U.S. Navy Recruit Training Command Graduation | May 12, 2023

Navy boot camp graduation from Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois, May 12, 2023.


Hurry up. Let’s go, get on the bus. Let’s go. Recruit training. Command is the quarter deck of the United States Navy. Good order and discipline will be maintained 24 7, proper military post will be maintained 24 7. Every enlisted sailor begins their naval career here and our mission is fairly simple. It’s to transform civilians into smartly disciplined, physically fit sailors ready for follow on training service to the fleet. And while doing so to instill in them the highest values of honor, courage and commitment, you are no longer a civilian, whatever you were before is now over. You are about to begin a journey that’s gonna make you a part of the greatest naval force the world has ever known. This training will not be easy. It wasn’t meant to be. Our training environment is controlled chaos and while it may not seem like that to the recruits, each and every event has meaning and purpose, you’re gonna sound off at the top of your look. Do you understand?

We are designed to develop skill sets that sailors can carry throughout their entire career and push hard on physical fitness. You better take me watch standing and creating a warrior mindset. Now, with the mental scab, you’re gonna be focused on your mind. A true body, mind and soul approach. When I say gas, you’ll have 15, 15 seconds, your straps and put all of our recruits receive training that will help them. The second they get to the fleet, put your glasses down, firefighting, damage control, weapons and seamanship. Our recruits get hands on training and application with them all. Mhm Good. All right here kids one breath, face down. It is a bottom one right here. So I need everything you’ve got because once we start this evolution again, I’m going to expect you to attack, overcome and be up. Yeah. Work together as a team execute the mission. And the next time I see you, you’ll be saved. Who your neighbors, everything they learn is tested in a battle stations. Chief, division 001 mad and ready for politicians. Chief. Very well. A 24 hour event where the recruit ceases to exist and a sailor is forged boot camp. Really is a machine with a swarm of moving parts all working towards the same goal. Making a sailor comment on courage. I good morning. Welcome to the navy’s recruit training command and today’s graduation ceremony. We’re very excited to have the families and friends of our navy’s newest sailors here. You are about to watch the formal transition of your recruits to full-fledged sailors today, your recruit will officially join the world’s greatest and most powerful navy. The Department of the Navy has determined that the men and women graduating here today have what it takes and are ready for service as a sailor. Today’s graduation is not just for the graduates but for you as well. Today, you will become part of the navy family. Your sailor will continue to depend on you for love, support and encouragement. As they progress through their navy careers, their time in service will bring about new challenges and take them to ports and duty stations across the globe. In addition, you will meet and network with many navy families here and throughout your sailors time in service without the steadfast support of navy families this day would not be possible. So, on behalf of the United States Navy, thank you, take pride in what your sailor has accomplished here and the tremendous journey they’re about to embark on. Thank you all for what you do to support our nation’s navy and enjoy today’s ceremony. The parade of graduates approaches, we salute the states and territories whose sons and daughters will graduate today. Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, Vermont, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama, Me, Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan War, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, California, Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas, West Virginia, Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota Montana, Washington. I know Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico one American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, us Virgin Islands. State flags, order arms. And now we invite you to join the staff of recruit training command in welcoming the graduating divisions with your applause as they enter midway, ceremonial drill hall and are announced in the following order. Ladies and gentlemen, please rise as we welcome. Today’s graduating division. Please welcome. Division one, division 11 egg, division 11 seven, division 11, please. And division 11, no, today’s graduating performing unit is division 922, 9 22. Provides the state flags, color guard and drum line units for today’s ceremony. Ladies and gentlemen, you may be seated. Thank you. Divisions, right. Thanks. Section leaders fall out and collect outer garments, divisions, counter march divisions way back. I don’t know. Mhm Have a May I have your attention, please?

For the remainder of the review, no one will be permitted to pass in front of the review stand. And we ask this as a courtesy to our reviewing officer. Photography is certainly encouraged, but we ask that you remain seated and off the drill deck. The photographers you will see on deck throughout the review are the official photographers of recruit training, command, division commanders, left or right rest. Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. I am Lieutenant Jessica Morales, recruit training, command’s master of ceremonies. I would like to welcome you to today’s pass and review today. You will see six divisions comprised of 394 sailors participating in their graduation ceremony and soon join the most powerful navy in the world. Please draw your attention to the unit positioned at center. There is the review commander and staff. The review commander is responsible for conducting the graduation ceremony. Today’s review commander is seamen recruit, Moloi Napoleon from San Diego, California. Let’s give him a hand performing. Today is the staff unit on their eighth week of training, the triple threat unit on their ninth week of training and the state flag unit on their 10th and final week of training. These units are comprised entirely of recruits during their night of arrival. Recruits are placed into divisions of 88 personnel and assigned division commanders. Recruit division commanders form the backbone of recruit training and are key individuals in the life of every recruit. Division commanders must serve as counselors, disciplinarians administrators and military leaders. Above all, they must show themselves as outstanding examples of military bearing, appearance, attitude and behavior. Each division also has a recruit, Chief petty officer. This senior recruit supervises the divisional staff positions and leads the division in the absence of their division commanders. Now, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the graduating divisions of their division commanders and recruit chief petty officer. As I introduce each division, they will raise the competitive flags they have earned throughout their training. As I introduce each recruit Chief petty officer, the flag representing their home state will also be raised. Please hold your applause until all introductions have been completed. I will be starting from there. Right. Division 115 commanded by Chief petty Officer Weedy Rami petty officer, first class Steven Gas Petty Officer, second class Kale Diaz. And there were crew chief petty officer fireman Xavier Morris from a Sinning New York division 116 commanded by Chief petty officer Charles Bolden petty officer, first class Michael Martinez petty officer, second class Sean Rajani, first class Lucas Meine and recruit chief petty officer Seaman Kyle Pressman from Easton, Pennsylvania division 117, commanded by Chief petty Officer John petty Officer, 1st 2nd class Bradley Brown petty officer, second class Madison Kirk and their recruit chief petty officer Airman Aaron Magazine from Salt Lake City, Utah division 118, commanded by Chief petty officer Jesse Kenneth petty officer, first class Peter Bowen petty officer, first class Emily and recruit chief petty Officer Simon Pena from Lawrence Massachusetts division 119, commanded by Chief petty Officer Roman Gutierrez petty officer, first class deck tram petty officer, first class Charles Morris petty officer, second class Damien Leslie and their recruit, chief petty officer airman, apprentice Tyler Einen from Fort Worth Texas division 922, commanded by Chief petty Officer Chelsea Cooper, Chief petty Officer Colin David petty officer, first class Andy Chen and their recruit, chief petty officer Seaman Cornelius Jackson from Camp Springs Maryland. On behalf of the commanding officer and staff of recruit training command. We congratulate these division commanders and recruit chief petty officers on a job well done in a moment. You will see the ceremonial side boys, Bowen and honor guard take their places for arrival honors. This time honored tradition is our formal greeting to this morning’s reviewing officer. When requested by the announcer, please stand for the arrival honors marching on of the colors of the national anthem and the invocation. As a reminder, military guests shall remain covered throughout the graduation ceremony. And ladies and gentlemen, one final note as we fitting the importance of this occasion, our ceremony is conducted in a formal manner. However, we do encourage you to participate in today’s graduation ceremony by letting your applause show these sailors just how proud of them you are once again. Welcome aboard. Yeah. Yeah. Will the guests please rise and remain standing for the arrival of the official party?

I well, ok. Recruit training, command arriving, hold. Yes, Colonel United States Army arriving or?

Oh, the guests may be seated. Good morning inspection. Thank you for your respect and comments, ma’am. First color. Will the guest please rise, breath and arms. Oh, that hello. Oh, retire trees and arms order arms, chaplain Reindeer were offered his morning’s invocation. Let us pray gracious God. This moment is amazing. You’ve brought men and women from all walks of life that they would endure. It. Sacrifice and serve. They succeeded here in moments, they stepped forward to new things, new schools onto new lands and seas and on to new platforms, pursuing the sacred call to service. So today, for their hard work, their steadfast devotion and their readiness for the challenges we give great thanks to you. They set aside other interests and plans to join this fight. They chose something hard. They overcame separation from home. They developed new tools for thriving. They face the pool. Marlin Spike, firefighting difficulties that came before them and they moved forward and they grew in honor, courage and commitment. Many help prepare them and shape them for this moment. Their families, their mentors, their coaches and the numerous dedicated R D CS instructors and staff at recruit train command. We ask that you continue to shape these sailors. May they be smartly disciplined sailors that excel morally and technically, may the values and wisdom and guidance pass to them lead them in navigating new courses and getting underway. May they serve in the world with a deep faith and hope, resolute and determined to share freedom and democracy. May they protect the ship?

May they be ever faithful laying down their lives for one another?

Just as you lay down yours?

May they be reminded that you are with them?

Send them forward now?

It’s um mhm of our guests may be at this point, the commanding officer would issue orders and instructions to the unit commanders. Then the unit commanders would base about and relay the information to their divisions. Today’s events show how orders are passed through the chain of command. Better report very well, very well, very well, very well, very well, very well. All the business president and the count for sir. Very well. No, three. Ah, no, good morning captain. I present the graduating divisions. Request permission to commence the review. Very well. Commence. The review is so, oh, so must. Yeah. Mhm A that all right. Award-winning Reporting center. Very well. Good morning. I’m Catherine Kerri Brooks Commanding Officer Recruit training command. I’m pleased to welcome families and friends to our graduation ceremony and we look forward to sharing this momentous occasion with you with us. Today is our reviewing officer, Colonel Kelly, still director of manpower and personnel at us. Special Operations Command. I would also like to acknowledge a navy gold star family with us here today. The family members of Masha armed second class Robert Francis minor, a a navy gold star family is the immediate family members of a follow service member who died while serving in a time of conflict. Pes A minor son, Tristan is graduating today and following in his dad’s footsteps on behalf of the staff of the Katrina Command. Thank you to the minor family for your continued service to our nation. I cannot thank all of our visitors enough for your continued support and I’m sure your sales are grateful for your encouragement throughout their time at recruit training command. I would also like to welcome all the veterans in our audience and say thank you for your service to our country. Would all of our veterans please stand so that we can give you a round of applause. Division 922 graduates today. They are the state flags unit providing the 50 state flags district of Columbia and us territory flags, drum corps and color guard. Please join me in giving them and the five other graduating divisions here today. A round of applause for their outstanding performances. This is where our Navy heritage meets the future where these young men and women enter the profession of arms. The staff of recruit training, commanders dedicated to providing the United States Navy with basically trained, physically fit and smartly disciplined sailors such as those standing here. Today, these sailors have successfully completed 10 rigorous weeks of demanding recruit training and they have earned the right to wear the uniform recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom. They and others serve as the bedrock of our naval forces and they will join other sailors around the world to give our navy its combat edge, enable us to help keep this nation secure. This training group is ready to graduate and serve in the world’s most powerful navy. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you 394 of the newest and sharpest sailors in the United States Navy. Thank you. Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated, recruit training, commands, competitive system among individual recruits and divisions promotes teamwork, attention to detail and pride and accomplishment divisions, performing above standards throughout their training are awarded recognition flags in the five mission areas, academic achievement, military drill, compartment, writings, applications, and physical fitness. These flags are carried as a visible symbol of the division’s success. Each flag indicates that your sailors individually and as teams met performance standards in one or more mission areas. A division that excels in every phase of training qualifies for the battle efficiency, honor, division recognition and is awarded the badly honor flag for his exemplary achievement division 116 has earned his honor today and we congratulate them on a job exceptionally well done. Right?

Colonel Steele will now present this week’s individual awards and she will be joined on the drill deck by our commanding officer, Captain Brooks. Yeah. Good morning, Captain Carmen Ha reporting for achieving the highest overall academic score during recruit training. Fireman, Sean Hawthorne division 119 from Phoenix. Arizona has earned the academic excellence award which is sponsored by the Lake Defiance Chapter of the Illinois Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. Fireman Hawthorn receives a letter of commendation from the commanding officer, well done sailor. Thank you. Good morning, Captain, Captain Magazine. Good morning for having displayed extraordinary qualities, best expressing the American spirit of honor, initiative and loyalty airman air magazine division 117 from Salt Lake City. Utah is awarded the Navy League award which is sponsored by the Navy League of the United States Airman magazine is presented with a commemorative plaque and a letter of commendation from the commanding officer. Well done sailor. Thank you. Good morning, Captain Dilbeck reporting construction Evan Dilbeck division 115 from San Clemente California is the winner of the United Service Organization Award for best exemplifying the spirit and intent of the word shipmate. Construction man. Dilbeck is given a commemorative plaque from the United Service Organization. Well done sailor. Thank you, Colonel. Good morning, Captain Construction and Apprentice Mason Gaines division 922 from Richmond Virginia is the recipient of the Military Order of the World Horse Award of Merit. This award is presented for meritorious performance during recruit training, construction and apprentice Gaines is presented with a commemorative plaque from the Military Order of the World Horse. Well done sailor. Thank you girl. The Military Officers Association leadership award is presented to seaman, Apprentice Grace Stein division 118 from Lincoln Montana for demonstrating exceptional tenacity and professionalism. Seaman. Apprentice Stein is awarded a letter of commendation from our commanding officer. Well done seaman Lily Duan division 922 from Mariana Pacific, Northern Mariana Islands is the recipient of the Navy Club of the United States of America Military Excellence Award for best exemplifying the qualities of enthusiasm, devotion to duty and teamwork. This award places her at the pinnacle of today’s newest sailors. She’s awarded a flag litter of commendation. Simon, the staff of recruit training command salutes you as the finest of this group of graduates. Well done sailor, sir. It is appropriate to recognize such outstanding individual accomplishments by the sailors with a round of three cheers. The adit will lead all graduating divisions in three cheers for this morning’s award winners. Hi. Yeah, I have the distinct pleasure this morning of introducing our reviewing officer, Colonel Kelly, still director of manpower and personnel at us. Special operations Command. She was commissioned in 1997 from Northern Northern Illinois University and has served in a variety of assignments in the US and overseas as an army Adjutant General officer. During her distinguished ler she has served or deployed with the following commands, Southern European task Force in Vicenza, Italy, a training brigade at Fort Stewart, Georgia, Pittsburgh recruiting battalion, United States Army Pacific and Eighth Theater Sustainment Command at Fort Shafter Hawaii, joint special operations task force, Philippines in support of operation enduring freedom. The joint staff Washington DC 21st Theater Sustainment Command in Kaiser Slaughter in Germany and the US Army Human Resources Command at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in the warm recruit training command. Welcome to Colonel Steele. Good morning. And thank you very much for the introduction. I’d like to welcome our distinguished guests and more importantly, give a very warm welcome to the family and friends of the sailors who we will honor today. Many of you are probably wondering why an army soldier is presiding over a navy boot camp graduation. Quite honestly, I’m asking myself the same question. However, I am very humbled and honored to be here. It is my sincere pleasure to join you today and welcome this incredible group of men and women into the world’s finest military working in a joint environment. I have come to realize the differences between the services, most notably the uniforms in the army. We say in the navy, you say in the army, we say basic training in the navy. You say boot camp in the army, we say latrine in the navy. You say head, you will all recognize a friendly rivalry amongst the services as well. The most notable service rivalry is the Army Navy football game, isn’t it something that both services have won five games and lost five games in the last 10 years regardless of who you cheer for when it comes down to it. We all come together despite all the differences and the rivalries, there is also one common denominator. We are all volunteers. A part of less than 1% of the United States who chose to selflessly serve and defend the greatest nation in the world. First, I’d like to take a minute to address the audience. You are all here to honor your sailor and I Thank each and every one of you for the integral role you played in the success of these young men and women. Whether you are a parent, a grandparent, a son, a daughter, an aunt, an aunt, brother, sister, teacher, principal, or friend. Each of you were and continued to be instrumental in shaping these young men and women into the people. They are today. This group of recruits represents individuals who decided it was their duty to stand up for their country and emulate the Navy Corps values, courage and commitment. The military can be a generational organization at times. It reaches far and wide, but it must start somewhere. So whether you recruit is the beginning of a military tradition or is carrying on the legacy, it is your influence in direction that got them here today and in true military fashion, we now welcome you to the Navy family. Now, I’d like to address all the young sailors standing before me. Don’t they look fabulous. I really don’t hold that. You join the Navy instead of the Air Force. And I am very happy that you are serving our nation and I give you my most sincere congratulations on your accomplishments. You truly do look magnificent. Today symbolizes the beginning of the next step. Your journey actually started months ago when you displayed the personal courage to talk to a recruiter about your future. When you entered the military entrance processing station, signed a contract and reported to Great Lakes for boot camp. Today, you join the ranks of a profession of arms. Today is the culmination of your initial military training. The early wake up calls the physical training, the finishing, the stressful battle stations has earned you each of you the distinction of being part of something bigger than yourself. Something that will remain with you for a lifetime, no matter if you are or reserve, if you will stay for five years or for 30 years, your dedication to the nation is something that you should be extremely proud of. You have joined an exclusive group. Those who chose the path of service, service for a greater cause. You have all successfully answered the call to duty as easy or as difficult as it may have felt. You have passed every test triumphed over every challenge and proven yourselves worthy of wearing the uniform that symbolizes freedom throughout the world. Ladies and gentlemen, you are about to embark on one of the most challenging adventures of your life. There will be days that you will be presented with unsurmountable challenges or unique frustrations. But I am confident if you continue to serve with honor, remain loyal to your fellow shipmates and the navy and strive for excellence in everything you do. Your time in the navy will also be one of your most rewarding experiences you have chosen to serve your country at a time when it is desperately needed. You’ve taken on the task of defending our nation. The recruit division commanders and staff here at RTC have done a fabulous job at preparing you for the tremendous duty and responsibility you are about to embark upon because of the choices you have made to start your navy journey you have earned not only my respect but also the respect of a grateful nation in closing and not just as an army soldier, but as a fellow American, I would like the first to be the first to say, congratulations. Thank you for your service and you look outstanding. Yeah, Colonel Steele will now receive the salute of the graduating divisions and she will be joined on the drill deck by our commanding officer. Captain Brooks. Please remain seated until your graduates have been placed on liberty. Please join me in one more round of appreciation for our wonderful musicians of navy band, great ladies, flags post section meters fall out and retrieve outer garments. Thanks again to each and every one of you for joining us on this most memorable of Navy days and without further delay. Now hear this liberty. Oh.

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