke detector goes off (that’s the running joke in our house, anyway). RJ sent me pictures, and I […]

My Education

My Education I have a doctoral degree. I couldn’t wait until I received that degree and became “Dr. Imel.” Well, I’m now “Dr. Imel,” and I learned one of the most valuable lessons in my life from obtaining that degree: I don’t know everything. Seriously, that is one of the most beneficial lessons from obtaining […]