Marines engage in field training exercise

U.S. Marines of 7th Communication Battalion conduct a communication exercise, at the Jungle Warfare Training Center, Okinawa, Japan, October 26-31, 2019. Part of the training focused on the unit’s ability to deploy small fire teams in support of long-range rapid deployments where the Marine Corps will need to establish austere bases. (U.S. Marine Corps video by Sgt. Ryan Siddell)

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Our basic goal is to come out here, take everyone from the transmissions MOS. We wanna test them on proficiency of the MOS, as well as how they go out and conduct themselves as a war fighter with patrols, things of that nature. Call for fire. Just getting inside of the combat operation center and practicing that aspect of it.

We’re now crossing check point one.

We’re not just only out here to just focus on communications. We’re also focused on convoy movements, as well as BSTs and tactics if anything. Continue to do this training allows us to make sure that we’re not losing our standard.

Experience in exposure is what it comes down to. If the Marines get enough exposure to something, they’re able to build that exposure into their experience. So time with the gear not in Garrison, is going to help them be able to work through troubleshooting steps that they wouldn’t be able to simulate being back in Garrison.

They’re able to work with those different incongruencies and still overcome, adapt and then accomplish the mission.

Get the high value targets and you executed the objective. And because of that, I’m proud of each and everyone here. I would take everybody out here in a combat situation.

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