Navy Officer Development School (ODS) Class 21050 Graduation

Navy Officer Development School (ODS) Class 21050 Graduation at Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island.


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I’m Commander Colombia Anderson, director of Also Development school On behalf of the commanding officer also training command Newport. Welcome to the graduation ceremony for also development school. Class 2 1050 consisting of 86 officers. Military gas in uniform. This will be a covered ceremony. The order events for this morning ceremony is as follows momentarily. Captain Mark Rosenberg, United States Navy Commanding Officer Officer Training Command Newport will arrive. The guests in the classical rods will arrive with the official party will remain standing for the playing of the national anthem and the invocation. The commanding officer will then address the graduating class. Following his remarks. The commanding officer will distribute the class awards. Following the award presentation, graduates will symbolize the completion of their training by returning the company got on to the class Chief petty Officer. Finally, the class will reaffirm the oath of office and will remain standing for the playing of the service songs and the final dismissal, Please rise. For the arrival of the official party remain standing for the national anthem and the invocation. Also training command. Newport arriving. Ladies and gentlemen, our national anthem. Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, Chaplin buds will now offer the implications. Let us pray. Oh, heavenly king comforter and spirit of truth, Who art in all places and Phyllis, all things, Treasury of good things and giver of life. We give you thanks for this day of celebration and for all these graduating officers here. Present with us this morning, we come before you with joy in our hearts as we recognize the hard work and dedication that has brought us each one to this day. A new adventure and challenge awaits as they soon relieve officer training, command to work in their respective fields of service to the men and women of the fleet, be with each of them. And the challenges of beginning of PCS move wherever their orders take them, give their families peace knowing that you are with each of them through this time of transition. And they they always cherish the memories and friends they’ve established here at Officer Training command. Knowing that in demanding times and oDS shipmate is just a phone call away. May each day of their lives be filled with joy and fulfillment. Knowing the positive impact they will have on the sailors and marines they will serve. May their careers be guided by the light of our Navy values of integrity, accountability, honor, courage and commitment. He beats of them in their loving care and protection throughout the coming days and years and forever. All men. Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. Ladies and gentlemen, Captain Mark Aizenberg, Commanding Officer also training Command, Newport Officer Training, Command Staff, family and friends joining us virtually. And shipmates of officer development School. Class 21050 Good morning. It is an absolute honor and joy for me to have this opportunity to participate in today’s ceremony that will start the navy careers of the officers seated here. Today, my staff and I will bear witness is class 21,050 renews a solemn promise to our nation, reaffirming their oath to support and defend the constitution of the United States as professional naval officers for the families joining us virtually. I wanna both. Thank you and commend you for the performance of your sons and daughters, husbands and wives, brothers and sisters, your love support and personal standards have produced the quality individuals seated here, ones who not only chose vocations that help their fellow human being, but who chose a path of service to their fellow citizens? I can think of no final group to go forth into the fleet than the officer seated here today. They could not have gotten to this point without the careful guidance and support of the family on behalf of the Navy and a grateful nation. Please accept my most sincere thank you and well done to the class. I am proud of you and all that you have accomplished while here. As you depart here for your schools and duty stations remember that you’re both carries to paraphrase joseph Conrad’s discussion of command at sea. Far more obligations than privileges. You are about to be placed in a position to lead and mentor What are truly one of our most valuable national products? The enlisted men and women of our navy, Those that volunteer to serve our precious national resource, so you must always treat them as such. You must view well and faithfully discharging your duties as a sacred responsibility, Much as your outstanding class team here has felt that obligation to you. The foundations we have laid here at ODS are solid. It is now up to you to build upon this. As you enter the Naval Service For Class 21,050. I am very impressed with the effort you have expanded over the last several weeks. I want to thank you for all that you have done and we’ll do in the service of this great nation of ours. It is my pleasure and distinct honor to welcome you to the wardroom as professional naval officers in the world’s finest Navy. Thank you Captain Heisenberg. At the conclusion of each ODS class, several students are recognized by their fellow classmates, as well as otc and staff. Outstanding achievement. During the five week course of instruction, Benson, New nose front and center. The honor student award is presented to the officer who best demonstrates an overall excellence in the areas of academics, physical fitness and military base, consistently set an example for her peers throughout the main challenges facing officer training command. The honor student award goes to insane, you know, Ensign Harvey front and center. The Alfred award is given to the officer who achieves the highest military grade derived from personal inspections, room inspections and general military bearing. This award is named after the Continental slope of war, the Africa Commission. In 1775. The office serves the flagship of native Rhode Islander Commodore Essick Hopkins, serving as a role model of Navy pride and professionalism, maintain the highest military standards and providing inspiration to all the Alfred award goes to instant harvey Lieutenant Commander ricardo Front center. The Captain George Townsend smith Leadership award is present to the officer who personifies the highest standards of personal example, good leadership practices and more responsibility for this award. Officers were nominated by their peers and selected by the Officer training command Staff. The Captain George Townsend smith Leadership Award goes to lieutenant Commander ricardo and sent Darnell front and center. The the award names lieutenant thomas, United States Navy recognizes the highest achievement in academic and military performance. Lieutenant thomas Edie, who immigrated from Scotland and settled in Rhode island, was awarded the Navy Cross and the Medal of Honor for his courageous efforts as a diver during the south of submarines. S. S. Four and S. S. 51 of the coast of massachusetts, He was a member of the southeastern New England chapter of the retired Officers Association at the time of his death in 1974. And recognition of this accomplishment, the Military Officers Association of America have provided a three year membership to the E. T. Award winner, Jenson Darnell. Yeah. For the past five weeks the company guide on has been a symbol of spirit, dedication, teamwork and unit identity. To symbolize the fact that these officers have completed their training, they will return their guide onto their class Petty officer, Chief aviation, electronic technician, chat able and chief hospital corpsman Christopher macarena. Yeah. Yeah. Girls. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah mm. Yeah. At this time lieutenant Kyle Uccello would deliver the reaffirmation of the oath of office. But all military personnel in uniform, please come to the position of attention or Uh huh. The commanding Officer of Officer training Command Newport would like to present to you your newly reaffirmed naval officers. Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the playing of the service songs and the final dismissal. Officer Development School Class 2 1050. Upon graduation from Monster Development School, your order to detect report to your duty stations where you will assume your duties and responsibilities by order of Mark Heisenberg, Captain United States Navy Commanding officer Officer trying to command Newport. Class 2 1050 dismissed. Ladies and gentlemen, this includes our ceremony on behalf of the commanding officer. Also trying to command Newport, thank you for attending Today’s graduation. Please stay safe and stay healthy. Thank you.

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