United States Army Japan Band performs at Yama Sakura 77

The U.S. Army Japan Band performs for Japanese Ground-Self Defense Force and U.S. members at Camp Asaka, Japan, December 7, 2019, during Yama Sakura 77.

Army Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Snell, Bandsman, U.S. Army Japan Band, Brass Band, explains why he loves performing for a Japanese audience.

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Oh, I love preforming for the Japanese, because they really appreciate live music. In a way that, you know not every culture does, but the Japanese people love getting out there, they love clapping and singing along.

Besides just preforming great music and wanting to give them a good experience, we want to show, we’re people too, you know. We’re kinda the face of the Army on a lot of our missions. For the Japanese people that have never seen US Soldiers before. So, we enjoy talking with them afterwards and you know, communicating the best that we can. Just to show, hey we’re people too, we like music, we like a lot of the same things. We have a lot of commonalities and similarities.

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