B-2 Stealth Bombers Arrive at RAF Fairford for Bomber Task Force

Three B-2 Stealth Bombers arrive at RAF Fairford as a part of a Bomber Task Force.

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Three B-2 Stealth Bombers from Whiteman Air Force Base arrived at Royal Air Base Fairford, United Kingdom Tuesday morning for a mission known as a Bomber Task Force.

The purpose of a Bomber Task Force, in general, is just for bombers to be able to deploy in a matter of hours to a different area of responsibility. So in this case, the B-2s to the Eucom AOR.

During the Bomber Task Force, the 509th Bomb Wing will continue to build the relationship with the Royal Air Force and send a message to adversaries.

The 35s and the B-2 will fly together to prove how we would tactically employ. The beauty of this place, as to, you know, with all of our BTS, is that it puts us closer to the adversary. It challenges their ability to know where we’re at, and know, you know, our striking distance. So all those things help my guys feel more ready for combat, which is my ultimate goal.

Total Force Airmen will work together to ensure mission success.

Success for me means that when the jets arrived, we were ready to receive them. That all the sorties that we planned on flying, that we did our best to execute them. That the guys and gals who were flying those sorties feel comfortable flying in this AOR. That we were able to build relationships with all the Royal Air Force and everyone else that we’re gonna integrate with here. And that we go home realizing that this mission is about assuring our allies and deterring our adversaries, and that they feel like they accomplished that, which they certainly will.

Reporting from Royal Air Base Fairford, I’m Staff Sergeant Kristin Cerri.

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