Temptations of the Disabled

Subscribe to Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. by Email Satan loves to tempt. It’s what he does best. The devil was bold enough to tempt Jesus, and he’s more than happy to tempt you: “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). I […]

The Suffering Servant

Subscribe to Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. by Email Pictures of children starving in Africa. Pictures of the Holocaust. Picture of homelessness. Pictures of children dying from cancer. Pictures of grotesque birth defects. Any time someone mentions the goodness or love of God, atheists and agnostics want to throw emotional arguments into the mix. “If God […]

The Greatest Day of the Year

Subscribe to Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. by Email If you ask me, this is the greatest day of the year. Forget Christmas. Forget my birthday. Forget my anniversary (sorry, honey). Forget my children’s birthdays (sorry, guys). Give me the first day of the NCAA tournament! I have always loved this day. When I was preaching […]

Life Lessons from Exercise

I’ve made no secret on this blog of my love of exercising. I swam for an hour this morning, and I plan on swimming at least an hour tomorrow. I’ve started using weight machines to help strengthen my legs and my arms. Exercise invigorates me, eases my pain, clears my head, burns my fat, lowers […]

The Winning Team

Subscribe to Dr. Justin Imel, Sr. by Email Yesterday, I had to get tires for my Prius – wire was showing, and my wife drives it an hour to work; I could certainly not allow her to drive a dangerous car. But, I had a problem: My beloved University of Kentucky Wildcats were playing for […]