Inaugural Veterans Day Ceremony at Chabelley Airfield

The 776th Expeditionary Air Base Squadron at Chabelley Airfield, Djibouti held their inaugural Veterans Day Ceremony.

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[Cortez] Yesterday marked the first celebration of the 776th Expeditionary Air Base Squadron’s Veteran’s Day ceremony at Chabelley Airfield. Hoping to start a continuing tradition, event coordinator Master Sergeant Erik Larson explains how this event started.

A couple weeks ago, the commander asked at our staff meeting, I need to get somebody to head up a Veteran’s Day ceremony, and I jumped at the chance because I’ve always felt a kinship to those who have gone before me. And it’s very, very important to remember those who served and died for our country and our freedoms.

[Erik] The American flag has carried a message of freedom.

[Cortez] This event has a huge impact on the morale and welfare of those who are currently serving and those who have served. Senior Airman Gaspar Cortez, Chabelley Airfield, Djibouti, Africa. (logo cracks)

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