Reel 1, Gen. Montgomery and the British 8th Army land at Reggio Calabria. The Italian navy surrenders to the Allies. Gen. Mark Clark and the U.S. 5th Army land at Salerno behind an intense naval bombardment. The Luftwaffe bombards the beachhead. The 5th and the 8th Armies meet. The Allies take the Foggia airfield and […]

Boulder Dam

Part 1 shows the Colorado River and the arid deserts of the Southwest. Bulldozers build a road to the proposed dam site. A train brings in supplies and materials made throughout the U.S. The dam site is surveyed. Shows Boulder City, Nev., including workmen’s dormitories, kitchen, and mess hall. Workers ride to the dam site […]

The Negro Sailor (Historic Footage)

Scope & Content (historic): Emphasizes integration, advancement based on ability, equal treatment, and teamwork in the Navy. Reel 1: Black newspaper employee is drafted. All phases of Navy boot camp are represented as integrated and equal. Shows physicals, clothing procurement, barracks inspection, KP and social activities. Reel 2: Names black non-combatants who received distinguished Navy […]