US Navy Recruit Training Command Graduation | November 22, 2023

Navy boot camp graduation from Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois, November 22, 2023.


Good morning and welcome to recruit training command. I am Captain Craig Mattingly, commander of naval service training Command. I want to personally welcome you to our Navy family. What an exciting day, family and friends and shipmates. It is an honor to have you with us as we celebrate the graduation of our newest United States Navy sailors. It seems just like yesterday, I was graduating boot camp and it meant the world to me to have my family and friends sitting in the audience just like you. I want to take a moment to thank you for playing a significant role in the lives of these sailors. Your support, your encouragement and your love, help them reach this time honored tradition. As we look upon these young women and men, we see a transformation that took place over the past several weeks, they endured rigorous physical and mental training, pushing themselves to their limits and beyond. They learned the importance of teamwork of discipline and dedication. They have become part of a proud tradition of service to our nation. Each of these new sailors will play a critical role in fulfilling our Navy’s mission. They will be stationed around the world, serving on ships, on submarines and aircraft, protecting our nation and our allies. Your sailor will make a positive impact on the world. They will be ambassadors of our country representing the best of what America has to offer. They will be leaders, mentors and role models for others to follow. As we celebrate this graduation. Let us remember the sacrifices that were made to get here. Let us honor the commitment and dedication of these new sailors. And let us look forward to the bright future that lies ahead knowing that our nation is in good hands. Thank you for playing such a significant role in the lives of these recruits and I warmly welcome you to our navy family. Enjoy the ceremony and celebrate your sailor. Thank you. Got it. Go. As the parade of graduates approaches, we salute the states and territories whose sons and daughters will graduate today. Delaware. Yeah, New Jersey, Georgia. Turn now to get this Massachusetts merrier, Solomon, Carolina, New Hampshire. We were t you New York Carolina from my land, Vermont Chuck, Tennessee, Ohio, who is the other Indiana Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama man, Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan, Florida. Thank you was Con California, Oregon, Kansas, West Virginia, Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, South Africa, Dakota, Montana, Washington. I don’t know Wyoming Utah. Ok, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, American, Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands. Us. Virgin is state flag order arms and now we invite you. To join the staff of Fruit Printing command in welcoming the graduating divisions with Europe Laws as they midway ceremonial of dro Hall and are announced in the following order. I OK. Today’s graduated performing unit is division 950. Division 950. Provides that the choir realty and the number of a ladies and gentlemen, you may see divisions right face se fall out and collect out of our. No but yeah, no. All right. Rest the relationship count Mars the initial three. Ok. May I have your attention please?

For the remainder of this review will know over over a minute to pass in front of the review stand. And we ask this as a courtesy to our reviewing officer. Photography is certainly encouraged, but we ask that you remain seated off the dri the photographers you will see all day throughout the review are the official photographers of recruit training and command nine. The division commanders left or right face to race. Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. I’m Lieutenant Daniel Al crew training manager, drill division officer. I’d like to welcome you to today’s ads interview today. You can see eight divisions comprised of 659 sailors participating in their graduation ceremony and soon to join the most powerful navy in the world. Please draw your attention to the union that there is the new commander and staff. The new commander is responsible for conducting the graduation se today’s new commander is senior member Devin. Honor from Jacksonville, Florida. Let’s go ahead. Folks performing today is the state flag on their seventh training, the staff unit on the ninth minute of training and the triple threat on our 10 and one week of training. These games are comprised of highly during their night arrival. Recruits are placing the divisions of 88 personnel inside group, division commanders on the back and are key individuals in the life. I have division must serve disciplinarians, administrative and military area of the law and to show themselves without any military area appear at it in each division. Also has another chief that is senior group supervised the traditional staff decisions at least the division in the absence of the division family. Now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to introduce the graduate divisions, the division commanders and chief petty officers. As they introduce these divisions, they’ll raise the imitative class that they can learn throughout their training. As I introduce you to your chief petty officer, the flats and you raise these old loss of all introduction of the and we start from there, right?

Division 363 committed by Chief petty Officer Matthew Arnold, chief petty officer, the rest of the nickel and you also first class and and the cheap that also see 100 Xavier feli tore from Homestead Florida division 365 in mind. And also our first part, Lucas Ha and Officer Price, Evan Johnson. Then you offset first class Vinci and baby and the crew chief petty officer fireman Jacob Rage from San Diego, California division 366 committed by Chief Chao Jacob Car. And you also first class there is J and our first class Keith Richmond and then her chief be seen Joshua Zimmerman from Plano Texas division 367, commended by all Chief Heaven Richards that you also first class right?

Santiago and their pio are here in Victoria Henry Day from Spring Manilla Florida. There is a 3168 commended by Chief Officer Michael, but also our first thoughts, Corey Alexander. And you also second class Melissa Lopez and her Chief petty officer has seen the police president from Dallas Texas division 369 commanded by S FAA Williams and you also class T Adam. And then you also have second class Roxanne Lewis and there are three chief of Isaiah Aba from Carson City, Nevada division 370. Many first class Marvin. And you also have first class Cherry de Leon. Tell you a second glass now he a casino. I don’t want to do. And the her chief f that are there named Avery Sal from Caldwell Idaho division 950, come in and senior Chief Petty Officer Jessica Gusla really hard video was in her first class voices Fran and their her chief petty officer, senior group. Jaden was from West Hartford on behalf of the committee officer and staff for training command. We congratulate these division commanders and group chief petty officers on a job well done in a moment. You will see the ceremonial sidelines, Watson and honor guard take their place with rival honors. This time honored tradition is a home agreement this morning viewing officer. When requested by the announcer, please stand the rival honors and watch one of the colors of the national. Ok. As a reminder, military guests shall remain cover throughout the entire res reservation ceremony. Ladies and gentlemen, one final line as we fitting the importance of the occasion, our ceremony is conducted in a formal manner. However, we do encourage you to purchase an 80 days graduation ceremony by letting your applause show these sailors. Just how proud you are. Once again. Welcome aboard. Thank you. Yeah, thank you that. Hi will the Yes, please rise and remain standing for the arrival of the official party time or release strike four mouth recruit train command arriving all no captain, United States Navy or Navy. Well, the guest lady c not good morning captain on sending by for inspection, sir. Yeah, April. Thank you for your inspections. Come up. You what?

Oh no, the well again, please rise price ours. Retire. Mm reason order arms chap Bush will offer this morning’s invitation. Well, that is great. Good morning. I listen to grow up as we gather today to celebrate the graduation of these sailors. We may move them. You said our heart, our heartfelt, gratitude, meeting of challenges, they have shown resilience, dedication and the commitments, the values are of commitment that the United States Navy, right?

And strength and wisdom as they are on their naval careers and the discipline is still in them. The bos for strength is transformative journey, sir. That’s how I like it. I think they went to the last version made all of this and the their anger and resilience. Thank you. And as for us in our artist and in structures that have shaken the allies that are supported with the all who have, who have stood by their as the U I for a great nation may be in turn as our main support to them. Uh Let these feelers, sailors feel your presence every mission and every, at every moment and by function line their path as they are. If you so let them know that you are always with them. Never alone. Not here you. Art is Lacy. At this point, the commanding officer will issue orders and instructions to the unit commanders. Then the unit commanders will face about and relate the information to their divisions. Today’s image show how orders are passed through the chain of command that 2366 re California success 269 down there is another one. Very well you there. Um Good morning captain, I present the graduating division to request permission and commence the review. Good morning. That’s the size I would say what all run support, sir. You more amazing. And gentleman Captain Kenro, also crew training and attended this recruit graduation. Those a lot too high around the world. The early days were also Captain James asked me, I also acknowledge staff or sponsored third Marine expeditionary force, sponsored division 367 American time expeditionary security group, two sponsored division 368. Our fleet sponsored program allows recruits to connect the facilities and navy commands for valuable mentoring and motivational on here to train me. I would also like to welcome all our veterans here today. Thank you for your dedicated service to our country. All the veterans. Thank you, service officer division, I pause of graduates today. There are triple threatening users watch provided by choir kill team band and they finish with a good strong performance. Quick round of applause, remiss I acknowledge the other seven out state individual standing for you today. Round applause within our state, the staff to recruit training, commands and provide as to basically train physically fit, not what this police said there. Such of those standing for you today. He said before you successfully completed 10 weeks with the manual recruit training and earn the right to wear a uniform recognized around the world. And I’d also like to take a moment to review with you, their family and friends to your new navy family as you reconnect with your sailors shortly, have a new journey together. We encourage you to invite you to learn more about your family resources here in Great Lakes around the world, Search Navy, boot camp navy family or use a QR code to write out a sign and drop call to learn more about the Northway Navy family. Today’s graduate service in bed for our naval forces, defend freedom and liberty against those of the threat, I can say with who is ready to graduate. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you 659 and the newest is far recruit training, competitive system among individual groups and divisions. From all this teamwork, attention to detail and writing a group. The divisions performing above their train are recognition plays in the area and in the in the area of three, they had ironic today and it was hard at a time. Any division that excels in every phase of training and earns all five qualifies for Chief C operations on division and recognition and in a word, the CMO are they achievement?

This reflects a high degree of teamwork around an order as well as the sub of the division commanders. Division 36 space. Ok. Captain O will now present this week individual works and he will be joined on the drug by our officers cap the warning, the reporting for achieving the high overall academic score or training or the division 368 from Las Vegas to Havana American revolution had received a letter for the officer. Good morning. Captain think you got this good morning. Captain M reporting, having displayed extraordinary qualities as expression that the American spirit of honor, initiative and loyalty I 370 P, Ohio. It is not for, this is from the United States, is presented with a conative plan and an 11 accommodation from the officer. Well, sailor morning captain, ladies, Captain City Univer Highway Division 95 from City City Alabama is the winner of the I Service Organization Award, which the spirit and intent of the Earthship City Highway is given a commemorative class for the United Service Organization. What?

Airmen Victoria Enriquez. In addition to reach the center of 3 million order, it is a recipient of the Military Order of the World Wars Award. This award is presented for the merits performance during training is is present the of life in the military order for the World War. They’ve got Good Morning captain name, an apprentice Wanda. Recording the Military Officers Association Leadership award presented to the Prince N A the division recently from for Arson Washington for exceptional and professionalism, the to the woman of the nation for our love. Thank you, Captain. Good morning. Why am I watching the division release from Lakeland. It is the recipient of the A club of the A for the American Military Exit Award for best of Enthusiasm and the emotion of Du military and his teamwork. This award releases him at the pinnacle of today’s illustrators. He was awarded a glad letter, a combination for our nei with this work, training hands and the, and the this group of records. Well, I’m sitting here. Thank you. Weapon appropriate to recognize such outstanding individual accompaniments on for three cheers E A will lead all graduating Avis and three cheers with this one’s award winners. He so I’m gonna get you to the point of a round of applause. Let’s make it work, training it again. Remember?

All right, I have a seat tomorrow today. I’m gonna be reviewing officer Captain James CC to New York. A list of the eighties electronics technician in 1990 2000 as an officer at C serve the officer in every time. You know, it sounds the executive option or pre pre commissioning. I sure after there many option reserve and so more specifically in any officer, the name, reserve reserve, Premier Reserve Center in Norfolk, Virginia and is a staff training on the side that we may study together for the old college way at that point. Talking about national security this evening, ladies and gentlemen, I might just take on interview, ok. To our assumed to be sailors released in the fleet. I have permission from your patent and for you to speak here in a second. We have. Thank you very much for that. That’s uh what my Yankee sister would say. They charging my navy batteries. Thank you very much for that. Um You know, when it’s all said and done. Usually there’s more said than done. But right now this speech is gonna be pretty quick and I got the opportunity to come here and speak on behalf of the Navy family. A long violate. You just heard is nothing more than 31 years of, uh, someone who likes to raise their hand. You volunteering. And then we call that Navy things were naturally always volunteering yourself. Am I right?

Yeah. Uh, be courageous to make your hand in every opportunity. I promise you, it will make all the difference to the stop here. The RD CS. Let me tell you over the last two days and see how you’re looking at these fine sailors in front of us. It paid dividends. Thank you for that hard work RD CS. In case you didn’t hear it recently, we really do appreciate you. I thank you to the family and friends in the audience. Thank you for rearing and supporting these fine new Zealanders. You helped mold these recruits into our personal self into the call of duty and volunteered to serve a cause greater than themselves. I’m so very proud to say that. In fact, let me point out a few of the sailors that I spoke with in the last two days and why they, there’s one sailor out there right now who wants to get something to get his G I BILL benefits to his sister so she can have a better life and they’re the ones to make his senior chief, retired stepfather proud one who has been here actually twice the first time. They didn’t think it now. But now they’re about to graduate. One of whose family is actually in Mexico. She was starting her life at an older age. Yeah, I was just because I have nowhere else to go. You wanted a fresh start or an education or you’re seeking goodness in your life. Let me tell you that no matter what brought you here today, there’s a lot of honor in that you have self-esteem promoted, dedicate yourself to a greater cause for that. I can do first agreements. You’re now a sailor in the world’s finest navy. Not so great news. Here’s the bottom rung of the leadership ladder. No, that’s ok. I was there too. I employ you to work hard and climb to the very top. I have a letter here written by other sailors who wish to inspire you as you graduate boot camp and move on to your next station. She needs. Congratulations on your boot camp graduation. Welcome to the family, whether you do or not today, we now have an additional 400,000 siblings. No need to send 400,000 birthday cards each year. But what we do need you to do is stay focused, motivated and committed to learning new races between now and the time you report to me, we’re counting on you to do so you are very important. He came to boot camp from around the world, urban and suburban environments to people with different cultures, histories, perspectives and ways of thinking. We need you to use those differences that help our way to get stronger now that you’re part of the family. If you want to jump plane or on a submarine, launch a plane off the carrier, shoot buoys or even one day, many years from now, you too can read a similar letter to our newest navy members just like this old guy got crowd it sort of sort of right side of the car, right?

Um You can read a little to do with me just like this really handsome young man a and proud he’s doing right now. There’s an avenue for you to get there if you want it and take some work. In fact, we need you to continue to strive to your full potential, take the initiative and seek out opportunities you never even knew existed. Your efforts will make your name stronger, you stronger and America stronger over these past three decades when I stood to stand today, right?

You are a great adventure. I could never have imagined being on this side of the diocese. What I learned in these many years is that across American society, the confidence in our military remains high. And the reason for that is you, our Macy’s sellers are number one resource. The best those that never served were not looking in the same. Those who have will welcome you to the fraternity of the profession of arms and keep this in mind. You are no longer on the sidewalk. You’re now forever in the Veterans Day parade. Congratulations. Oh, the two for my much captain product will over. This will be graduating by vision and you will be joined on the good day for our Captain program. We need to see until your preference have been placed on liberty. Um Just the one appreciation for great, please flags close section leaders bought out and retreat out of o ladies and gentlemen, today is the only day to access to the ad exchange and auto pick today. You can pick up your sailor at the York Town parking garage. Similarly on Liberty without a bill or to exit the a a to the train station. Thanks again to each and every one of you for joining us on this most memorable of days and we’re out for the bill now, here’s this Liberty Liberty Hall.

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