Navy Recruit Training Command Graduation | August 19, 2022

Navy boot camp graduation from Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois, August 19, 2022.


mhm. As the parade of graduates approaches, we salute the states and territories whose sons and daughters will graduate today. Delaware Pennsylvania, New Jersey Georgia, Connecticut Massachusetts Maryland, south Carolina new Hampshire Virginia, north Carolina Rhode island Vermont Kentucky Tennessee Ohio Louisiana Indiana Mississippi Illinois Alabama me Missouri Arkansas Michigan Florida, Wisconsin California Minnesota Oregon tenses west Virginia, Nevada Nebraska Colorado north Dakota south Dakota Montana Washington. I don’t know. Wyoming, Utah Oklahoma, new Mexico Arizona Alaska Hawaii District of Columbia, Puerto Rico wow. American Samoa, Northern Mariana Islands, U. S. Virgin islands, state flags, order arms. And now we invite you to join the staff of recruit training command in welcoming the graduating divisions with your applause As the interim Midway ceremonial and are announced in the following order. Ladies and gentlemen, please rise as we welcome today’s graduating division, Please welcome Division 251, Division 252, Division two, Division two, Division two five, Division 257, Division two. Yeah. Division Division 260, Division 261. Division two two. Thanks. Today’s graduating performing unit is Division 935. Division 935 provides the recruit choir drill team and band for today’s ceremony. Ladies and gentlemen, you may be seated. Thank you divisions. Right Face section leaders fall out and collect outer garments divisions. Counter march divisions hope prepare. I don’t know just faith at close interval dress, right? Yes, right. Both rest. May I have your attention please for the remainder of the no one will be permitted to pass in front of the review stand and we ask this as a courtesy to. Our reviewing officer. Photography is certainly encouraged, but we ask that you remain seated and off the drill deck. The photographers you will see on deck throughout the review are the official photographers of recruit training. Command division commanders, left or right face rest. Ladies and gentlemen, good morning. I’m lieutenant john Godfrey recruit training, command drill division officer. I would like to welcome you to today’s past interview Today. You will see 12 divisions comprise of 835 sailors participating in their graduation ceremony and soon to join the most powerful Navy in the world. Please draw your attention to the unit position at center deck. There is the review Commander and Staff. The review Commander is responsible for conducting the graduation ceremony. Today’s review Commander is seaman recruit from novi Michigan. Let’s give him a hand folks performing today is the state flags unit on their eighth wicket training, the staff unit on their ninth wicket training and the triple threat unit on their 10th and final week of training. These units are comprised entirely of recruits During the night of arrival, recruits are placed in divisions of 88 personnel and assigned Division Commanders, Recruit Division Commanders formed the backbone of recruit training and our key individuals in the life of every recruit division commanders must serve as counselors, disciplinarians, administrators and military leaders. Above all, they must show themselves as outstanding examples of military bearing appearance attitude and be. Each division also has a recruit, Chief petty officer. This senior recruit supervises the divisional staff positions and leads the division in the absence of their division commanders. Now, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the graduating divisions, their division commanders and recruit Chief Petty Officers. As I introduce each division, they will raise the competitive flags they have earned throughout their training. As I introduce each recruit, Chief petty officer, the flag representing their home state will also be raised. Please hold your applause until all introductions have been completed. I will be starting from their rights Division 251, commanded by Chief Petty Officer Jorge Posada Petty Officer, 1st Class Nigel, Ellington Petty Officer, 1st Class Alexandra Borders. And they’re recruit Chief Petty Officer. Seamen Brenda Lagana from Salt Lake City, Utah Division 252, commanded by Chief Petty Officer. Might be so beto Petty officer. First class Michael Brown, Petty officer, 2nd class gamble petty Officer, second class Mark Well, Jordan and their recruit. Chief Petty Officer, Seamen, Eli Mensur from Louisville Kentucky Division 253 commanded by Senior Chief petty officer, David pouches, Petty officer, first class Jonathan Garza Petty Officer, 2nd Class Daniel Jindal and their recruit. Chief petty officer. Seaman Paul. Banco from Palm Coast Florida. Division 255, commanded by Chief Petty Officer, jean Morga Petty Officer. First Class 11 Hadley Petty officer. First class Michail Allen and their recruit Chief petty officers. Seamen Samantha compost from Sacramento, California. Division 256 commanded by petty officer, first class emery birks, Petty Officer, 1st Class Benjamin Moroka, Petty Officer, 2nd Class Ashley Leroi. And their recruit. Chief Petty officer, Seaman Brandon Holley from san Diego California. Division 257, commanded by Chief petty Officer one Rodriguez Petty officer, first class Silvio Osario Petty Officer, 2nd Class Melissa Diaz. And they’re recruit Chief petty officer. Seamen Kelsey Pollard from Penrose Colorado Division 25. Command, Divine Chief petty officer Pablo Diaz Petty Officer, 1st Class Coleman. Nardone Petty Officer, 1st Class Gabrielle Ralston and their recruit. Chief petty officer. Seamen Preston Cleaver from Kansas city Missouri Division 259, commanded by Chief petty officer Kelly, rick, C Petty Officer, 1st Class Ryan. Little Petty Officer, 2nd Class Jacob of Old and their recruit. Chief petty officer, seamen, carril Prosecco from Knoxville Tennessee. Division 260, commanded by Chief Petty Officer, Paul, gobble Petty officer, first class Christopher nelson petty officer, first class Jorge Cruz McKinnon and their recruit. Chief petty officer airman Ian Philips from Houston Texas Division 261 commanded by Senior Chief Petty Officer, Matt Gillie, Petty Officer, 1st Class Andrew, Fuller Petty Officer, 2nd Class Corey Evans and their recruit. Chief petty officers, Seamen, Sean block from Chicago Illinois. Division 262, commanded by Chief Petty officer, Marcus Petty Officer, 1st Class Eamon Petty Officer. 2nd Class Andrew Cross and They’re recruit, Chief petty officer steven, Caleb jones from Colorado Springs Colorado Division 935 commanded by Petty Officer, 1st Class Brett Santiago Petty Officer, 1st Class Michael Shear petty officer, first class Crystal Abrams and their recruit Chief Petty officer airman Gracie Schmidt from Pontevedra beach Florida. On behalf of the commanding officer and staff of recruit training command, we congratulate these division commanders and recruit chief petty officers on a job well done. In a moment. You will see the ceremonial side boys boats and an honor guard take their places for arrival honors. This time honored tradition is our formal greeting for this morning’s reviewing officer. When requested by the announcer, please stand for the arrival honors, marching on the colors, the national anthem and the invocation. As a reminder. Military guests shall remain covered throughout the entire graduation ceremony. And ladies and gentlemen, one final note, as befitting the importance of this occasion. Our ceremony is conducted in a formal manner. However, we do encourage you to participate in today’s graduation ceremony by letting your applause show these sailors just how proud of them you are. Once again welcome aboard attention. Mhm. Will the guests please rise and remain standing for the arrivals, official party, recruit training, command or writing order. Arms, deputy, senior acquisition, Executive, defense intelligence agency arriving. Order. The guests may be seated fishing. Yeah. Color guard the colors. Will the guests please rise. Yeah, present arms order Arms retire the colors. Present arms order arms chaplain will now offer this morning’s invocations. Let us pray eternal Father Strong to save to celebrate and honor the Navy’s newest sailors. We give you thanks for their successful completion of all the challenges that were set before them. Take this moment as proof of their deep commitment to serve their fellow sailors. The fruits of their long academic, physical and spiritual labors are now ready for harvest in the days, months and years ahead. Grant that they may come to clearly see their calling and purpose, that their dedication is fully invested in the pursuit of building a better navy. We pray that their purpose labors learning and spirit all points true north years ago, Lord you call these leaders to accept an invitation to sail their ships out into the deep be with them as they go out to sea. But when the stormy winds and waves threaten to push them off course allow them not to reel to and fro and stagger as if they were alone. Bring them in and out of their distress in their time of need. Make it the storm a calm so that the waves are still and bringing them onto their desired, allow their boats to be filled with the treasure they have found so that they may enrich others with the same spirit. Please bless and guide our sailors and their families as they reach this end and as they charge new beginnings, help them to use all that they have learned here to allow the navy to accomplish his task and purpose. We know that some of them will experience pain and hardship and we know that some of them already have. And we ask you to grant them soulless and strength as they set forth to their ships and units around the world know that they will never be alone. We ask that the bonds that have been forged remain ever strong. May the inspiration of the legacy of naval station, Great Lakes, with its rich history, remembering all that have gone before us. Never leave our hearts. By God’s grace, we say Amen our guest. Babysitting at this point, the commanding officer would issue orders and instructions to the unit commanders. Then the unit commanders would face about and relay the information to their divisions. Today’s events. Show how orders are passed through the chain of command Report. Very welcome. Very welcome. Very well. Very well. Very well. Very well. Very well. Very well. Very well. Very well. Very well. Very well. Division President accounted for sir. Very well, the sailor’s creed. I Good morning, Catherine. I present graduating division’s request permission to commence the review. Very well. Mr. Review High, sir. Sound off guys what left? All right. Face. Award winning reporting, sir. Very well. Good morning. I’m Captain Kirk Fred brooks Commanding Officer recruit training command. I’m pleased to welcome families and friends to our graduation ceremony and look forward to sharing this momentous occasion with you with us. Today is our reviewing officer, Miss Judith Oxman, Deputy senior acquisition Executive for the Defense Intelligence ABC. I cannot thank all of our visitors enough for your continued support and I’m sure your sailors are grateful for your encouragement throughout their training. I would also like to welcome all the veterans in our audience and thank them for their service to our country with all of our veterans. Please stand and let’s give them a round of applause. Division 934 graduates today, they are the state flags unit providing the 50 state Flags, District of Columbia and U. S. Territory flags, drum corps and color garden. Please join me in giving them and the 11 other graduated divisions here today a round of applause for their outstanding performances. This is where our Navy heritage meets the future and where these young men and women entered the profession of arms. The staff of recruit training Command are dedicated to providing the United States Navy would basically trained physically fit and smartly disciplined sailors such as those standing here this morning. These sailors have successfully completed 10 weeks of the manual recruit training. They have earned the right to wear the uniform, recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom. They and others like them serve as the bedrock of our naval forces. They will join other sailors around the world to give our Navy as combat edge enable us to help keep this nation security. This training group is ready to graduate and serve in the world’s most powerful Navy. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you 835 of the newest and sharpest sailors in the United States Navy. Thank you ladies and gentlemen, please be seated recruit training commands, competitive system among individual recruits and divisions promotes teamwork, attention to detail and pride and accomplishment. Divisions performing above standards throughout their training are awarded recognition flags in five missionaries, academic achievement, military drill compartment, readiness, applications and physical fitness. These flags are carried as a visible symbol of the division success. Each flag indicates that your sailors individually and as teams met performance standards in one or more missionaries, A division that excels in every phase of training qualifies for the battle efficiency, honor division recognition and has awarded the battle E Honor flag for this. Exemplary achievement. Division 253 has earned this honor today and we congratulate them on the job exceptionally. Yeah. Grade rest MS. Oxman will now present this week’s individual awards and she will be joined on the drill deck by our commanding officer. Captain brooks mm Okay 40 for achieving the highest overall academic score during recruit training. Seaman page Rudolph division 257 from des Moines Iowa has earned the Academic excellence award which is sponsored by the lake defiance chapter of the Illinois Society of Sons of the American revolution. Seaman Rudolph receives a letter accommodations from the commanding officer. Well done sailor your morning for having displayed extraordinary qualities, Best expressing the American spirit of honor, initiative and loyalty. Seaman Jack Olivieri. Division 253 from Old Saybrook Connecticut is awarded the Navy League Award, which is sponsored by the Navy League of the United States. Seaman Olivieri is presented with a commemorative plaque and a letter of accommodation from the commanding officer. Well done Sailor Seaman Brenda McGann a Division 251 from Salt Lake City Utah is the winner of the United Service Organization Award for best exemplifying the spirit and intent of the word Shipmate. Semen Madonna is awarded a commemorative plaque from the United Service Organization. Well done. Sailor Airman Gracie Schmidt, Division 935 from Pointe vedra beach Florida is a recipient of the Military Order of the World Wars Award of Merit. The award is presented for meritorious performance during recruit training. Airman Schmidt is presented with a commemorative plaque from the Military Order of the World Wars, Well done Sailor Robin, the military Officers association leadership award is presented to airmen Zechariah Division 253 from Venice Florida for demonstrating exceptional tenacity and professionalism. Airman is awarded a letter of accommodation from our commanding officer. Well done sailor. Good morning Captain Stephen Coach reported. Seaman Joshua Coast Division 253 from Kershaw south Carolina is the recipient of the Navy Club of the United States of America Military Excellence Award for best exemplifying the qualities of enthusiasm, devotion to duty, military bearing and teamwork. This award places him at the pinnacle of today’s newest sailors. He is awarded flag letter accommodation. Seaman coats. The staff of recruit training command salutes you as the finest of this group of graduates. Well done sailor. It is appropriate to recognize such outstanding individual accomplishments by these sailors. With a round of three cheers. The agitation will lead all graduating divisions and three cheers for this morning’s award winners. Hip I have the distinct pleasure this morning of introducing are reviewing officer. MS Judith Oxman, deputy senior acquisition executive for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Throughout her career she has provided support to all branches of service as the contracting officer for the Space and Naval Warfare Assistance Command. She provided direct acquisition support to the navy. Additionally, MS Oxman worked at Naval Air Systems Command, the Defense Information Systems Agency and the Department of Energy. In her current position, Mr. Oxman is responsible for assessing and assisting the development and implementation of acquisition and procurement policies, processes and technologies that aid in the strategic planning requirements, definition and applying the best acquisition community practices for the intelligence intelligence community and the Department of Defense. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a warm recruit training plan. Welcome to Miss Oxman. Good morning and thank you Captain, your outstanding leadership of the recruit training command. I’m Judith Oxman, a member of the senior acquisition leadership team of the Defense Intelligence Agency. It’s a great privilege to join me today to celebrate the tremendous accomplishments of the young men and women who stand before us today and to welcome them as sailors into the world’s finest navy Since opening its gates on July 1, 1911, naval station, Great Lakes continues to realize its mission to transform civilians into smartly disciplined, physically fit sailors and his metaphor posed over three million civilians into highly trained sailors. The program here has always been rigorous, demanding more from recruits than they probably thought possible this morning. I will not speak of those who have gone before because I want to talk about this group of sailors about these young men and women who made a decision to join the profession of arms and have earned the distinction of becoming part of something that is bigger than themselves. Subsequently answering the call to duty. Your sailor has made a good choice. They have been on this journey for some time already. The trip to the recruiter to the mets and finally to our T. C. They have passed battle stations and proven themselves worthy of wearing the uniform that symbolizes freedom throughout the world, the uniform of the United States Navy. But the journey goes on, there are still some on this drill deck that remain anxious or uncertain about what will come next and perhaps are still wondering what have I gotten myself into assure them when you see them. They have gotten themselves into something that is good and noble that they are putting service above self defending our way of life from those who would do us harm honoring you and those who have gone before them and sacrificing some of their own personal liberties to be part of something truly special. The recruit, division commanders, instructors and staff have taken on the unique and honorable challenge of shaping recruits into the finest American sailors maintaining the Navy’s high standards. We thank them for their dedication. But most importantly, I want to acknowledge the families and friends of these sailors for the integral role you’ve played. You helped shape your recruit into a person who wanted to stand up for their country who understands the Navy core values of honor, courage and commitment And who during the past 10 weeks you have tirelessly supported. We will now welcome you into the Navy family sailors, you are about to embark on one of the most challenging adventures of your lives. You’ve chosen to serve your country at a time when it is most needed. When America must show a strong presence throughout the world on the season in the skies, you have made a good choice and are now prepared for that tremendous duty and responsibility of defending our nation. You have earned not only mine, but the respect of a grateful nation. When you’re out and about in your service stress later today and in the future, you will see and feel the same esteem from your fellow Americans. Congratulations sailors. You represent the fighting spirit of the United States Navy to defend freedom and democracy around the world. Sail safe and sail together, fair winds and following seas. Whoa MS. Oxman will now receive the salute of the graduating divisions and she will be joined on the drill deck by our commanding officer. Captain brooks. Please remain seated until your graduates have been placed on Liberty. Yes, please join me in one more round of appreciation for our wonderful musicians of a V Band, Great Flags. Post Section Leaders fall out and retrieve out of markets, thanks again to each and every one of you for joining us on this most memorable of Navy days and without further delay. Now hear this Liberty call, Liberty call by wow!

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