Tech Warrior Participant Spotlight – MIDE Technology

MIDE Technology has developed technology to monitor physiological data and provide feedback on performance. The technology is modular and can be integrated into textile and wearable platforms.

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We brought our Chit Chat technology which is our modular physiologically monitoring system. Essentially, we develop digital nodes that we can mix and match over the body with haptic feedback systems to cue the soldier if they’re in a state of disarray or confusion or if their hearts too high, or have a problem with their temperature. Our technology is better than what’s out there in a few ways. And the primary, key way is its modularity. We’re able to develop sensors in very short order. We’re also able to integrate with all kinds of different wearable and new tech style platforms. I don’t think our other competitors can do that. They’re generally stand-alone systems that are developed for particular usage cases. Ours is modular, we should be able to partner with lots of different people. Develop a whole bunch of different sensor types. Develop a lot of different methodologies to measure different things when you’re out in the field. Give you a lot of feedback that you otherwise couldn’t get. There are lots of different uses. We can work the sports areas, give people feedback on how they’re performing. I think this technology would be ready for the end user in the net few years. Right now, we just finished our phase one. The feedback we received will help us improve our technology in a lot of ways. Right now, we don’t have a good idea of all the usage cases. So, we’ll be able to measure different sensor types to measure different metrics for the Warfighter. This event, when we were asked to come to it, we were pretty excited because we were able to get in front of the Warfighter. We were, you know, in front of first responders to get direct feedback and to see where we might go in the future. It was really nice to be asked to come to the event. We’re excited.

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