Navy Recruit Training Command Graduation | April 21, 2023

Navy boot camp graduation from Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois, April 21, 2023.


We know that your sailors will have many wonderful and amazing stories for you about their boot camp experience. However, at this time, we offer some video items that reveal our side of the story. Yeah. Oh yeah. Let’s go get on the bus. Let’s go. Recruit training. Command is the quarter deck of the United States Navy. Good order and discipline will be maintained 24 7. Proper military post will be maintained 24 7. Every enlisted sailor begins their naval career here and our mission is fairly simple. It’s to transform civilians into smartly disciplined, physically fit sailors ready for follow on training and service to the fleet. And while doing so to instill in them the highest values of honor, courage and commitment. You are no longer a civilian, whatever you were before is now over. You are about to begin a journey that’s going to make you a part of the greatest naval force the world has ever known. This training will not be easy. It wasn’t meant to be. Our training environment is controlled chaos. And while it may not seem like that to the recruits, each and every event has meaning and purpose. You’re going to stand off at the top of your list. Do you understand?

We are designed to develop skill sets that sailors can carry throughout their entire career. You push hard on physical fitness, you better take watch, standing and creating a warrior mindset. Now, with the staff, you going to be focused on your mind, a true body, mind and soul approach. When I Yeah, you’ll have 51 57 place floor Betray all of our recruits receive training that will help them. The second they get to the fleet, firefighting, damage control, weapons and seamanship. Our recruits get hands on training and application with them. All. What?

Right. Bye you again. One round case comes on one. It is a way. So I need everything you’ve got because once we start this evolution again, I’m going to expect you to adapt, overcome and be up, work together as a team execute the mission. And the next time I see you, you’ll be saving who are names. Everything they learn is tested in a battle stations chief, division 001 mad and ready for battle station chief. A 24 hour event where the recruit ceases to exist and a sailor is forged. Maybe boot camp really is a machine with a swarm of moving parts all working towards the same goal. Making a sailor there. I am committed to ISIS. Good morning. Welcome to the Navy’s recruit training command. And today’s graduation ceremony, we’re very excited to have the families and friends of our navy’s newest sailors. Here you are about to watch the formal transition of your recruits to full-fledged sailors. Today, your recruit will officially join the world’s greatest and most powerful navy. The Department of the Navy has determined that the men and women graduating here today have what it takes and are ready for service as a sailor. Today’s graduation is not just for the graduates but for you as well. Today, you will become part of the Navy family. Your sailor will continue to depend on you for love, support and encouragement. As they progress through their navy careers, their time in service will bring about new challenges and take them to ports and duty stations across the globe. In addition, you will meet and network with many navy families here and throughout your sailors time in service without the steadfast support of navy families this day would not be possible. So, on behalf of the United States Navy, thank you. Take pride in what your sailor has accomplished here and the tremendous journey they’re about to embark on. Thank you all for what you do to support our nation’s navy and enjoy today’s ceremony. Stone. Yeah, I’m sorry. Power to graduate today. Double I four jobs. Thank Massachusetts Maryland, South Carolina. Capture in Virginia. Want Carolina. Yeah. For lucky Timothy. Yeah, Indiana, Mississippi. Hello, Alabama man. Missouri Arkansas basically was California, Oregon. And this what Virginia. And then Nebraska, all one of those North Dakota, South Africa one I think uh I don’t know why are you in?

Oh Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, I Hawaii of Colombia, Puerto Rico. Are I love it for Island state flag order arms. And now we invite you to join with that. Every printing command is welcoming the graduating divisions of Europe laws as they still want to go and are done in the following order. See, yes, today’s graduated performing unit is division nine. You a glass color guard and Dr line minutes towards space time. Where is that?

You may receive it?

Thank you the right. This all out we do. Bye. State. Right March. Really?

There you go. But what?

Yeah. Right man and close by that. What are they?

Right. What may I have your attention, please?

For the remainder of the review that will be limited to us after the review stand. And we ask this as a courtesy to our reviewing officer. The photography is certainly encouraged when we ask that you remain seated. And also the photographers you will see on online through the review are the official photographers of recruit training command division, left or right. Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. I’m Lieutenant Justin Morales Command’s Master of Ceremonies. I would like to welcome you to today’s review today. You will see six divisions in 348 sailors participating in their graduation ceremony and soon join the most powerful navy in the world. Please draw your attention to the unit positioned at the center of there is the review commander and staff. The review commander is responsible for conducting the graduation ceremony. Today’s review commander is seamen recruit, Brennan Chadwell from Virginia Beach, Virginia. Let’s give him a hand. Folks performing. Today is the staff unit on their eighth week of training and the triple threat unit on their ninth week of training and the state led unit on their 10th and final week of training, these units are comprised entirely of recruits. Recruits are placed into divisions of media personnel and assigned division commanders, recruit division commanders form the background of recruit training and individuals in the life of their member group, division commanders have served as counselors, disciplinarians, administrators and military leaders. Above all, they must show themselves with outstanding examples of military bearing, appearance, attitude and behavior. Each division also has a recruit chief petty officer, the senior recruit supervises divisional staff positions and leads the division in the absence of their division. Commandants. Now, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the graduating division and their division commanders and recruit chief petty officers. As they introduce each division, they will raise the competitive flags that they have earned throughout their training. As I introduce the fruit chief head officer, the flag representing their home safety will also be raised. Please hold your applause until all introductions have been completed. I will be starting from there right. Division 09 commanded by Chief Officer Brian Glass. And then he also first class that he also second avis that he did. And they’re like, well, she had officers got bodies in order for you to division 097, commanded by senior chief head officer Thomas Green. And he also first class and Simpson also first class Steven and their labor in chief head officer, Chairman Seth Bowman from ST Augustine, Florida division 098, commanded by pick officer first class Dustin Jones heading off their first class James and he also signifies Malaysia and there were group chief f officers and then Kennet Garcia soa from Kissing Florida division 099, commanded by Chief head officer, Nathan Rose that the offer first class Alex and Jere officer first class David Garcia and guys are second class Ethan. And there was a Richie chaos receiving Emmanuel influence from Gene Do New York division is 100 commanded by Chief petty Officer Joshua Droser. And you all have first class and he also the first class for Sean Bra. And they went from the chief officer in Portland, Oregon 919, commanded by Chief Petty Officer Matthew Coleman heading off to first class Antonio Rodriguez and he also first class Fernando Alvarez officer, seven clients and they recruit pay officer Steve and recruit Arsenio from West Palm Beach Florida on behalf of the commanding officer and staff of recruit trade command. And we congratulate these division commanders and recruit chief petty officers on a job well done in a moment. You will see the ceremonial side of o and our heart take their places for arrival honors. This time honored tradition is our formal greeting to this morning’s reviewing officer. One requested by the announcer, please stand for the arrival. Honors. Marching on the colors of the national anthem can be invocation as I M military gu shall be covered throughout the graduation ceremony. And ladies and gentlemen once by my medal, as we fitting the importance of this occasion, our ceremony is conducted in a formal manner. However, we do encourage you to participate in today’s graduation ceremony by letting your applause and show these sailors just how proud of them you are. Once again. Welcome. A Yeah. Right. All will the guest please rise and remain standing for the arrival of the official carter time. Orderly strike for ball recruit training command are arriving. Oh, oh, the naval service training command arriving order all the ABC. Good morning Edward. I wanna go stand by for inspection around. Thank you for your special comments, man. Why on the rise three, our all of retire to reason order will offer this morning’s invocation. Let us pray. Heavenly Father. What a day to rejoice and be these new sailors showed up here as individuals. But today to stand here as sailors set out to join a team of thousands upon thousands who are always ready to fight for our nation and for our families. God, I ask for your continued presence and touch on each life that each one would be a voyeur that signs your character and continues to make every one of us proud to be an American. Please bless each one together here today. Can unite us to stand for and defend freedom and in our country. You all in my amen. Our guest may be seated at this point. The commanding officer would issue orders and instructions to the unit commanders. Then the unit commanders would face up and relay the information to their divisions. Today’s best show of how orders are passed through the chain of. Yeah, really?

30954. You’re welcome. You sir. Very welcome. Third. Oh, there is not one that the account, sir, Mr. President. Oh, ok. Yeah, yeah, I oh man that I graduated from this interview. Very well, Mr. Review six. This um yeah, ok. Issues uh and um yeah, guilty for. Oh, yeah, for all and all right, I wanna lose your voice, sir. Very welcome. Good morning. I’m Katherine Brooks commanding officer, crew training command. I’m pleased to welcome my family and friends to a graduation ceremony and we look forward to sharing this momentous occasion with you with us. Today is our remaining officer, rear Admiral Jennifer, commander of the naval service Treaty Commander and also my boss for the past few years and our guest of honor, Mr. Wilson National Com Navy Club USA, I cannot thank all our business enough for your continued support and I’m sure your singles are grateful for your encouragement throughout their training in your training command. I’d also like to welcome all the veterans in our lives and thank them for their service for our country. But all of our veterans, please stand and let’s give them a round of applause. Division 9.9 graduates. Today, there are the state flag divided by 50 state flags, the district of Columbia and us territory, flags and color. Please join me and given them and the five other graduating here today for their outstanding performance. This is where our Navy heritage face the future. Before these young men and women enter the profession of arms. The staff and recruit training is dedicated to providing the United States Navy with basically trained, physically fit and sparkly disciplined sailors such as those getting here. Today, these sales have successfully completed 10 r groups of man and they have earned the right to wear the uniform recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom. They help us like to serve as a bedrock of our naval forces. They will join other sail around the world to give our navy combat to enable us to keep this nation secure. This train group is ready to graduate and serve in the world’s most powerful navy. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you 348 of the newest construct sailors in the United States Navy close. We will now present this season to the awards and she will be joined on the tour today for our commanding officer, Captain Brooks and our guest of honor, Mr. Wilson. Good morning, Captain Steven reporting, achieving the highest overall academy score during recruit training. Walter division 08. From as for the award, this is sponsored by the chapter of the Illinois Society of the Sons of the American Revolution from the commanding officer. Good morning and thank you, Admiral. Thank you, sir. That 40 for having displayed extraordinary qualities, best, expressing the American spirit of honor, initiative and loyalty. Steven Ashley Chavez division 919 from Albuquerque. New Mexico is awarded an Navy League Award which is sponsored by the Navy League of the United States. Stephen Raz is presented with a commemorative flag and a letter of com from the commanding officer. Good morning, sir. Good morning captain airman reporting Christine scooter division 919 from meeting Tennessee is the winner of the United Service Organization Award for best exemplifying the spirit and intent of the word shipping scooter from the United Service Organization. Well done. Thank you. Good morning, sir. Thank you, sir. Good morning. Captain. See your body. Good morning. Division 095 from older city in Nevada is the of the Military Order of the World Wars Award of Marion. This award is presented by a meritorious performance during training is represented with a commemorative life from the military order of the World Wars. Great. Thank you. Honorable, good morning, sir. Thank you, sir. Good morning, Captain Steven. Good morning. The Military Officers Association leadership award is presented to seamen a division 919 from a vision for demonstrating exceptional tenacity and professionalism is award combination from our commanding officer. Well, it does sailor worry, admiral. Thank you, admiral. Good morning, sir. Thank you, sir. See 919 from New York. New York is the recipient of the Navy Club of the United States of America Military Excellence Award for simplifying the qualities of enthusiasm, the Washington duty, the military and teamwork. This award places her at the pinnacle of today’s new sailors. She is awarded a five of combination, the staff of recruiting and command salute you as the point of this group of brothers. Oh, why?

Thank you. Good morning, sir. Thank you, sir. Come. It is appropriate to recognize such outstanding individual of conference by the sailors with a round of three tiers. The ad will lead all graduate divisions in three tiers for this morning’s award winners. I have the same photo this morning of introducing our officer Admiral Jennifer Coucher, commander of naval service training command, a native of New Jersey. She was commissioned to the Reserve House Training Corp program at George Washington University in 1995. A sea on board the U. They got, they got A U and they got a U U in the 28. Sure. She serves at us, Atlantic Fleet, US forces command Naval Service Force, Atlantic and as a federal executive fellow at the Center for a New American Security and as a special assistant for the chief of naval personnel is she served as a director for the commander, a group for command and naval service force. Atlantic. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me to warm recruitment command. Welcome to good morning and welcome sailors families and honored guests. It is a great privilege for my family and me to be here today as we welcome 348 new sailors into the world’s finest navy and into our named family. I would like to recognize the families, friends and loves here and those watching today’s graduation ceremonies online, not who are currently served, could do so without love, encouragement and support. You have played a very important role in shaping your sailor is a person who chose to dedicate their life, serving their country, correct enemies. You entrusted us with their safety well-being and supported them from afar. They would not be graduating today without you. Yes, I wanna recognize a superb efforts of the men and women of recruit training command or RT C. And thank you, you have worked over the last 10 weeks to transform civilians into sailors, ready to join us in the fleet. Your work has culminated in this graduation. Friends over the last 10 weeks. You have likely received letters from your recruits about some of the ways in which they have been spending their time. The days are long and intense. But every step of the way the recruit division commanders and instructors stand side by side with recruits training, guiding, motivating and building the confidence of our recruits through this process, your sons and daughters undergo the incredible transformation from recruits to sailors. They have the test and I’m now ready to join the navy families in the fleet. So please join me in a special round of applause for our R D CS instructors and staff here at recruiting to the newest navy sailors standing before you. Yeah, are now a part of an impressive profession. Arts boot camp has demanded more from you than you probably thought possible. You have passed crucial events such as battle stations. I proven yourself worthy of wearing the uniform that symbolizes freedom and democracy across the globe. You answered the call to serve our country. Applause much greater than yourself. Congratulations. Today we celebrate your accomplishments at boot camp and your great exciting futures. Today is a day of excitement and celebration. It is also important to remember that this is the beginning of your navy adventure. You are about to embark on some of the most and rewarding spatters of your life. You will be assigned to ship of submarines, squadrons and other units around the world. You will visit exciting new places and meet many new people and make new friends. Well, these will be thrilling and busy days for you. Don’t forget about your families and the ones who got you here. They will thrive on your experiences through your texts, calls and social media, photos and stories. So make sure you are sharing your adventure with them. Us chosen to serve our country at a time when it is most needed. America must continue to have a strong global presence on the seas under the seas and in the skies. My pride. Today you are taking on the responsibility of defending our nation as part of the US navy. Be proud to calling yourself a sailor. You have earned not only my respect but the respect I thanks of all Americans. So congratulations for, as we say in the navy, Bravo Zulu and well done. Let me be the first person to say, welcome aboard, stay. No four for two, for nation. What rear admiral de will now receive the salute of the graduating division and she will be joined on the project for our commanding officer. After first, please remain seated until your graduates have been placed on the roof. Yeah, please join me in one more round of appreciation for our wonderful musicians of Navan, great lads class. The most fall out and treat our governments. It’s again to each and every one of you for joining us on this most memorable of 80 days and without further delay. Yes.

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