Statement by the NATO Secretary General on the Open Skies Treaty

On 22 May 2020, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg delivered a statement on the Open Skies Treaty.


NATO allies met today to discuss the Open Skies Treaty. We are firmly committed to the preservation off effective international arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation. We agree that all states party to the open skies treaty most full implement their commitments on obligations. All that allies are in full compliance with all provisions of the treaty. Russia has for many is imposed flight restrictions inconsistent with the treaty, including flight limitations over cleaning ground under strict ING flights in her shop near its border with Georgia. Russia’s ongoing selected implementation has undermined the open skies treaty over many years, including at successive NATO summits. Allies have Cold owner shop to return to full compliance United States has declared Russia in violation of the treaty on has now announced its intention to withdraw in six months consistent with treaty provisions. The U. S has declared that it may, however, reconsider its withdrawal should Russia return toe full compliance. NATO allies are engaged with their show to see Christians return to compliance at the earliest state possible. NATO allies will continue to uphold support and further strengthen arms control, disarmament and nonproliferation as key elements or our security allies also remain open to dialogue with Russia in the NATO Russia Council on Military Re-selection on transparency.

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