Tech Warrior Participant Spotlight – VAWD Engineering

VAWD has developed a technology that incorporates microdoppler technology. The technology allows the user to locate and track an individual’s vital signs remotely through such obstructions as walls or foliage.

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The technology is, we’ve developed for one of the SBIR SOCOM. There is application for search and rescue, first response and surveilling. To detect a vital sign of a person, you have to directly contact, you have to hook on to the wire or clip the finger for the heart or the breathing signature. The first responder have to enter the building to get to a wounded person, to get their vital sign. This technology, we can detect any people in the building. For example, the hostile environment, the bad guys shooting the wounded people, so they know the bad guy, the way he sees it and where the wounded people located because we use the micro-doppler technology. The vital sign remote inside a building, two will go on, they can modify that the person is very wounded, or less wounded, so they can decide who we’ll rescue first. Actually, in the hospital and the doctor office, you can monitoring the heart rate and breathing signature, mark it direct, so you don’t have to be right contact with them to monitor. The probable potential for the phase two SBIR, and they say, yeah, that what they needed.

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