Tech Warrior Participant Spotlight – Vivonics

Vivonics Inc. has developed a patient care tracking wearable device.

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The technology Vivonics brought to the tech ops show was focused on helping the worry and far forward care activity events. We are focusing on the upcoming change over from paper based triple C activities over to digital. A lot of times what’s happening is that information isn’t being transferred over with the casualty as they’re moving along. When that data isn’t transferred over, sixty per cent of the preventable deaths are related to that care information not making it there. So, we believe that we can have a dramatic impact on the health and well being of the casualties. Our technology would be such that a paramedic would walk up to the casualty. They would tap their dog tag. All of their personal information would be transferred over, saving valuable time. And then, once all of that information is in back dock, back dock would then take care of the data entry and care from that point forward. But then as the casualty is moved forward to the next row of care, you would actually take the back dock device and then tap it onto a body worn personal data collection system called PATCH, and at that point, the data would be transferred over with the casualty to the next row of care where they can record it and update it. We have a couple collaborators we’re working with. And they are in EMS space. We’re thinking of larger scale events, mass casualty events that could be civilian where we need to worry about these first responders making sure that the information and the care is transferred from one person to another. The most valuable information that came out of the pitch was really related to how we progress the technology forward. There was reassurance that this is a valuable need that we’re bringing forward. And the information to make sure that we’re addressing this in a user specific way so that we put out the best product. And we’re really implementing it in a means so that’s it’s easy to use. In terms of the contacts we’ve made here, they’re extremely valuable. Not exactly sure how we would have obtained these contacts. We are always trying to gain entry and learn about these individuals and it’s extremely hard to, you know, and this event, they’re walking up to us and introducing themselves.

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