Transforming Air Force satellite operations and ground systems

Space capabilities are intimately woven into the fabric of our daily lives. We rely upon it to conduct business…tell us where we are…to communicate…but most importantly to keep us safe. To continue our superiority in space we must also transform satellite operations and the ground systems that enable our space superiority to keep pace with the rate of technology… and that of our enemies.

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Space is a vital part of our daily lives. We rely upon space capabilities to conduct business, to tell use where we are, to communicate, but most importantly, to keep us safe and save lives.

To maintain our dominance in space, we must transform satellite operations and the ground systems that enable our space superiority, so we can out-pace the speed of technology and compete against our enemies.

We’ve got a launch.

Data building.

Zooming in on, Fred-Whiskey-Charlie-Six.

[Radio Operator} Think I’ll confirm, probable aid that launch.

We got two for data release.

This is Summers, a set launch for Fred-Whiskey-Charlie-Six, copy?

Copy. A set launch. Initiating debt reaction.

So, how do we revolutionize satellite operations?

Execute. To contend in a rapidly proliferating, increasingly hostile and unceasingly dynamic and contested environment? How do we transform the vast sea of extraordinarily complex ground systems, mission unique and stovepipe, to work seamlessly together to deliver capabilities smarter, faster and better than our adversaries.

Batteries, release.

We do this through integration, modernization and partnerships. The future of Ground is here. Cross mission ground and communications. Foundation for dominance.

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