USS Montana Commissioning

The Navy commissioned SSN 794 USS Montana aboard Naval Station Norfolk on June 25, 2022.


Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Okay. Right. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Alright. Okay. Alright. Hey, Hey. Okay. Huh. Hi. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Uh Hi I so, good morning, ladies and gentlemen, it is my distinct honor and privilege to welcome you to the home of the Atlantic fleet, historic naval station Norfolk Virginia and the commissioning of U.S.S. Montana. I am Lieutenant commander Chris Jessel, the ship’s executive officer on behalf of the crew of your submarine Montana. I would like to express our sincere gratitude for joining us here today before our celebration begins, please silence your cell phones and be seated. Thank you. We are here today to celebrate the commissioning of USS Montana. The second ship completed and placed into service to bear the name of the treasure State. The first U.S.S. Montana A cr 13, also referred to as armored cruiser. Number 13 was a Tennessee class armored cruiser of the United States Navy. She was built by the Newport News Drydock and shipbuilding company And she was commissioned in July 1908. The final class of armored cruisers to be built for the United States Navy, Montana and her sisters were armed with a main battery of 410 in guns and were capable of a top speed of 22 knots. Montana spent her active duty career in the Atlantic fleet. She made two cruises to the Mediterranean Sea to protect American citizens in the Ottoman Empire. The first in 1909 in the aftermath of the young Turk Revolution And the second during the Balkan Wars in 1913. Montana was also involved in political unrest in central American countries, sending landing parties ashore in Haiti and Mexico during the occupation of Veracruz. Both in 1914, After the United States entered World War I. April 1917, Montana was tasked with convoy and training ship duties. With the end of the war in November 1918 came a new task transporting American soldiers back from the battlefields of Europe. She made six round trips to France and carried back a total of nearly 9000 men. Montana was then transferred to the Puget sound Naval Yard in Washington State, where she was decommissioned and renamed Missoula. She remained in the reserve fleet until 1930 when she was Stricken under the terms of the London Naval Treaty, we are honored to continue the lineage established by the previous ship to proudly bear the name Montana. The new Montana moored before you affectionately referred to as a vote by members of the submarine community and the crew will soon join America’s Silent Service. Montana is a Virginia class submarine and with her sister ships, she represents a revolution in submarine design, construction and mission capability, brimming with leading edge technology and advanced engineering. This vessel brings versatility and firepower to the fleet. Montana and the Virginia class are among the most effective platforms in the United States Navy and this warship takes another step forward in advancing the superiority of our submarine force capable of operating in the far corners of the world’s oceans undetected while connected to sea air and land based forces, these submarines are equipped to wage multidimensional warfare around the globe. Montana’s adaptability makes it highly responsive to changing mission requirements and provides the nation with the capabilities required to be the decisive factor in any conflict. In addition to anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface ship warfare and counter mine warfare, Montana will support surveillance, special operations and covert strike missions. Thank you for allowing each of us the privilege to serve our nation as a part of your navy. Construction began on the submarine. You see behind me in May 2018 and it was christened on September 12th, 2020, in Newport news Virginia. Today the U.S.S. Montana is tested and battle ready. We are all very proud to serve on the newest attack submarine in the United States Navy. The commissioning ceremony is a time honored tradition that began with the commissioning of the Navy’s first ship, A captured British Schooner, The Margarita in 1775. Since then, thousands of ships have undergone the transition from silent hull to a fully alive warship. My shipmates, our crew hereafter known as plank owners are in formation and ready in just a few moments. The United States Fleet Forces band and Naval station, Norfolk saluting battery will render honors to the honorable Greg Gianforte. Will the guests please rise and remain standing for the arrival of our official party honors the presentation of colors, our national anthem and the invocation. Ladies and gentlemen, our platform guests. Commander Geoffrey Quinn, chaplain corps, United States Navy. Our ceremony chaplain dr Bill Whitsett, Chairman U.S.S. Montana commissioning committee and our long glass presenter, Miss Jennifer Boykin, President Newport News Shipbuilding, Captain Brian Hogan, United States Navy Commander, Submarine Squadron eight. Rear Admiral David Goggins, United States Navy Program, Executive Officer, attack submarines. Vice Admiral William Houston. United States Navy Commander, Submarine Forces, Admiral Frank Caldwell, United States Navy Director, Naval Nuclear propulsion program, The honorable eric raven. Undersecretary of the Navy, The honorable bobby Scott. United States Representative State of Virginia, Third District. Ladies and gentlemen, our ship’s sponsor, Miss Sally jewel escorted by Master Chief Petty officer timothy, Baldwin Montana’s Chief of the boat. Ladies and gentlemen, the honorable Greg Gianforte, Governor, State of Montana, escorted today by Commander john Quimby Montana’s commanding officer. Ready platform hand salute. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah, platform ready to advance the colors platform and salute. Um Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. No retire the colors platform ready to. We would like to thank the military veterans of the brothers drum group for their tribute to the Montana tribes, the state of Montana and our Nation. The United States Fleet Forces Band, Naval station, Norfolk saluting battery and the submarine readiness Squadron 30 for color guard for their participation in our ceremony today. Ladies and gentlemen, chaplain Quinn will deliver the invocation? Let us pray almighty and all gracious God hear our prayers. We give you thanks for the gift of this beautiful day for the opportunity to gather together in a spirit of fellowship and celebration for the mighty work now complete in the birth of the Montana and for the high calling to which this vessel and her crew now rise as you’ve blessed us so many times before we pray that you would bless us once more by your presence in this place, sanctify this hour to each of us that all that’s said and done here might be pleasing in your sight for you are our rock, our hope and our redeemer. Amen. Thank you chaplain. Quinn. Will the guests please be seated Montana parade rest ladies and gentlemen, the honorable bobby Scott. Good morning. It’s a beautiful day here in Norfolk to commission and bring to life another great vessel, the U.S.S. Montana. I’d like to personally welcome my former colleague in Congress and the governor of the great state of Montana Greg Gianforte for two Hampton roads and to the Norfolk Naval station and also under Secretary raven and the ship’s sponsor sally jewel. Give them a round of applause In Congress have the privilege of representing Virginia’s 3rd congressional district which includes Newport News shipbuilding just across the river from here. The nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers constructed at Newport News are vital to our nation’s national security and I know, my friend and shipyards. President Jennifer Boykin’s will have a lot more to say about that in just a few minutes. Our Navy must be ready to respond to any challenge that lay ahead. And just as the threats at home or abroad need to quickly, we need to quickly respond to a humanitarian disaster or any other emergency. In 2022. The global challenges we’re now facing with a former cold war foe foe, raging an unprovoked war in Ukraine and China exerting more influence and investing significantly in its own Navy. It is critical that our own nation continue to make sustained and increased investments in shipbuilding so that we can continue to build the most sophisticated and advanced ships in the world. The Virginia class submarine program is a prime example of that effort to meet that vital goal. The Montana is the 21st Virginia class submarine to be delivered to the Navy. Like it’s 20 sister ships of Montana will continue to allow the Navy to maintain our nation’s undersea supremacy. This new ship will be a fine example of our dedication to maintaining our sovereign ability to sail the oceans unfettered to protect American interests all over the world. Citizens of the great state of Montana can be justifiably proud of this new ship that carries its name. Yeah, the, I want to personally thank our shipbuilders here in Newport news and in Connecticut an electric boat for their dedication to their trade. We’ve always answered the call to construct America’s finest ships and maintain and repair them when necessary to ensure that our fleet is ready to face any national defense challenge. The Montana reflects the shipbuilders, professionalism, skill and dedication to our nation and to its to our navy. Each ship builder should be proud of the contributions that they’re making to the defense of the United States under the captain and crew and family members of the crew of the USS Montana. Congratulations on today’s commissioning on behalf of the United States Congress. We wish you fair winds and following seas. Does you start this important journey of getting this great ship ready for active duty service? Thank you for your service and dedication to our navy, the American people and our great nation. We are eternally grateful. Thank you very much. Thank you Representative Scott. Ladies and gentlemen, Miss Jennifer Boykin. Mhm Thank you. Thank you. And good morning ladies and gentlemen and especially our ship sponsor sally jewel, It’s my honor to be here today representing the 25,000 shipbuilders of Newport News shipbuilding who build and repair the most awesome assets that we deliver to our navy along with our submarine teammates from general dynamics electric boat and our supplier businesses from across all 50 states, skilled women and men who partnered to build Montana every day they put their hearts minds and might into her construction and today celebrates the culmination of their hard work. Every commissioning is special and today’s is particularly memorable when you consider the challenges our ship builders overcame To deliver this magnificent submarine. Much of Montana’s construction took place during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact when she was christened by sally jewel, it was to a virtual audience with little fanfare. Yet even in the most trying of times, big sky country was with us all the way. We welcomed elected officials, representatives from the 12 tribes of Montana commissioning committee Chairman Bill Whitson and Sally’s Maid of honor Mariah Gladstone who all participated with us virtually and although they weren’t there physically to feel the spray of the American sparkling wine hit Montana’s bow. Thanks by the way to Sally’s awesome, incredible swing. We felt them. In fact, we, we felt the spirit of the whole state of Montana with us all the way. We are so proud to be able to return to an in person event and give our nation’s newest submarine. The traditional celebration that she deserves today is a dedication to the, in a testament to the dedication, expertise and commitment by our shipbuilding and navy team. The submarine behind me represents the best our nation has to offer American manufacturing at its finest. American ingenuity in all its splendor and American protection like none other. While we may not see or hear about their service, we depend on these submarines and their crews more and more every day to silently protect the freedoms that we hold most dear. We are proud of the role we play in this very important work and we understand the responsibility that comes with taking a submarine to test test depth for the first time and every time. So to all the shipbuilders in the audience today and those watching on our live webcast, thank you for answering the call to serve as only you can and to Commander Quimby and the crew of USS Montana. Thank you and your families for your sacrifice and your service. And thank you for your partnership as you take Montana. To see please know that you carry with her the pride of thousands of shipbuilders and the strength of American manufacturing. We wish you Godspeed. Thank you. Thank you Miss Boykin. Ladies and gentlemen, Admiral Frank Caldwell. Well, good morning, It is an absolute honor to be here to welcome our 21st Virginia class submarine to the fleet. Welcome to all of our guests, especially Governor Gianforte and are proud Montana families and our sponsor, Miss Sally jewel. This is a great day for Montana and a great day for our submarine force. Governor Montana has always had a fantastic relationship with our navy In our history. 30 warships have represented big sky country and now our newest fast attack submarine is the second to bear the name of the Treasure state. Since the state’s founding in 18 89 Montanans have served our country with honor pride and always with the courageous spirit of the Montana tribes and I have to tell you, it is just awesome to see the tribe members here today. I am confident that this boat and her crew will embody that spirit and boldly operating far forward when necessary, wherever and whenever we need them. So congratulations to all Montana’s and thank you for your enduring support of our United States Navy to our sponsor, Miss Sally Jewel Sally. You have dedicated many years to the stewardship of our great land and now you will shape the legacy of this vote, Miss Jewel, your character and your strong spirit will be a source of pride for all who sail in Montana and your leadership will have a profound effect and impact on the crew. I know that you will watch over Montana sailors and their families and celebrate their service alongside of them. Congratulations! And on this day we are exceptionally proud to call you a member of our submarine family. Ladies and gentlemen, we live in an era of strategic competition where our competitors seek to challenge the United States in every domain. If we are to maintain our powerful undersea advantage, our nation must continue to build the very best submarines in the world and to select and train the finest sailors in our navy. Soon Montana will patrol the frontiers of the world’s oceans, employing her stealth, flexibility, fire power and endurance, collecting intelligence preparing for battle and if necessary, striking swiftly from the deep without warning to answer the nation’s call. Now, none of this would be possible without the unwavering support of our congressional leaders. Nor would it be possible without the amazing team of Newport News, shipbuilding, electric boat, naval reactors, the Naval nuclear laboratory B. P. M. I. And countless vendors from around the United States. Collectively, they build the most complex and most capable machines ever put to sea and they do it with tremendous skill, pride and patriotism because of the hard work and dedication of this amazing team. Montana is ready to serve our nation and finally to commander john Quimby in the fantastic Montana crew. Much has been demanded of you and your team during final construction and at sea testing and even more will be expected of you in the future today. Your hard work will be realized and you will bring this boat to life. But from this day forward you and Montana will carry the immense burden of defending our freedoms around the globe as vigilantes of the deep. Our Navy and our nation are depending on you. Thank you And God bless our United States Navy and our submarine force. Thank you. Admiral Caldwell. Ladies and gentlemen, the honorable eric raven. Good morning everyone. It’s an absolute honor to join you here today to commission the USS Montana. As my good friend Admiral Caldwell. Just pointed out it is a great day, a great day to celebrate a great boat with a great crew named after a great state and I can’t think of a okay and I can’t think of a better way to start this ceremony than that amazing drum performance by the brothers drum group. Thank you so much for that incredible performance. And let me say also thank you to all the tribal leaders who are here today for this incredible ceremony. I am honored by your presence and you helped drive home what this boat’s namesake represents and what a namesake it is. You just heard Admiral Caldwell talk about the rich history and the Navy’s connection to big sky country and Montana. Just look at the U.S.S. Montana’s official emblem. It is a treasure trove of homages to Montana. There are too many to mention them all, but I would like to highlight just a few that have really stuck out to me. First there’s the breathtaking view of Glacier National Park which seems to have no end this boat and her crew will feel that same sense of vastness as they deploy across the globe in the ocean’s depths. Then there are the gold and silver dolphins worn proudly by our submariners. A fitting reflection of Montana’s motto of oro plata. What better reminder than to wear the minerals of your namesake on your chest every day and even better as we learned last night to know that the medals of Europe ins are infused into the medals that made the Montana bell on your ship and of course there are the two eagle feathers with colored thongs that symbolize the history, values and culture of native American tribes throughout Montana. So well represented at the reception last night and here today More than 15,000 native Americans and Alaskan natives are serving in the department of the Navy. Today as sailors, marines and civilians, they serve in every part of the world, executing complex missions including service beneath the waves in our submarine fleet. That big sky native American spirit is now infused into every inch of this boat and with her crew, this is but one way that the service of the U.S.S. Montana will be shaped by the people of Montana. Now, just as important as the connection between the boat. Its crew with its namesake is the connection with the ship’s sponsor. The USS Montana is lucky to have the honorable sally jewel as their sponsor as former Secretary of the Interior. You understand what these powerful symbols mean to Montana and our nation and the significance they will bestow on this boat and all who sail aboard her Secretary Jewel, I know that the journey to today has been a long one throughout you have been steadfast providing active leadership and support to the boat and crew. Your personality, your values and your energy are now intertwined with this boat and crew. Thank you for your service to our nation and to our navy. Mhm. And this boat is twice as blessed having Mariah Gladstone as Sally’s maid of honor. Thank you Mariah for your unique bringing your unique spirit to this boat. We are grateful for your commitment to the U. S. U.S.S. Montana and her crew. Admiral Rickover, the father of the nuclear navy once said the devil is in the details, but so is the salvation. We are here because of the detailed focus of every engineer, technician, sailor and builder who had a hand in this marvel of American engineering and power. The U.S.S. Montana is proof of what our civilian contractor and military teams can accomplish together. When the U.S.S. Montana joins our fleet, she will add the next generation of stealth, surveillance and special warfare capabilities to our joint force. She will strengthen our nation’s ability to keep the peace or restore it through decisive action. This powerful boat and our crew will protect our sea lanes, strengthen our maritime dominance and deepen our relationships with our allies and partners. The Montana, Big sky spirit will carry our vigilantes of the deep through many challenges and missions ahead. Even when its crew cannot see the sky. So to commander Quimby in the U.S.S. Montana crew, we know you are ready. We have great expectations for and great confidence in you in this boat. May it defend our way of life. Thank you and it is now my honor and privilege to introduce our principal speaker for today’s commissioning. Please join me in welcoming the governor of Montana. The honorable Greg Gianforte. Right, thank you. Good morning. What an exciting day. It’s great to be here with you all. I always feel pride for our great country but being here at this event, wow! What a great group and what a great occasion. How blessed are we to be Americans undersecretary eric raven. Thank you for taking the time to be here and for that introduction And thank you for your service and support of the state of Montana. I’d like to also acknowledge acknowledge our tribal partners, both those represented here today and those who are not of course we heard the drum group earlier. Representatives of the sailors and Kootenai tribes, the Fort Belknap, a Cinna Boyne and Grove on tribes that saw the chairman of Little Shell Chippewa tribe here. The Northern Cheyenne tribe. Thank you for being here And honoring all eight of the tribal nations in Montana. I’d also like to acknowledge the tribal nations who are not represented here today, but just as much Montanans and Americans. The Blackfeet nation. The Crow Nation, The four Pack of Sina Boyne and Sioux Tribes and the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Rocky Boy Tribal communities in Montana have a long and decorated history of military service. I’m proud the USS Montana will preserve the rich culture and many contributions of our tribal neighbors in including those who served and are serving our country in uniform. I’d also like to recognize the U.S.S. Montana committee and its chair, Bill Whitsett Bill and the members of the committees. The committee congratulations on your tremendous work. You took great time and care to bring the voice of Montanans to this committee, developing meaningful relationships across our state. You made an extraordinary contribution to Montana and our nation and we wouldn’t be here today without your help. Thank you. Please join me in giving them a round of applause that now more than ever American strength in the world stage is needed today. The world’s most powerful, advanced and capable navy adds to its fleet. One of the most sophisticated submarines ever built missions conducted on the USS Montana will make our nation and world more secure. All thanks to the service of her officers and enlisted sailors to the U.S.S. Montana’s future crew members. Thank you for your service to our nation. It’s because of heroes like you that we live in the greatest country on earth and have the strongest military on the earth. Thank you. But your service to our country would not be possible without your families Behind Each of our brave servicemen and women is an equally brave supportive family that sacrifices to allow our sailors to serve our nation to family members who have joined us today. Thank you to each one of you for your service and sacrifice. I’d also like to recognize commander john Quimby. Lieutenant Commander Chris Jessel, master chief timothy, Baldwin. Thank you for your leadership. You will provide the sailors aboard the USS Montana. Our state will always support you and your crew members, your families and your missions in uncertain times when those uncertain times come. I hope crew members will draw strength from one Montana value in particular. And that’s resilience. We’re reminded of the resilience of Montana recently. In fact, the whole nation was last week floods swept through communities in certain regions of Montana. These floods washed away homes, bridges, roads, uprooted families and temporary left communities without water or power. No one should have to go through disasters like that. But through it all, we’ve seen the resilience of our communities and our people first responders in some cases impacted by the disaster themselves, left their homes each day to put their neighbors before themselves. Montanans uncertain of their own future, helped stranded visitors, neighbors came from far and wide to stack sandbags haul mud out of basements and put lives back together. Countless volunteers stepped up and did whatever they could to support those in need, providing shelter, delivering food and water and donating their time and resources. Within days we were rebuilding today we’re on the road to recovery And it’s all thanks to one thing Montana resilience Montana. Resilience is a real thing. It’s part of who we are and always has been as sailors in the United States Navy. It’s part of you too. And I’m proud, honored and humbled. You will carry that resilience to all corners of the world in service of our nation. As I close, let me just say what an honor it is for me to be here on behalf of the people of Montana to celebrate today’s commissioning, having the world’s most sophisticated submarine commissioned in your state’s namesake. Well, it doesn’t happen every day and we are fortunate and I know she will live up to her name. Two crew members and their families know that you are always welcome in the great state of Montana. We consider each and every one of you honorary Montanans and take my word for it. There’s a lifetime of adventure in Montana. Whether you find yourself knee deep fishing in a blue ribbon, trout stream climbing a mountain or just enjoying our big skies. When you visit, you’ll be glad you did so please when you can come see us. And when you do tell folks with pride that you sail on the USS Montana, we will always be indebted to you for your service and you will always be warmly welcomed in the treasure state Without further ado, let’s get to the reason we’re here today. The commissioning May God bless the U.S.S. Montana and all who sail aboard her and may God bless Montana and the United States of America. Thank you. Thank you. Governor Gianforte Secretary raven. I would be honored if you would now place Montana in commission on behalf of the President of the United States and for the Secretary of the Navy, I hereby place United States ship Montana in commission may God bless and guide this warship and all who sail in her. Thank you. Secretary raven. Executive Officer, hoist the colors and commission pennant. Ship’s company attention. The commission pennant in professional national navies began to take form late in the 17th century. All ships at that time were sailing ships and was often difficult to tell a naval ship from a merchant Hman. Navies began to adopt long narrow pennants to be flown by their ships at the main mast head. To distinguish themselves from merchant ships. The commission pennant will fly continuously until the ship is decommissioned. Ladies and gentlemen, please rise. I direct your attention to the ship’s mast as we hoist the colors and commission pennant. Quartermaster, hoist the colors and commission pennant. I, Sir, Captain. The colors and commission pennants are flying proudly over U.S.S. Montana. Very well, Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. I will now read my orders from Commander, Navy Navy personnel command to commander john Quimby, United States Navy subject bloopers. Order number 9580 of one April 2021. When directed by reporting senior detached from present duty and report his pre commissioning unit Montana as commanding officer upon commissioning of U.S.S. Montana. Report for duty as commanding officer. I’m Ray Caldwell. United States ship Montana is in commission and I am in command. Right, thank you sir. Executive officer set the first Watch II. Sir, Officer of the deck set the first watch. Hi sir. The officer of the deck is the commanding officers Direct representative and while on watch is responsible for the safety and smooth operation of the ship. The long glasses, the traditional symbol of an officer of the decks authority in a ship of the line, we are honored to have our commissioning committee Chairman dr Bill Whitsett with us today. He will assist in setting the first watch, bypassing the long glass to our First ships. Duty Officer. Lieutenant Commander Aaron Stafford from Spring Hill Florida. The petty officer of the deck is sonar technician submarines. Second class Tory Johnson from Camden south Carolina. The top side century is logistics specialist submarines. Second class Hunter Herb from Gastonia, north Carolina And the Bosun’s mate of the watch is Bosun’s mate. 2nd class Marissa Brooks from Milwaukee. Wisconsin. Set the watch on Deck Section one. The first watch is set very well. Okay, captain, the watch is set very well. The spirit of a U. S. Navy warship is the embodiment of her sponsor. Our sponsor. Miss sally jewel Chris in this ship here in Virginia on September 12, 2020, and imbued the ship and crew with her sense of commitment and grace Sally, I would be honored if you would give the order to man our ship and bring her to life. Thank you Commander Quimby, our COb and for all of those of you who serve both in uniform and not in uniform are amazing armed forces. It is a true privilege to be the sponsor of the USS Montana. And I’m grateful to Ray Mabus, the former Secretary of the Navy for giving me the honor. And for the many opportunities we had to work together with the Navy and other services during my time in government as us Secretary of the Interior. I’m also delighted to have Montana and proud member of the Blackfeet nation. Mariah Gladstone serve as maid of honor. Would you please stand Maria? She has been my partner in this journey uh since day one and she gave a blessing and smudged the boat using burn sage to convey her blessings to the boat and all who sail on her. And it was fun to stand in front of the large virtual crowd with my U.S.S. Montana mask. Thank you commissioning committee for that. Alongside then Commander Delany and Jennifer Boykin of Newport News Newport News shipbuilding To smash the champagne bottle, bestowing her name at the Christening in 2020. And I didn’t miss, which was a relief. It was also wonderful to meet the boat’s current commander john Quimby and his capable team for the first meal nearly a year ago. And it was very good. So with awe. I have witnessed the U.S.S. Montana emerged as an extraordinary element of our national defense. And it’s through the hard working ship builders and designers, capable submariners and they’re supportive families, all operating through a global pandemic to ready her for service to our nation and its allies and with deep appreciation to dr Bill Whitsett and the botanic commissioning committee, the interior of the U.S.S. Montana, which is a pretty tight space has come to life through the images of big sky country, reminding all who sail on her of the beauty and the diversity of our nation And as has been said by others. I also want to recognize and appreciate the tribal nations from Montana who are represented here and who are back home who serve with pride and loyalty in today’s armed forces in huge numbers and who have conveyed amazing gifts and blessings on the USS Montana and her crew. So through the work of the submariners you see today and those who are to follow and many families and short side colleagues that rely on them and vice versa. I’m confident that the U.S.S. Montana will play a key role in furthering freedom around the world and also confident she will live up to the spirit of adventure and resilience of her namesake state. So are the gentleman in white ready back there? Let’s see I would like now the officers and the crew of the USS Montana. s. n794 to man our ship and bring her to life. Mm hmm. Right. Yeah. Ladies and gentlemen, the crew of USS Montana salute you. We are proud to serve in America’s Navy. Ready to ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. We wish to thank the Montana Air National Guard 120th Air Wing for their support. Today, Captain, the ship is manned and ready very well. That’s by several Montana is manned and ready very well. Vigilantes man up. Secretary raven. Request permission to break your flag, sir. Executive Officer. Break the flag of the undersecretary of the Navy, aye, aye, sir. Quartermaster. Break the flag of the undersecretary of the Navy Captain. The flag of the Under Secretary of the Navy is flying proudly over U.S.S. Montana very well, Ladies and gentlemen, Commander john Quimby, United States Navy Commanding Officer, USS Montana. Mhm. Thank thank you Montana. Parade rest. Good morning everyone and welcome to Norfolk. Governor Gianforte, Congressman Scott. Secretary of the Interior, Former Secretary sally jewel and more importantly, our ship’s sponsor. Okay, undersecretary raven. Admiral’s distinguished guest. Citizens of Montana. Family and friends. Thank you for being here to celebrate this momentous occasion. Today we celebrate the amazing accomplishment of thousands of outstanding and hardworking Americans. From the hundreds of vendors and manufacturers across the country to the builders at electric boat in Groton and Newport news just across the river. And the countless Navy civilians and sailors whose efforts were vital to the completion of the now United States ship Montana. However, their efforts would have been for not if not for this amazing crew in front of you guys today. You guys have taken this amazing accomplishment in this impressive warship to see and back and you brought it to life without your vigilance and your dog determination, We wouldn’t be celebrating today. Many of the crew here before. You aren’t the same sailors who joined the Montana several years ago when the crew was originally man, uh, when the crew was originally men. Many of those sailors are in the audience today. I’ve seen several of them and uh, and I’m glad that you could join us uh, to uh, to come back and join us in the celebration that you had a huge part in making possible to Montana’s first commanding officer. Captain Mike Delaney, I can’t say enough about the foundation, you and your team laid down for us. You and the team worked day and night around the clock, many long shift work periods, Your efforts then ensured the mighty warship behind me today is ready to defend our country now. Well done. Mhm The crew before you today has taken Montana out of the shipyard on intensive and complex sea trials, Navy acceptance trials and operated at sea for several weeks and over 6000 nautical miles steamed already. The pride and determination I see in them to not only succeed, but excel is all inspiring. I’ve seen you all grow into a team ready to take on any mission proud just doesn’t do the justice. The feeling that I have justice. I am proud to serve with you and for you. And I know we are ready to take on any challenges thrown our way. Today we honor the arrival of the nation’s newest and most capable warship on our crest. The Latin words, novice, prosper Otium defended up here. May it defend our way of life today? Montana assumes the watch and takes her place to defend our way of life around the globe. We take pride and our privilege to be a part of the greatest submarine force and navy the world has ever seen. We also have a great appreciation and respect for the sacrifices of those who have stood the watch before us to all veterans in the crowd uh, and in the, in the country. Thank you for your service, your dedication and your continued inspiration to the shipbuilders at electric boat in Groton and in Newport News, I want to thank every single member of your workforce for building this amazing warship, Jennifer, great job, Your hard work and dedication will be on display for the world to see for the next 30 plus years. Thank you to the many organizations that support Montana. I can’t thank you enough fleet forces, sub land naval reactors, submarine squadron six and eight. Submarine readiness Squadron 30 for supervisor of shipbuilding at Newport News and every other local submarine who’s helped us provided by providing watch bill support and their sailors or other administrative support. Thank you so much. We couldn’t have made it through our new construction, construction testing and sea trials without the support of all these great organizations, the people to the people from Montana. Thank you for your support and the privilege of letting us borrow your state name. Not only your name, but you put your culture and heritage on display down below decks from the amazing peace pipe donated to us last night by the outstanding tribes supported are represented here today to the wrap of the glacier Lake on cruise mess. Your state is beautiful and it’s proudly on display below. You supported us on numerous visits to your great state and you’ve treated us like family. We could not do what we do without the great support of the people and I can’t think of a better state to represent than Montana. I hope we do you proud Montana though, wouldn’t be the home it is to us without the unwavering support of the Montana committee. So Bill Whitsett and and Craig Anderson and the entire committee. I can’t thank you enough. I’ve said it to many people throughout this week, but I’ve served on several submarines and I can tell you without a doubt this is the most impressive committee that I’ve had the privilege of working with and being a part of of of of building a relationship with on board. I know our great relationship will continue because of folks like Bill back in Montana and I look forward to our continued outreach within Montana. Our sponsor, Miss Sally jewel and her maid of honor Mariah Gladstone. The energy and spirit you’ve brought to Montana from the very beginning has been nothing short of amazing. The example that you set each day drives us to better ourselves and work to better the lives of others. We are proud to have you as our sponsor and we cherish having you here today to celebrate this great milestone. Finally, to the close friends and family of our crew. We couldn’t do our duty without you. You’ve endured hardships if you can imagine from long periods of shift work without your sailor to unpredictable schedules and long under ways without us at home. You keep everything here in order and allow us to rest easy knowing that you’ve got it. Thank you just isn’t enough to uh, for your sacrifices, your continuous support and your unwavering love that keeps us going to our ombudsman Melanie Banks, thank you for looking out for us and our families and selflessly giving your time expertise and kindness to all the Montana families as you’ve heard the first U.S.S. Montana served your country proudly and now it’s our turn to carry on the great name of Montana. The warship in front of you today represents, the strength and power that resides throughout our nation. She’s an amazing technical technological accomplishment capable of taking the fight to the enemy constructed with unmatched power and capability. She can sustain battle damage and keep fighting. She is truly nothing less than amazing. Now, crew of the USS Montana, it’s our duty and responsibility to answer our nation’s call anytime anywhere and I can assure you we are ready. I know I speak for the entire crew when I say thank you all for joining us in this very special occasion. God bless U.S.S. Montana, our great submarine force, navy and nation Montana attention vigilantes. Yeah, will the guests please rise, Chaplin Quinn will deliver the benediction followed by the traditional native American blessing by elder jean. Several of the confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes. Please join me once again in prayer. Now, Almighty God send us forth into your world in peace granted each of us good courage, help us to cleave to all that is good May Your blessing rest upon the U.S.S. Montana upon the officers, chief petty officers and crew assailing her although the families who sustained them from the shore to send them forth in faith and await their return with hope and love though. Her capabilities are fearsome of God. Keep us mindful of her best use as an instrument of peace And should the time for war come help her to fight fiercely to return safely and to serve honorably for all the years you’ve so ordained keep this nation in your way and in your favor. Can we pray in your name? Amen. Mhm. Mhm. Lamb lamb the salton. Give an honor to allow me this opportunity and so with the honors that we have I take and reflect back on last night when we offered a peace pipe at that time we had with it the traditional smoke that goes into it that would not be used. So traditionally we use a smudge to go forth and to bless the ship. But today I am using our tobaccos that was given to us by our elders and we could preserve that. So I’m gonna take and Sprinkle on the ship the tobacco that is used for the peace pipe. We call it a sacred pipe. That sacred pipe will carry this ship. The great duties. Yes. Quack school Children lamb lamb space er grandfather, I face the north and I taking place our tobacco and our leaves for you to the north to our relatives. What brings the cold the winters a time for stories for us. Tribal members to tell each other of great deeds and honors as stories of their ancestors to the east grandfather I give our connect connect our sweetgrass and our sage grandfather from there were taken rise each morning and give you thanks and ask for great deeds to allow us this opportunity this day. And I give it to each of these gentlemen, young gentlemen here I see on their faces, I ask that you bless them and for the creator to the south where you bring the warm winds and the warm growing seasons that allow us to take and grow and harvest these and sage, sweetgrass, our relatives to the west. I offer you these great gifts that you have given us so that we may end the night in your name and say that we have done great this day for this. I pray to your grandfather Creator that we have each day that we can go to sleep and wake up and knowing that we have done the best that we could lam lam school. Thank you creator in um a quem louis quest with with knowledge is my Indian name. As I pray. I want to give a water blessing to the native people. Water is life and you have to recognize that water is our life. It gives us many things. We have food, we have shelter, we have claims in our body and we asked that the Creator bless us to stay water. I’ll give you thanks for allowing us to become part of your life because the water is life and our boat as part of that water tiki vote a s. Set I explained. So we can paddle our boat water that has so much life. We pray that we may become part of you. The U.S.S. Montana. I pray that you become one with the water. Work together for protection of our homelands, Cool and Sutton. We pray for protection and safe travels of our mother ship, USS Montana. Our prayers include all those brave sailors who board serve and command this boat as she travels all waters of the earth you have created. May you send your animal spirits to protect her? We pray that you would that as she enters hostile waters that you send your blessings and protection of this vessel and their soldiers, their sailors from harm and to be seen as a symbol of peace for the world and the United States. God bless the U.S.S. Montana. The United States of America Lam, Lam School and Tootin Pass. Er Xi Hoy. Okay.

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