Tech Warrior Participant Spotlight – Salvo Technologies

Salvo Technologies Inc. has developed short-wave infrared monocular device warfighters can use in low-light conditions or daytime laser spotting for targeting. The technology also has possible applications in the medical, farming and recycling fields.

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We brought the low light SWIR binocular today, and the low light SWIR binocular allows the warfighter to see in low light conditions, as well as see daytime laser spotting for targeting lasers. The warfighter on battlefield will be lasing a target, but it’s pointing a laser beam, invisible to the eye, at a specific fielding. Unfortunately, that fighter can’t see that laser, and if boresighting got knocked off, they could be pointing at something else. He or she is not able to see that. With this device, you can actually see the laser, make sure it’s on a target, and when you bring in the air cover you can verify that you both see the same target and hand off to be able to engage that target. Currently, the state of the art is a device that you need to use filters, our device you don’t have to do that. You see the entire physical and SWIR spectrum. Also, the size, weight, and power is much less, and the amount of pure optic coding you can do in ours is a lot more. SWIR is used in medical devices, so you can actually determine good tendon from bad tendon. When you look at cartilage that’s been damaged, in a specific SWIR wavelength, if you filter for that wavelength, you can actually see that damage, where you can’t see it with a visible eye. So, it’ll allow you to actually get in and cut that damage out and only the damage. Today we discussed SBR funding to help us get along a little faster. The demo went really well, yes. Everything went as planned, we got a lot of good feedback from the team, and some action items to move forward with. So, I think both the funding and the feedback for the product will help us develop a better product for the warriors.

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