Alpha Company Graduation at MCRD San Diego | April 7, 2023

The new Marines of Alpha Company, 1st Recruit Training Battalion, graduated from Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, April. 7, 2023. Graduation took place at the completion of the 13-week transformation which included training for drill, marksmanship, basic combat skills, and Marines Corps customs and traditions. Following graduation, the Marines were given 10 days of leave before taking the next step in training at the School of Infantry at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California.


At the command officers center, march, all unit commanders and guide on be marched to the front and center of the formation. Historically, it was at this point that commanding officers would issue orders and instructions to the UN commanders. Following this, the unit leaders would face a about return to their units and pass the information along to their marines. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, great. Stop throughout our nation’s history. Millions of men and women have earned the title, a United States marine. Many who have helped shape our history. Join us here today in keeping with the tradition of once a marine, always a marine. We would like to recognize them at this time. Those in the audience who have served as Marines, please rise. Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for their dedicated service. Decor and country. Thank you. Please be seated. Ladies and gentlemen, the battalion commander for first recruit training, battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Gregory, a Grayson. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. On behalf of our commanding general General Morris and the regimental commander, Colonel Jones. Welcome to Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego and the graduation ceremony for, ok. I’d also like to extend a special, welcome to today’s parade. Reviewing official Major General Watson who currently serves as the commanding general of the First Marine Division. Welcome, sir. It’s a pleasure to have you. Ladies and gentlemen. The purpose of today’s ceremony is to recognize these new marines and everything they’ve accomplished. Their journey began 13 long weeks ago when they stepped on the yellow footprints and committed to becoming marines. They arrived as individuals perhaps a little unsure of their decision, but stand before you as a confident team of smartly disciplined marines. During the past three months, we developed their physical and mental toughness. They learned essential war fighting skills and they proved themselves to be leaders of character. But most of all, they came to embrace our core values of honor, courage, commitment with a clear understanding that being a marine carries a special trust and confidence and the highest expectations of the American people. Now, as you might imagine this awesome and very magical transformation happen by itself. And I’d like to thank those who are involved. First, we recognize each marine’s journey started long before they got here, the foundation of their character. It started with you in your homes, in your schools, in your communities. I want to thank all the parents, families, friends as well as teachers and coaches for everything you’ve done. I assure you that your love and your support was vital to their success. So thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. Now I’d like to turn your attention to the marines. Wearing the distinctive campaign covers our drill instructors. It’s impossible for me to put in the words, their passion, work ethic and commitment. From the moment a recruiter arrives, there’s a drill instructor with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They have spent every waking hour teaching, training, mentoring and leading these young men. Ladies and gentlemen, these drill instructors have made a tremendous and lasting impact on your loved one and I’d be remiss if I didn’t also recognize their spouses and their families who sacrificed equally for the benefit of your new marine. So please join me in a well-deserved round of applause for the drill instructors and families of Alpha Company. Finally, I’d like to recognize our highly skilled marksmanship, martial arts, water survival and academics instructors. Our incredible chaplain corpsman, an entire medical team who do an amazing job at ensuring our physical mental and spiritual readiness. And of course, the dedicated recruiter who saw potential marine. In fact, corporal Zoro is joining us from weapons field training battalion where he coached and trained the platoon with the highest rifle range score. And next to him is Staar Almaz who’s joining us from San Antonio where he recruited today’s honor, job done. Gentlemen, keep up the great work now, ladies and gentlemen, if you’ll please, excuse me, I’d like to address the new Marines one last time as their battalion commander. Good morning. Marines, a company. I know it seems like a lifetime ago when you were off, the challenge of becoming a marine when you arrived on your buses and stepped on the yellow footprints. Graduation was the last thing on your mind. You’re probably thinking, what have I gotten myself into?

And how do I get these guys to stop yelling at me?

Well, you had a lot to learn and some very steep hills to climb, but you did it. You have rightfully earned the title marine. Be proud of your accomplishment and the uniform you now wear. And finally, as I remarked on your first day of training, whether you serve for four years or 24 years. Remember, it’s not about you. It’s about all the marines who have gone before you, whose legacy you are now a part of it’s about that marine sending to your left and to your right. It’s about all these people in the stands in this great nation which you sworn to defend. So serve with honor, serve with courage, serve with commitment and you’ll do. Well, congratulations again, marines on your tremendous achievement. Please take care of one another and remain semper Fidelis. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you America’s newest United States Marines. Now taking a position in the reviewing area is today’s parade, reviewing official major General Benjamin T Watson, commanding General First Marine Division. He is accompanied by Brigadier General Jason L. Morris Commanding General Marine Corps Depot, San Diego and the Western recruiting region. Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for honors to the commanding general of First Marine Division. right. K come. Thank you. Please be seated. Major General Benjamin T Watson, commanding General First Marine Division, Major General Watson graduated from Cornell University in 1991 and received a commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps through the ROTC program. After completion of infantry officers course, he was designated an 32 infantry officer. Major. General Watson has served in a variety of challenging billets and numerous commands to include company commander for weapons company, second battalion, six marines Battalion Commander for 3rd Battalion, 1st Marines commanding officer of marine barracks, Washington, Washington DC, assistant division commander for a second Marine Division commanding general of Task force Southwest Afghanistan and commanding General of the Marine Corps War Fighting Laboratory, futures directorate and vice chief of the Office of Naval Research. Major General Watson currently serves as the commanding general for the first Marine Division, Major General Watson’s personal decorations include the Defense Superior Service medal with combat distinguishing device, legion of merit, bronze star with combat distinguishing device, meritorious service medal with gold star in lieu of second award, Navy and Marine Corps commendation medal with two gold stars in lieu of third award and the combat action ribbon with gold star in lieu of second award. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Major General Benjamin T Watson. The parade is for March, the command and review, sir. Wait, wait, bye. No More than a million marines have been trained here in the past 100 years and have departed San Diego for combat and conflicts around the world including places whose names are immediately associated with marine courage and dedication names such as Canal, Iwo, Shima Tucson. Chosen Reservoir Case on Way City Lebanon, Panama to wait. Somalia, Fallujah Ramadi and our most current operations worldwide. This parade is rich in history and tradition and no marine trained here ever forgets its sights and sounds. Ok. Ladies and gentlemen, the commander of troops, Captain Manuel, a Ramirez company commander and the regimental staff been Marine Bend, San Diego Marine Corps cur depot, San Diego, California. Ladies and gentlemen, as the national flag passes directly in front of you, please rise. Once it passes, you may be seated. Series 1001 series Commander, Captain Tyler Hay 1001 Senior Drill Instructor, Staff Sergeant, Enrique Velazquez, 1002, Senior Drill Instructor, Staff Sergeant, Nicholas Bowman, 2 1003 seniors roll in structure. Staff sergeant. John J Z is the third, the regimental color card is led by the regimental color sergeant, drill instructor sergeant, Parker shool Series 1005 series Commander, Captain Michael Seaber, 12 1005, senior drill instructor, staff sergeant, Juana Lupe Fernandez, 1006, Senior Drill Instructor, Staff Sergeant, Dylan And Plateau 1007 Senior Drill Instructor, Staff Sergeant Arthur C. Triston. Ladies and gentlemen, if you turn to page 21 of your graduation pamphlets, you will find the Marines hymn. The Marines hymn has a history dating back to 18 59. It is a long standing tradition for marines to face the direction of the music and stand at attention when it is, it is now directed that all marines present and who have served honorably. And ladies and gentlemen, you are all encouraged to join, sing the words the first verse as Marine Ben San Diego performs anchors away, followed by the Marines hymn. Will the guest please rise?

Thank you. Please be seated. Six. Is that no, the Marine Corps uniqueness and strength as an elite fighting force is directly attributable to the magnificent efforts of the drone starters and company officers who train and supervise the recruits. The distinct qualities of spirit and discipline, the heart and soul of every marine have been developed nurtured and ingrained in recruits through their observance and relationship with their drill. Instructors and officers recruit training is the very foundation of the cores each year. Recruit training provides thousands of America’s finest young men and women with the basic knowledge and skills to function in a profession characterized by its own set of high values and tough standards. The most important thing we do in the Marine Corps is make Marines. The individual marine is the core, that is what we do here For the Marines graduating today. The long arduous journey of the last 13 weeks is but a small step into the future of the Marine Corps as they prepare to fill the ranks of Our Corps. They do so with unquestionable support for the high ideals and standards of the United States of America and the United States Marine Corps. Although company a prepares for their final dismissal from boot camp today, their initial training is not over soon after graduation. They will report to the school of infantry camp Pendleton, California where they will continue to be trained to serve as an effective member of a marine rifle squad. The intense initial training that every marine undergoes is designed to instill the fundamental premise that every marine is a rifleman, right?

You ok. Ladies and gentlemen, at this time, we would like to introduce to you the Marines responsible for ensuring the success of the difficult transition required to become a marine. The company commander is Captain Manuel a Ramirez. The company first sergeant is first sergeant, Mike Ar Gonzalez. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a round of applause for the company staff of company. A the next portion of the ceremony will be the traditional function of retiring the guides. Um Much the guides have been carried by the platoons throughout rec crew training and are being retired to symbolize the disbanding of platoons. All similar units in the Marine Corps carry such guidelines which identify the unit and are a source of pride to each individual member. Note that the honor of carrying these guidelines is bestowed upon those marines who displayed outstanding leadership qualities, motivation and character and were selected as the platoon honor graduates. The platoon undergraduates compete for the titles of series and company honor graduate. They are considered the top marines graduating today and have demonstrated the highest potential for future leadership and responsibility in the Marine Corps. Right?

Five six Carlo, the guides will now be returned to the drill instructors. The graduates will now be presented a plaque by the battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Grayson and the battalion sergeant, major, sergeant major Browning. Ladies and gentlemen, please hold your applause until all undergraduates have been recognized. Three Z O uh The undergraduate for platoon 1001 and the series undergraduate is private first class Stephen Min from Napa California. The undergraduate purple toon 1002 is private first class Ricky A Bandera Mendoza from Phoenix Arizona. The honor graduate from platoon 1003 is private first class Abdul GLO from West in India, Indiana. The honor graduate for platoon 1005 is private first class even Jay Wen from Mission Viejo, California. The undergraduate from Platoon 1006 is private first class Austin R. Thomas from Greenfield Indiana. And the honor graduate for platoon 1007 and the company undergraduate is Lance Corporal Tyler R. Black from Pot Texas. Lance Corporal Black is also the recipient of the Chesty Poer Award for his outstanding meritorious performance. While in recruit training. Ladies and gentlemen, the honor graduates of company a who much?

You go home?

The company first sergeant will now give the command to the senior drill instructors to dismiss their platoons. Needless to say this will be the most welcome command they have received throughout recruit training. Yeah. Oh yeah, we’re going to no. ladies and gentlemen, this concludes today’s ceremony.

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