What Jesus Said About Homosexuality

Homosexuality is quite popular these days. Celebrities announce their homosexuality to the world, and the White House lauds them for their bravery and labels them as “heroes.” Those who identify with the opposite gender must, we are told, be able to use whatever restroom they choose; celebrities refuse to do business in states with “restrictive” […]

Lessons from Will Ferrell’s Reagan Movie

Subscribe to Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. by Email Recently I wrote about news reports which said that Will Ferrell intended to portray President Ronald Reagan’s battle with Alzheimer’s Disease in a comedy. I only learned of his intention after reading a poignant open letter written by Patti Davis, President Reagan’s daughter. My first reaction was […]

Thinking about John

Subscribe to Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. by Email I love to write. Writing is therapeutic for me. Although my neurological disorder has caused various symptoms which required me to resign from full-time local ministry, I’m able to spread the Gospel of Jesus in my writing. My writing also helps me supplement my income and brings […]

“Sirs, What Must I Do to be Saved?”

Subscribe to Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. by Email “What must I do to be saved?” Never in the history of mankind has a more important question been asked. When Peter’s words pricked the Jews assembled at Pentecost, the multitude cried out, “Brothers, what shall we do?” (Acts 2:37). After a massive earthquake struck Philippi, the […]