Watching Over the Flock

Elders have no more solemn obligation than watching over the flock the Holy Spirit has entrusted to them. Dr. Justin Imel, Sr., takes a hard look at that important role of the elder and seeks to apply it to modern life.

I Love Our Elders

Dr. Justin Imel, Sr., was privileged to preach for the Dale Ridge church of Christ in Roanoke, Virginia, for three years. During that time, he was privileged to work under three great elders. In this lesson, Dr. Imel explains to the congregation why he loves those elders.

A Strange New Math

The night before his crucifixion, the Lord Jesus Christ prayed for the church to be unified, but, sadly, the church is very splintered in our own time. Dr. Justin Imel, Sr., explores the Lord’s Prayer, the unity for which he prayed, and explores ways we can individually help the church become more unified.