Tech Warrior Participant Spotlight – NeuroRescue

NeuroRescue has developed a technology to regulate body temperature in the wounded. The device includes a cervical collar and an integrated bladder.

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The product we brought to Tech Warrior today is a solution for the DoD to initiate targeted temperature management in the battlefield. For example, if a war fighter was to lose a large volume of blood, he or she loses the ability to regulate their own temperature. They also lose the ability to regulate their clotting mechanisms of their blood. In addition to that we can cool the cerebral vasculature in instances of traumatic brain injury. In summary, you would want to cool one’s brain to buy them more time for recovery. By placing our device onto a wounded warrior, they can initiate either warming or cooling, respectively, get those individuals to an evacuation site, where the very same product that we offer can easily transition to the definitive care or hospital setting. So, we not only have use and indications for the DoD, but certainly in the civilian space. As a matter of fact, our use indications in the future will be cerebral cooling, post-cardiac arrest with return of spontaneous circulation, or a pulse, shivering in the ICU, fever, as well as head injury. Our use indications allow EMT’s and paramedics in the civilian field to place our product on a patient immediately upon patient contact. In fact, we are very proud to boast that a Acadian Ambulance in Lafayette, Louisiana, is a backer or investor in our company moving forward. Following our demo, we had a lot of positive feedback, and I’m really proud to tell you that we were given a lot of positive direction in pursuit of an Air Force SBIR. In addition to that we were advised to seek out opportunities with NIH. The positive feedback that we received post-pitch was that they do agree that this is a great problem solution, that the ability to provide targeted-temperature management in the battlefield is paramount to the survival of wounded warriors. Currently the product is not ready for end use. And we have a 12- to 18-month runway in which we will first begin a IRV-sponsored clinical trial at Lafayette General Hospital in Lafayette, Louisiana. The Tech Warrior Exercises are an amazing opportunity for a new company to come out and not only have their product placed in the hands of the war fighter but to receive that positive or negative feedback to allow that company to make decisions on how to move forward.

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