Operation Juniper Micron

Fairchild Air Force Base deployed KC-135 Stratotankers, Airmen and support equipment to continue anti-insurgent support to France as part of Operation Juniper Micron in Spain. The United States Air Force has been providing air refueling and airlift support to French operations in Mali and North Africa since 2013.

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Captain Eric Hitzfeld, the commander of the 725th Air Mobility Squadron Detachment One, here at Moron Air Base Bay. This is one of the best opportunities for somebody to deploy and to operate alone. So for the officers and the senior NCOs that deploy out here this is a great opportunity for them to grow as leaders and to understand that, if the mission’s gonna succeed, it’s gonna be because of their hard work. Airmen here at Moron have the opportunity to truly see how they fit into the puzzle, how they’re executing the rapid global mobility mission here at Moron. What a great opportunity for them to see all the different pieces all working at the same time simultaneously in harmony and understanding that they are a very important piece of that.

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