Korean War Armistice Day

In remembrance of Korean War Armistice Day, Marking the end of major combat operations in the Korean War on July 28, 1953. (U.S. Marine Corps video by Cpl. Santicia Ambriez-Stippy)


We remember today as Korean War Armistice Day, marking the end of major combat operations in the Korean War. On July 28th 1953 the civil conflict between North and South Korea began on June 25th 1950 When eight divisions of the North Korean People’s Army, equipped with soviet tanks, mobile artillery and aircraft crossed the 38th parallel into south Korea. On June 30th, President Harry S. Truman ordered a naval blockade of the Korean coast and authorized General Douglas A. McArthur to send American ground troops into Korea. Communist forces attacked the Republic of Korea. This attack has made it clear beyond all doubt that the international communist movement is willing to use arm invasion to conquer independent nations. General McArthur recommended that a marine regimental combat team be deployed to the Far East. A month later, the first provisional Marine Brigade or the fire brigade landed in the ports of Poussin and the Marine Corps began its involvement in the Korean War. The conflict would see the Marine Corps grow from a force of 75,000 regulars to more than 261,000 Marines. The war in Korea was costly, with US casualties totaling more than 140,000 killed missing in action or wounded. 42 Marines received the medal of honor for heroism in Korea. The actions of marines during the Korean War solidified the Marine Corps’s role within the U. S. Military and cemented its reputation as our nation’s crisis response force and readiness. Yeah

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