2019 Joint Pacific Paymaster Challenge

Soldiers, Airmen, and Marines, stationed across the U.S.-Indo Pacific Region, participated in the 2019 Joint Pacific Paymaster Challenge, hosted by the 175th Financial Management Support Center, 8th Theater Sustainment Command.

(U.S. Army video by Spc. Geordan J. Tyquiengco)

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(dramatic music) (upbeat music) (gun firing)

The purpose of the Paymaster Challenge was to create an event where we could have the Air Force, the Marines, and the Army come together and participate in a financial management event that tested not only our tactical tut our technical capabilities. (rock music) This year we kind of flavored some of the events to be more technical to prepare us for a unified land operation.

Working side by side with other branches helps a lot because you get to see things that they do that you don’t do on a day in. As an Air Force member, I was doing things like, during this challenge that I see on TV. (whistle blows)

Let’s go, Marines. (crowd cheers)

Working as a team, it helped us build camaraderie as a whole. It was just like all of us kind of have to put our differences aside, and listening to like one another. (upbeat music) (indistinct chatter)

It was a marathon event and not a sprint. I like seeing the Marines out here, the Air Force out here, seeing like these joint operations. That’s probably the best part. It’s gonna end at some point, so just keep pushing through the sun. It’s not gonna be that bad. (dramatic music)

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