6 F-35s leave Edwards Air Force Base for Nellis Air Force Base

Edwards Air Force Base, California, said farewell to six of its F-35 Lightning II’s in October. The F-35s were transferred to Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, after completing their initial operational test phase.

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The 31st Test Evaluation Squadron was the Air Force’s component to the JSF Operational Test Team at FOTEC that won. We were one of five operational test squadrons that made up the job to complete initial operational test evaluation on the Joint Strike Fighter. The F35 will continue through its operational test program. We consolidated the fleets at Nellis. So Nellis has six F-35s, we moved our six F35’s up to Nellis so that they have 12 so that they can launch operationally relevant numbers of each vehicle. (upbeat techno music) So the 31st Test and Evaluation Squadron we will continue operational tests of our legacy bomber programs as well as our CTYSR operational tests, and we’ll posture here for follow on progress. I can’t say enough about the 31 Test and Evaluation Squadron members. The maintainers, the operators, and the engineers that make up our squadron are the finest group of Americans I have ever had the privilege to work with. (plane engine roars) (beeping sound)

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