Navy Recruit Training Command Graduation | October 12, 2023

Navy boot camp graduation from Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois, October 12, 2023.


Good morning and welcome to recruit training command. I am Captain Craig Mattingly, commander of naval service training Command. I want to personally welcome you to our Navy family. What an exciting day, family and friends and shipmates. It is an honor to have you with us as we celebrate the graduation of our newest United States Navy sailors. It seems just like yesterday, I was graduating boot camp and it meant the world to me to have my family and friends sitting in the audience just like you. I want to take a moment to thank you for playing a significant role in the lives of these sailors. Your support, your encouragement and your love helped them reach this time honored tradition. As we look upon these young women and men, we see a transformation that took place over the past several weeks, they endured rigorous physical and mental training, pushing themselves to their limits and beyond. They learned the importance of teamwork of discipline and dedication. They have become part of a proud tradition of service to our nation. Each of these new sailors will play a critical role in fulfilling our Navy’s mission. They will be stationed around the world, serving on ships, on submarines and aircraft, protecting our nation and our allies. Your sailor will make a positive impact on the world. They will be ambassadors of our country representing the best of what America has to offer. They will be leaders, mentors and role models for others to follow. As we celebrate this graduation. Let us remember the sacrifices that were made to get here. Let us honor the commitment and dedication of these new sailors. And let us look forward to the bright future that lies ahead knowing that our nation is in good hands. Thank you for playing such a significant role in the lives of these recruits. And I warmly welcome you to our navy family. Enjoy the ceremony and celebrate your sailor. Thank you Black. Yeah. As the parade of graduates approaches, we salute the states and territories whose sons and daughters who are graduating today. Don’t worry. Mhm. Yeah, Georgia. So no case Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia. I from the island. You were but turn the T Tennessee. Oh, I am. Who is he?


Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama. Yeah, Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan, Florida. Thank you was cut. California, Minnesota, Oregon and West Virginia, Nevada. Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota so hot Dakota Fontana, Washington. I don’t. Wyoming Utah Ankle, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii of Columbia, Puerto Rico, American, Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, this Virgin Island state flat order arm. And now we invite you to join us. Now training command in welcoming the graduating divisions with your applause as the inter midway ceremony on wall and are announced in the following order. Yeah. Video. Yeah. Yeah. Today’s graduating performing unit is division nine, the arrival honor honor bar, the recruit review, Commander Adjutant and graduate to I court assignments for today’s ceremony. Ladies and gentlemen, you may be seated. Thank you a minute. Right. Ok. Selection leaders will allow and collect out of harvest. Yeah. Who?

Oh, step divisions mar all?

Oh, at a normal interval. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Right. For, may I have your attention, please?

For the remainder of the review, no one will be permitted to pass in front of the review hand. And we ask this as a courtesy to a reviewing officer. Photography is certainly encouraged, but we ask that you remain seated and off the drill deck. The photographers you will see on deck throughout the review are the official photographers of a group training command. The division commanders left or right. Hurry rest. Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. I’m Lieutenant Daniel Alco crew training commands. Asked for the cere. I’d like to welcome you to today’s past review. Today you will see 11 divisions comprised of 869 sailors participating in the graduation ceremony and soon to join the most powerful navy in the world. Please draw your attention to the union position asset. There is the review commander and staff. The review commander is responsible for conducting a graduation ceremony. Today’s youth commander is Seaman Melanie Norris from Coho Texas. Give her a hand about performing. Today is a triple threat on their seventh trainer, the state flags in on their eight week training and the staff on their 10 final week of training. These units are comprised of higher during the nine of arrival crew took place as divisions of media personnel designed music commandment division on the back of training in our key division, the likelihood manage my service councils, disciplinarians, administrators and military of all and must show themselves. Palestinian examines the military barrier appearance, attitude and behavior. Each decision also has a recruit chief committee officer. It is is in your group supervisor, divisional staff positions at least a division in the absence of their division committee. Now, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the graduating divisions, the division commanders and the group chief petty officers. As they introduce each division, they will raise the competitive flags that they can earn throughout their training. As they introduce each chief petty officer, the flag in their home state. These older laws are all introductions. I’ll be starting over there, right?

Three week, zero or three weeks. Many also first class Joseph, no, a ectomy fever and breast ay my V and her R PV already on from San Antonio, Texas zero or he also first class that trend. Yeah, they also send class to take you from hospital and you also send class Ashley logo and there are 13 Pios Airman Jacob chains from Bismarck, Arkansas. Yeah. Division 30 R. You made your first class Zachary Corn and also her first class Blaine can also her first class Joseph Le and there are her chief kiosk for seeing Christian Vasile from little are Pennsylvania 73306, mainly by senior chief Andre Sutherland and also the first class. And then I they also sing Claude Solomon best known and their virtual chaos of the senator Brandon Thomas from Washington DC. 2307. Commended by first class Jeremy Williams. Any answer the first one chance on?

Yeah, but he also sing class Judge Johnson and the River Chief p also seen Elizabeth Badger from Thibodeaux, Louisiana division 308. Commended by Chief Jamie Legner that he also in first class justice attention. And there were ted seem a million blood from Miami Florida division 309 commanded by Chief Piao Steve Warner and then also our first class Kenneth McDaniel second class man. And there are Pio Patrick Whitby from Marietta Georgia. Yeah. 10 you mentioned by Chief, they also Brian but he also first one, Chad Patrick. Ok. Also second class Brian Lest and their virtual play Herman Evan Y from Richland, Washington. 311 commanded by Chief Pena Manuela Thompson, chief officer Juan Lopez Amarilla. They also first class and their her Ted also written as Rebecca from Denver Colorado division 312. Yeah, the play. Can you also first class?

So they w Yes. Yeah. Ok. Also same clouds either brown and the chief video also received rent is Ashley Romi from Upland California. Ah 44. You made your first?

Yeah, you made your clothes on any officer, first class George bed. You’re getting also second class Trayvon Davis and there are her chief head office. Have seen Melanie Norris from country Texas, the commanding officer and staff training command. We congratulate these division commanders and chief officers on a job well done in a moment. You see the ceremonial side quote and, and honor. Take your place for a li honors. It is time honored traditions of home, greetings mornings and giving officer. When requested by the announcer, we stand for bible honors, marching honors daughters, the national anthem and the picture as military guests shall remain cover about the entire ceremony. Ladies and gentlemen, one final uh be fitting the reports on this occasion. Our ceremony is conducted in a however, we do encourage her to participate in today’s graduation ceremony by letting her claw show these sailors just how proud of them they were once again. Welcome aboard. Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Ok. Well, the guest he arrives and remains ending for the arrival of the official party. I’m already strike more f the recruit training plan of arriving 26 year old, the deputy commander of the system. I was just arriving. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The N ac heated I Well, yeah, time. Yeah. Thank you for your special time. And so yeah, little dead eyes for me that yeah. Yes. Free. I order Arms Mary office this morning, but I that friend. Yeah, we thank you for the blessings of this day, for these sailors, for their accomplishments and training and our future contribution to the greatest navy in the world, guide all of us and sustain us in all our ways to stay. And always may we live always so faithfully that no matter can dishearten us. No frustration can discourage us and no fear can take away from us the joy of our integrity, discipline and teamwork, who we are and what we stand for. I thank you Lord for transforming these men and women into proud members of the United States Navy. They are grateful for seeing a new way to live life that I use honor, courage and commitment that they always appreciate. Learning how important it is to take accountability in all situations and trustingly exercise, toughness and fidelity in life. I pray that your blessing always be upon them for their families, all sailors, staff and our great nation in the United States of America walk with them. Oh Lord, each and every day and bless them as they take their steps in service, helping us all to work for your greedy glory now and forever. Amen. Yeah. Yeah, I see seven you. Yeah, I asked the A DC. At this point, the officer would issue orders and instructions to the unit commanders then to the unit commanders, we would phase it out and relay the information to the their divisions. So today they got show our orders are passed to the chain of command. Your father, sir. Go. So yeah, get it more so. Oh, that’s all of the prison of California. Yeah. What, this is the vision request our mission to miss the review, the review. Yeah, yeah, thank you. But hey, what?

Very welcome. Ok, good, good morning, ladies and gentlemen, I’m Captain Kent for the commanding officer of the recruit training. I’d like to welcome all our families and friends attending to this recruit graduation. Those are watching live from around the cor joining us today is our reviewing officer. We’re a Jason, a chief integration tailing. I would also like to welcome all our today. Thank you, service to our country to all of our veterans. Please stand here and give you a round of applause. Division 944 graduates today and our support staff and providing a lot of honors, honor guard, recruit, new active support staff. Our ceremony. Please remind me giving you that any 10 of graduating di individual here today, a round of applause where they are outstanding, the staff and recruit training commands committed to provide that basic training, physically fit to smart disciplined sailors such as those standing here today. These sailors before you successfully completed 10 readers weeks of demanding to recruit training and they have earned the right to wear the uniform recognized around the world. Withem freedom. I would also like to take a moment, their family and friends to your new family as you reconnect your sailors shortly, new journey. Together we invite you to learn more about more family resources here in Great Lanes and around the world. Search Navy, boot camp, navy family or use a QR code provided and design. I wanna learn about navy areas, the National Museum and American sales. Just down the road. We’re looking for somewhere close to relax online. We have a world class of non-services organizations that just inside the one handset. Our website can connect you with these and other resources like the navy owned buds, fleeting family support center, recreation and a Navy app for on the go resources. Today’s TRS serve as a bedrock of naval forces and will join the sailors around them to defend freedom of liberty. I can stay with pride. This training group is ready to drive me today. Ladies and gentlemen, I 865 the newest and sharpest United States in 86 group training demand pet system among individuals and division to promote team attention to detail and pride and accomplishment. The divisional performing above standard throughout their training are awarded recognition class in the five mission areas, academic achievement, military drill, compartment readiness applications and physical fitness. These flags are carried as a visible symbol of the division of success. Each flag indicates that we sailors and individual Ds and the performance standards in one or more missionary. Even a division that exceeds basic requirements in these areas during their training qualifies as a battle efficiency division and is awarded battle E I in recognition of their performance. Three minutes. I have earned this on. Yeah, this and you will be going on the road back. Fire. Any officer Captain Rover?

Ok. Yeah. Good morning, Captain Steven. No, it is the new pan for a seat and Melanie Norris division nine, I Ju Lawrence has exhibited great pride in the server and has consistently been demonstrated for her potential as an effective leader. She has a high standard of personal and played and congratulations on for any achievement. Good morning. Thanks. Good morning, Captain, environment monitoring reporting for achieving the highest overall academic award during recruit training fire in the 71 division 30 war from West Palm Beach Florida uh during the academic excellence award which is honored by the lake defiance travelers of the Illinois Society of the Sons of the American revolution, a better combination with the banana. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you, Admiral. Good morning Captain M Mai supporting for having this extraordinary quality that’s expressing the American period of honor. In addition, see Miss division 312 from California is awarded for the Navy League which is honored by the Navy of the United States. See is presented with a black and letter recommendation from the Man in law. Thank you a good morning captain Herman McGrath reporting airman first division 303. From that, it is the winner of the United Service Organization Award for best identifying the superior and intent of the Lord. It is given a member from the United Service Organization. Thank you. I the Money Captain N the recording seat in the Ocean Nelson division 307. From back to award is in the recipe of the Military Order of the World Wars Award of America. This award is presented for meritorious performance during group trainings. MC Nelson is presented with a commemorative flag from the military of the rural wars. Thank you supporting government 40. So the military officers is by a division 944 from Eugen in Texas for exceptional firing in a letter from our man. Well, good morning captain. See me, Corella reporting C in the division 308 from music in Texas is in the recipient of the name of the United States American Military Exits Award for the Qualities of New. And this is the award released her at the pinnacle of the Louis Davis. She is awarded a last letter Combination Kuva, this guy of her fraternity. You I I find it. Yeah. Thank you, Admiral. Yeah, it is appropriate to recognize such outstanding individual accomplishments by e with around three cheers. The adjutant will lead all graduating divisions in three cheers for this morning’s award winner. Yeah. Yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, can you please have another round of applause for our water sip. I have a distinct honor this morning interviews around the office or whoever this is on. Keep Engineering Company on Immigration. He enlisted program in 1986. Ok. Including the NRFTC program, Florida State University. His shipboard tours include us S US S minutes. He served as a first reactor officer on board us. S Gerald on around the woods towards the shore include the Silence of Death. Project superintendent and naval shipyard in 84 principal assistant program manager, pe O carriers, program manager representative complex over manager representative for new construction carriers at the supervisor of ships of Newport. To all his actor to have to Boyd served as the executive assistant to command naval sea Systems command and served as a commanding officer of the supervisor of ship building. According to ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a w arm recruit train and command. Welcome for admirable. Hey, good morning. Um I know I’m the last thing standing between uh you s grad so I’ll have to come in for at the so uh um here to uh see these 869 sailors is the world’s fine for over a century station. Great Lakes has transformed over 3 million civils and a highly trained has always been rigorous demanding more for recruits than they probably thought possible. Each of them selflessly entered the Contin duty to serve a cause greater than them. They passed battle stations and proven themselves worthy of wearing a uniform that symbolizes freedom throughout the world. The uniform of the United States n the recruit division commanders, instructors and staff at RT C have taken on the unique economical challenge of shaking groups into the finest American sailors maintaining Navy high standards. We thank them for their dedication. Most importantly, we acknowledge the sailor’s family and friends for the integral role that you have played. It would help shape your own room into a person who wanted to stand up for their country, who understands the Navy’s core values of honor, courage, and commitment. And during the past 10 weeks, you’ve tirelessly supported them. We now welcome all of you into our family. Say that you are on one of the most challenging adventures of your life. You’ve chosen to serve your country at a time when it is most. And I did write that comment before the Saturday morning when America has shown strong presence throughout the world on the seas and in the skies. A little over 37 years ago, I stood where you did proud of my achievement. Graduating from boot camp as a fireman in the United States Navy, the Navy has been my family. They paid for my education. They allowed me to commission, they allowed me to have the privilege of leaving sailors like each and every one of them you’ve taken on the responsibility of defending us and are now prepared for that tremendous. You earn not only mind but respect for grad information. Congratulations sailors. Congratulations to your family. Thank you. Right. Right. Four for two. Yeah. Yeah. Rear Admiral Lloyd. Will I receive the salute of the bad hunting division?

He will be ruined on the rosette car offer. Captain Grover, your algorithm have been LA on delivery. Yeah. Ok. The things. Yes. How those se section meters fall out and re out of our mis as a reminder to family and guests. Thursday is the only day for navy exchange access and photo pickup on Friday. Sailor pickup is only authorized in the chapel car lot. Thanks again to each and every one of you who are joining us on this most memorable of the day. And without first I hear this.

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