Navy Recruit Training Command Graduation | April 28, 2023

Navy boot camp graduation from Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois, April 28, 2023.


Yeah. As the parade of graduates approaches, we salute the states and territories whose sons and daughters will graduate today. Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Virginia, New York, North Carolina Rhode Island, Vermont, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Alabama. Main Missouri, Arkansas, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Iowa, Wisconsin, California, Minnesota, Oregon, Kansas, West Virginia, Nevada, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota Montana, Washington, Idaho Wyoming, Utah, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska, Hawaii District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam American, Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, us Virgin Islands. State flags, order arms and now we invite you to join the staff of recruit training command in welcoming the graduating divisions with your applause as they enter midway, ceremonial drill hall and are announced in the following order. Ladies and gentlemen, please rise as we welcome today’s graduating divisions. Yeah, please welcome division 101 oh, division 102, division 10. Hm, division 10. Bill, division 10. Oh, in division 106. It, today’s graduating performing unit is division 920, division 920, provides the recruit choir drill team and band for today’s ceremony. Ladies and. Gentlemen, you may be seated. Thank you. Yeah, divisions, right face, section leaders fall out and collect outer garments. Mhm. Divisions counter march divisions halt prepaid for review at a normal interval. Dress, dress ready, front, love face at close interval dress, right. Dress ready. Right. Right. May I have your attention please ? For the remainder of the review, no one will be permitted to pass in front of the review stand. And we ask this as a courtesy to our reviewing officer. Photography is certainly encouraged, but we ask that you remain seated and off the drill deck. The photographers you will see on deck throughout the review are the official photographers of recruit training, command, division commanders, left or right face parade, rest. Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. I’m Lieutenant Daniel Alcorn recruit training, Command’s master of ceremonies. I’d like to welcome you to today’s pass and review. Today you will see seven divisions comprised of 425 sailors participating in their graduation ceremony and soon to join the most powerful navy in the world. Please draw your attention to the unit positioned at center deck. There is the review commander and staff. The review commander is responsible for conducting the graduation ceremony. Today’s review commander is seamen recruit, Brennan Chadwell from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Let’s give him a hand folks performing today is the state flag unit on their eighth week of training. The staff unit on their ninth week of training and the triple threat unit on their 10th and final week of training. These units are comprised entirely of recruits during their night of arrival. Recruits are placed in divisions of 88 personnel and assigned division commanders, recruit division commanders form the backbone of recruit training and are key individuals in the life of every recruit. Division commanders must serve as counselors, disciplinarians, administrators and military leaders. Above all, they must show themselves as outstanding examples of military bearing, appearance, attitude and behavior. Each division also has a recruit chief petty Officer. This senior recruit supervises the divisional staff positions and leads the division in the absence of their division commanders. Now, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the graduating divisions, their division commanders and recruit chief petty officers. As they introduce each division, they’ll raise competitive flags that they have earned throughout their training. As I introduce each recruit, Chief Petty Officer, the flag representing their home state will also be raised. Please hold your applause until all introductions have been completed. I’ll be starting from there. Right. Mhm. Division 101 commanded by senior chief petty officer Jerica Johnson petty officer, first class Anthony Monroe petty Officer, second class Aaron Sarver and the recruit chief petty officer Seaman Dominic Jamerson from Kansas City, Missouri division 102 committed by Chief Petty Officer Dwayne Mess Petty Officer, first class Ethan Rutland petty Officer, first class Tamika Drummond and the recruit chief petty officer Airman Laga Tutu from Bago Pago American Samoa division 103, commanded by Chief petty Officer Erickson petty Officer, first class Chasin Bush petty officer, second class Avery Parker and their group chief petty officer is Seaman Leandra Brioni from Davenport Florida division 104. Committed by Chief petty officer, Eugene, a petty officer, first class Lakesha Conway petty officer, second class Mason Phillips and the recruit chief petty officer em and apprentice Kayla Phelps from Mount Airy, North Carolina division 105, commanded by chief petty officer Kyle Jacobson petty Officer, first class Brian Kelly petty officer, second class Jalen Brown petty officer, first class Adam de Boer and the recruit chief petty officer AM and recruit William Mayfield from Kansas City, Missouri division 106, commanded by Chief petty Officer David Bells petty officer, first class Clarissa Garcia petty officer, second class Joe Flores and the recruit chief petty officer Seaman Landon Barnes from Ashland City, Tennessee division 920, commanded by petty officer, first class Stephanie Sierra petty officer, first class Jose Santos officer, first class Mark Castellanos and their crew chief petty officer Sean crew Diana Hernandez from Los Angeles, California. On behalf of the commanding officer and staff recruit training command, we congratulate these division commanders and recruit chief petty officers on a job well done in a moment. You’ll see the ceremonial side boys, boats and honor guard, take their places for arrival honors. This time honored tradition is our formal greeting. To this morning’s reviewing officer. When requested by the announcer, please stand for arrival. Honors marching on on the colors national anthem and the invocation. As a reminder, military guests shall remain covered throughout the entire graduation ceremony. Ladies and gentlemen, one final note as we fitting the importance of this occasion, our ceremony is conducted in a formal manner. However, we do encourage you to participate in today’s graduation ceremony by letting your applause show these sailors just how proud of them you are once again, welcome aboard. Right. Yes, the vision to will the guests please rise and remain standing for the arrival of the official party. Yeah, recruit training command. Arriving, order our region legal service office Midwest arriving order the guests may be seated. Good morning captain for inspection. Oh yeah. Make some soap. Mhm. Thank you for respecting comments. So mhm. Color y’all the colors. Will the guest please rise and arms ? Why is that ? Thanks. Wow. Order ours, retire the colors. Arms order arms. Chaplain Miller will offer this morning’s invocation. Let us pray. Almighty God, creator of all that is we. Thank you that we have the opportunity to come before you today to celebrate the accomplishment of our newest United States Navy sailors. Thank you for the completion of boot camp here at recruit training command. We thank you for their families, friends and mentors who have encouraged and inspired them to get to this moment. We also thank you for the R D CS, the instructors, facilitators and staff who have sacrificed greatly and forged each single one of their lives. For the past several weeks, these sailors have been tested and tried and yet through the pressure, they have been transformed into warriors. Now, these warriors, these my lead sailors stand here today, the awesome responsibility that rests on their shoulders, that future freedom is dependent on them. And they have a great responsibility to their families, their country, those who have served before them to the constitution, they swore to defend to their leadership, the world and future generations. We pray, we pray they won’t fall to the weight that rests upon them, but they would rise to the task set before them. We pray that they would be men and women of great character, confident and tough and always ready to get the mission accomplished as they defend freedom and democracy around the world. So now as our new, as sailors go around the world who will now be forged by the great sea father. We pray, they would always be a beacon in hope and light. And Lord may you always grant them immeasurable courage, unwavering, strength, sound guidance, and godly wisdom. But most of all, you remain their spiritual anchors of faith, hope and love. And may their lives always reflect the core values and core attributes and everything they do in your most holy name. We pray. Amen. Yes, I yes, do that. Our guests may be seated. Ok. At this point, the commanding officer would issue orders and instructions to the unit commanders. Then the unit commanders would face about and relay the information to their divisions. Today’s events show how orders are passed through the chain of command. He visits report. Mhm. They will very welcome. Very well, very well sir. Very well, very well. Yes, very well. President or account for a sir. Very well. The sailors creed. Ok. Oh, yeah, good morning. Captain. I present the graduating divisions. Request permission to commence the review. Very well. Commence the review. Sound off the southwest. Ok. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Four. What ? Yeah, award winners left. All right. Face award winners reporting, sir. Very well. Good morning. I’m Captain Kerrick Brooks commanding Officer Recruit Training Command. I’m pleased to welcome families and friends to our graduation ceremony and we look forward to sharing this momentous occasion with you with us. Today is our reviewing officer, Captain Jeff Tram Commanding Officer Region Legal Service Office Midwest. I cannot thank all of our visitors enough for your continued support and I’m sure your sailors are grateful for your encouragement throughout their training at recruit training command. I would also like to welcome all of the veterans in our audience and say thank you for your service to our country. Would all of our veterans please stand so we can give you a round of applause. Division 920 graduates today, they are the triple threat unit, providing recruit choir, drill, team, and band. Please join me in giving them and the six other graduating divisions here today, a round of applause for their outstanding performances. This is where our Navy heritage meets a future where these young men and women enter the profession of arms. The staff of recruit training command is dedicated to providing the United States Navy with basically trained, physically fit and smartly disciplined sailors such as those standing here. Today, these sailors have successfully completed 10 rigorous weeks of demand and recruit training and they have earned the right to wear the uniform recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom. They and others like them serve as the bedrock of our naval forces and they will join other sailors around the world to give our navy its combat edge and enable us to help keep this nation secure. This training group is ready to graduate and serve in the world’s most powerful navy. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you 425 of the newest and sharpest sailors in the United States Navy. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please be seated, recruit training commands, competitive system among individual recruits and divisions promotes teamwork, attention to detail and pride and accomplishment divisions performing above standards throughout their training are awarded recognition flags in the five mission areas, academic achievement, military drill, compartment, readiness, applications and physical fitness. These flags are carried as a visible symbol of the division’s success. Each flag indicates that your sailors individually and as teams met performance standards in one or more mission areas. A division that excels in every phase of training qualifies for the battle efficiency honor division recognition and is awarded the badly honor flag for his exemplary achievement. Division 106 has earned this honor today and we congratulate them on a job exceptionally well done. Porridge Russ, Captain Trans will now present this week’s individual awards and he will be joined on the drill deck by our commanding officer, Captain Brooks. Good morning, captain. Good morning for achieving the highest overall academic score during recruit training. Seaman DAO division 105 from Scottsdale. Arizona has earned the academic excellence award which is sponsored by the Lake Defiance Chapter of the Illinois Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. Seamen Doo receives a letter of commendation from the commanding officer, well done sailor. Good morning captain. Thank you captain for having displayed extraordinary qualities, best, expressing the American spirit of honor, initiative and loyalty. Seaman John Wok division 101 from Paco. Virginia is awarded the Navy League award which is sponsored by the Navy League of the United States. Seaman Wok is presented with a commemorative plaque and a letter of commendation from the commanding officer. Well done sailor. Ok. Yeah. Thank you captain. Good morning, Seaman Brian Martin division 102 from Anderson, South Carolina is the winner of the United Service Organization award for best exemplifying the spirit and intent of the word shipmate. Seaman Martin is given a commemorative plaque from the United Service Organization. Well done sailor. Thank you, Chair Dylan Jester division 103 from Pocatello Idaho is the recipient of the Military Order of the World War Award of Merit. This award is presented for meritorious performance during recruit training. Seaman Jester is presented with a commemorative plaque from the Military Order of the World Wars. Well done sailor more. Thank you, Jack. The Military Officers Association Leadership Award is presented to Seaman James Steigerwald division 104 from Bucks County Pennsylvania for demonstrating exceptional tenacity and professionalism. Seaman Steigerwald is awarded a letter of commendation from our commanding officer. Well done sailor. Good morning captain. Thank you gentlemen. Seaman Daniel Ford division 106 from San Antonio Texas is the recipient of the Navy Club of the United States of America Military Excellence Award for best exemplifying the qualities of enthusiasm, devotion to duty, military bearing. And this award places him at the pinnacle of today’s newest sailors. He’s awarded the flag letter of commendation, seaman for this staff of recruit training command salutes you as the finest of this group of graduates. Well done, sailor. Thank you, gentlemen. It is appropriate to recognize such outstanding individual accomplishments by the sailors with a round of three cheers D A will lead all graduating divisions in three cheers for this morning’s award winners. No, hello how I have the distinct pleasure this morning of introducing our reviewing officer, Captain Jeff Tram, commanding officer of region legal service office, Midwest Captain Strum was commissioned as a Navy Judge Advocate General in 2000. After obtaining his law degree from the University of Minnesota, he has served in a variety of staff judge evo assignments worldwide to include special assistant United States Attorney in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Jacksonville, Florida naval support activity, Suda Greece region Legal service office, Japan Office of the Judge Advocate General in Washington DC. The combined headquarters of US naval forces, Europe, US naval forces, Africa, US six fleet in Naples Italy and as the Chief of Operational Law and Deputy Force, Judge Advocate at us Central Command. Additionally, he deployed to Kosovo in support of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the United Nations mission in Kosovo to Baghdad Iraq as part of multinational force, Iraq and the Baghdad Operations Command and to Riyadh Saudi Arabia in support of central command operations. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in the warm recruit training command to captain. Transform. Good morning. Welcome to all of our distinguished guests and most importantly, the family and friends of all these sailors gathered here today. It is a great privilege to join you today to welcome these young men and women as the new, as sailors into the world’s finest navy. I thank each and every one of you for the integral role that you have had you shape, you helped shape you recruit into a person who wanted to stand up for their country, who understands the Navy core values of honor, courage, and commitment and had the drive to make it happen. We now also welcome all of you into the navy family to all the young sailors standing before us today. Congratulations, congratulations on your accomplishments. And may I say you look magnificent in your uniform today in September of 2000, over 22 years ago, I first put on my navy uniform like you. I made the choice to enter the profession of arms in service to our great nation. Each of you has selflessly answered the call to duty to serve a cause greater than yourselves. You have passed every test triumph over every challenge and proven yourselves worthy of wearing the uniform that symbolizes freedom throughout the world. The uniform of the United States Navy, whether you stay for five years or 30 you have joined an exclusive fraternity of those who have chosen the path of public service sailors. I can tell you from experience that you are about to embark on one of the most challenging and exciting adventures of your life. And if you serve with honor, keep faith with your fellow shipmates and strive for excellence in everything you do. It will also be one of the most rewarding adventures of your life. You’ve chosen to serve your country at a time when it is most needed when America must show a strong presence throughout the world, on the sea, under the sea and in the skies. You’ve taken on the task of defending our nation and projecting power and presence on behalf of our nation around the world. The instructors and staff here at RT C have done a masterful job of preparing you for this tremendous duty and responsibility. Thank you, staff, you have earned not only my respect but sailors, you have earned the respect of a grateful nation. In closing, not as a navy captain, but as a fellow American, I would like to be the first to say to you all. Thank you for your service. Congratulations, sailors. Welcome again into your team. The world’s greatest navy. May God bless each one of you and may God bless the USA. Thank you. Ok. Formation Captain Tram will now receive the salute of the graduating divisions and he will be joined on the drill deck by our commanding officer. Captain Brooks. Please remain seated until your graduates have been placed on liberty. Yeah, please join me in one more round of appreciation for our wonderful musicians of navy band, great Lakes, flags, post section leaders fall out and retrieve outer garments. Thanks again to each and every one of you for joining us on this most memorable of navy days and without further delay. Now here this liberty lied to oh oh division 922, division 922. After you put your gear away, muster at the north side of the drill hall, after you put your gear away, muster on the north side of the drill hall.

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