Dr. Justin Imel, Sr.This page has one goal and only one goal — to hold up the name of Jesus Christ in the modern world! To accomplish that goal (1) I write quality Bible study material to help the modern church; and (2) I write about my health issues and how God has been and continues to walk with me and be glorified in my life.

All my life I have had “strange” medical issues. I had trouble walking as a toddler and then again as a teenager and then again as an adult. I’ve always known where to find the restrooms in every store, and I can tell you where every rest area is from my home to my parents’ home; an overactive bladder is no fun. I find controlling my anger to be extremely difficult, and my wife has been hurt more than any woman should ever need to suffer. I walked a treadmill (or I tried to walk a treadmill) because of variant angina — Prinzmetal’s angina (coronary artery spasms) sent me to the hospital, for I thought I was having a heart attack. All of my issues, my doctors believe, originate from a genetic disorder called Dystonia. I’m going to be upfront and brutally honest on this blog, and I’m going to discuss some embarrassing health issues. That is part of my story, and, even with very personal issues, He has walked with me.

The private nature of some of my health issues does not bother me nearly as much as the realization that my condition is genetic. Was it simply some quirk at conception, or might my brothers and their children be affected? What about my two precious sons? Have I passed on to them a sentence of suffering?

I do not know what the future holds, but I do know who holds the future! And, it is He who walks with me.

“Since God assured us, ‘I’ll never let you down, never walk off and leave you,’ we can boldly quote,
God is there, ready to help;
I’m fearless no matter what.
Who or what can get to me?” (Heb 13:5-6, Msg, Emphasis mine)

My legs will barely go some days. But, no matter my mobility, He has always walked with me!

Come and walk with me on this journey that you and I can walk together with God.

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