Award Ceremony for Cpl. Zacrey Sims

On December 5, 2019 Cpl. Zacrey Sims was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal by Brig. Gen. Glynn and Sgt. Maj. Carter for heroic achievement and actions taken on July 7th, 2019. Cpl. Sims approached a car accident with an inflamed vehicle and coordinated with bystanders to put the fire out. When Cpl. Sims approached the second vehicle, he was able to pull out the driver and confirm that she was deceased. Upon searching the vehicle for further occupants, he found a 7 year old child and pulled him out, and stabilized him until paramedics arrived.

(U.S. Marine Corps video by Lance Cpl. Devon Burton)

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On 7 July, 2019, Corporal Sims demonstrated exceptional personal courage and bold initiative in responding to the scene of a civilian vehicle accident in Buford, South Carolina.

And I checked the backseat and, out of no where, a little boy’s arm fell. And I looked up and I told the other bystanders that there was a little kid in there. And we ended up breaking the glass and got the kid out.

The American public doesn’t necessarily know what it means to be a Marine, but when folks like Corporal Sims do these kinds of acts that go above and beyond what the average citizen would do for another, that’s, I think to me, the embodiment of honor.

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