Fort Sill soldiers train at Fort Hood

Soldiers from Fort Sill, Oklahoma’s 2nd Battalion, 2nd Field Artillery Regiment conducted a joint training exercise with 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division from October 15-27, at Fort Hood, Texas.

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Let’s go, this is what were here for!

So this week, just supporting a combined armed wildfire exercise. You guys got any experience most likely to do a you know, longer duration field exercise?

Generally speaking, we go to the field for a day. Day or two. Come back. So we’re not here about a week and a half. So that’s great. Maintaining operations in that period of time. As well as Fort Hood deploying somewhere else.

So moving all of our equipment, all of our systems to a new location.

Fort Hood is a premier training location. Fort Sill’s wonderful. But having an opportunity to train with combat power and the maneuver organizations in our teammates. And team members we first get. It is a big wank for the arm too.

Move fast.

Come on go.

A lot of my guys are brand new into the army. A lot of, you know. Tons of privates brand new to the army. You know, were showing them all the capabilities are out there, all the opportunities are out there. Ideally they want to stay and they want to continue their careers, they can come to places like Fort Hood, then go to Fort Sill or anywhere else in the army and train and you know, find new opportunities.

And all that experience that’s gained, they’re gonna be able to pay for the next generation that comes into Fort Sill. From the school house and they’ll be able to, you know, hone their craft a little bit better. So when they go back out to the operational force, they’ll be ready to deploy. They’ll be ready for those, for those missions.

So as you can see, we have a CH 47

That’s our chinook helicopter dropping off a Micro 1 Niner Alpha 3 Howitzer That’s a 105 mm Howitzer that they have at Fort Sill. As soon as that Howitzer’s in place, it’s section will then immediately activate the howitzer. And that howitzer is already down over my right shoulder. We’ll engage it pre-planned target being called in from service first cap.

Now charge the howitzer and fire!

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