Lancer Combatives Invitational

Soldiers from 2-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team competed in the Lancer Combatives Invitational. This tournament held both the semi finals and finals over a 2 day span.

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All right ready, blue. This is for the—

So here we have kicking off the 2019 Lancer Combatives Invitational. What we have here is a two-day tournament that emphasizes on day one the importance of dominant body position using the standard rule-set. These soldiers are only authorized ground fighting techniques as well as wrestling techniques. The semi-finalists and the finalists will be utilizing the intermediate rule-set, the addition of striking to the standard rules competition.

[Announcer] Get down. There you go, come on.

[Aaron] It’s something that everybody should know. Whether it’s using as defense, using it as an offensive going down the range.

So I’ve gotten multiple fights in my past career, but I’ve never gotten the combatives tournament for the army so technically this is my first tournament since being in the army. I was a competitor fighting for first and second place. It’s fun ’cause it’s a whole nother level, it’s not like just handing a ball off to somebody and you know, you score a point. You kind of go back to the ways of just battle.

See who’s tougher. This is something I picked up over the years and enjoyed it.

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