Reserve Command Master Chief Rashaun Morris

Master Chief Rashaun Morris, Reserve Command Master Chief for the First Coast Guard District, discusses what she has learned over her 31 year career. (U.S. Coast Guard video by PA3 Andrew Barresi and PA2 Lara Davis)
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My name is Master Chief Morris. I am the Reserve Command Master Chief of the First Coast Guard District. I have no doubt that my time in the Coast Guard has definitely shaped who I am today. The opportunities that I’ve been given, the people that I’ve been influenced by, as well as the people I’ve had an opportunity to influence, have definitely helped to shape me to be who I am today. What would I like to leave behind for Coast Guard leaders? I think if anything, just to remember taking care of your people, being authentic, being a person of integrity, being a person of character, I think that goes a long way. And I think that you find when you take care of your people as well as being real and authentic in the process, you find that there’s a lot more loyalty, so even as a leader, when you make mistakes, people are there for you, they will rally behind you because they know that you’re there for them and you care for them. And you’re real. I can’t say how important mentorship is. Many times, throughout my career, when I had highs and when I had lows, there was a plethora of support over the years just to allow me to get through some of those difficult times. One of the quotes that I have on my computer is talking about basically investing in people. It says when the sun sets on your life may it be said that you made a difference. And I think, for me, I’ve always wanted to be reminded of making a difference in the lives of others.

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