Navy Recruit Training Command Graduation | June 10, 2022

Navy boot camp graduation from Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois, June 10, 2022.


Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Right thank you. Oh yeah thank you. Stay Karen. Ah Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Okay. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Oh. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. A Yeah. A thank you. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Mhm. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. New Jersey George madame. Okay. Uh huh. No you better. Yeah. Oh me? Oh Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Mr. Mr. er Arkansas yeah Gloria California. Yeah let yeah. Nebraska. Oh what Montana? Okay I know why. Yeah. Oh that’s so oh Hawaii wow. Oh don’t worry ST plan. Oh alright and ladies and gentlemen today graduating English is mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Okay. Mhm. Yeah. Okay. Right Please welcome tradition nine. Yeah. Mhm Zero. Okay. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Division 201. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Okay mm. Yeah. Mhm. Okay. Mhm. Regulation 204. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Mhm. Mhm. A. Okay. A Mhm. Mhm. Today’s graduated performing unit is Division 9-5 Provision 95 provides the state flag color guard for today’s ceremony. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you. Right. Face section leaders follow up and collect outer governments. Okay. A. A. A. A. A. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm. Divisions counter march. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Okay jane. Right. Ready. Right thanks. May I have your attention please for the remainder of you. No one will be permitted to pass in front of their music and we asked as a courtesy to our photography is certainly encouraged but we ask you the photographers will see on deck throughout the review are the official photographers of recruit training? Command Yeah. Mhm. The division commanders. Left or right face, parade rest. Ladies and gentlemen, Good morning I’m crew training Command Master of ceremonies. I would like to welcome you to today’s pass and review today. We’ll see six divisions comprised of 417 sailors participating in their graduation ceremony and soon to join the most powerful navy in the world. Please draw your attention to the unit position That center debt there is the review Commander and staff review Commander is responsible for conducting the graduation ceremony today. Commander seaman recruit Cody from Naples Florida. Let’s give him a hand folks. Yeah. Performing today is the staff unit on their eighth week of training, the triple threat unit on their 90 week of training and the state flags on their 10th and final week of training. These units are comprised entirely of recruits during the night of arrival, recruits are placed in divisions of 88 personnel and assigned division commanders, recruitment. Division commanders form the backbone of recruit training command and the key individuals in the life of ever recruited. Division commanders must serve as counselors, disciplinary administrators and military leaders. Above all, they must show themselves as outstanding examples of military barren appearance, attitude and behavior. Each division also has a this senior recruit supervising divisional staff positions and leads the division in the absence of the division commanders. Now, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce the graduating divisions. Their division commanders and recruit Chief Petty officers. As I introduce each division, they will raise the competitive flags that they have earned throughout their training. As I introduce each recruit, Chief petty officer. The flag representing the home state will also be raised. Please hold your applause until all introductions have been completed. I’ll be starting from there. Right Division one 99, commanded by petty officer. First class joseph Mayo Petty Officer, 2nd Class Chris Stevenson, Petty Officer, 2nd Class Cook, Petty Officer, 2nd Class Gino Bono. And the recruit Chief Petty officer, seeming Romeo Carmelo from Stockton California Division 200, commanded by Petty Officer. First class Henry Williams Petty Officer, 1st Class Maurice, March Petty officer, first class Thomas Myron. And the recruit Chief petty officers. Seamen recruit Michelangelo, Greco James from Sacramento California Division 201, commanded by Senior Chief petty officer, Linford Miller, Petty Officer, 1st Class Martinez. Okay, Petty Officer. 2nd class uses blackboard Petty Officer, 2nd Class Brady and the recruit. Chief petty officer. Seaman Jessica. Elias from Houston Texas Division 203, commanded by Chief Petty Officer, Justin ran J Petty Officer. First Class one Petty Officer, 1st Class William. Pete, Yeah, Petty Officer, 2nd Class Michael Riley. And they’re recruiting Chief petty officers Seamen Andrew Perez from queens, new York Division 204, commanded by Chief Petty officer, Jonathan, Mortimer, Chief Petty officer, Megan Nottingham. Thanks Petty Officer, 1st Class Andrew Ashcraft Petty Officer. First class Benjamin page. And the recruiting chief Petty officers. Seamen, recruits eric Humphrey from South Bend Indiana Division 9 – five. Command by a Chief Petty Officer, Petty Officer, 1st Class Daniel Andrew but first class inter Reese Petty Officer, 2nd Class And the recruit chief Petty officer, Airman Davon capital from Massachusetts on behalf of the commanding officer and staff or recruit training command. We congratulate these division commanders and crew chief petty officers on a job well done. Yeah. In a moment we’ll see the ceremonial sideways and honor guard take their places for arrival honors. This time honored tradition is our normal breeding this morning reviewing officer when requested by the announcer. Please stand for the arrival honors, marching in the colors, the national anthem and the implication as a reminder military guests throughout the entire graduation ceremony. And ladies and gentlemen, one final as befitting the importance of this occasion. Our ceremony is conducted in a formal manner. However, we do encourage you to participate in today’s graduating ceremony by letting your applause show these sailors just how proud of them you are. Once again welcome aboard. Yeah. Okay. Mhm. Okay, first there it is. Right. Right. Mhm. Will the guests please rise and remain standing for the arrival of the official party recruit training command. All right, thank you. Order of Chief of Staff, Naval Service Training. All right. Order Order No us pacific fleet arriving. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm order. Our guests may be seated. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay you’re more narrow profession. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm comments. Yeah. What color gone parade the colors? Will the guests please rise? Mhm. Present honest. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Okay. Thank you. Mhm. Yeah. Yeah. Mhm. Right, wow. Okay. A yeah. Yeah. Yeah. A order retire the color pre section aren’t? Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm Order arts. Chapter three This morning in vacation. Let us pray eternal Father strong to save. Bless and approve our reason for gathering here today to celebrate and honor the navy’s newest sailors. We give you thanks for their successful completion of all the challenges that were set before them. Take this moment as proof of their deep commitment to serve their fellow sailors. The fruits of their long academic, physical and spiritual labors are now ready for harvest in the days, months and years ahead. Grant that they may come to clearly see their calling and purpose. That their dedication is fully invested in the pursuit of building a better. We pray that their purpose labors learning and spirits all going true north years ago or give you all these sailors to accept an indication to sail their ships out into the deep be with them as they go. But when the stormy winds and waves threatened to push them off course allowed them not to reel to and fro and stagger as if they were alone bringing them out of their distresses in their time. Make it the storm calm so that the waves are still bringing them onto their desire even allow their boats to be filled with the treasure you have found so that they may enrich others with the same spirit. Please bless And God our sailors and their families as they reach this and as they charged new beginnings, please help them to use all that they have learned here to allow the need to accomplish task and purpose. We know that some of them will experience pain and hardship and we know that some of them already have and we ask you to grant them soulless and strength as they set forth to their ships and units around the world know that they will never be alone. We ask that the bonds that have been forced to remain ever strong. May the inspiration of the legacy of naval station, Great Lakes with its rich history, remembering all that have gone before us. We’ll never leave our by God’s grace. We say. Amen. Yeah. Mhm. Who’s who? Okay. It’s it’s Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Oh our guests may be seated at this point. The commanding officer issue orders and instructions to the unit commanders than the unit commanders would face about and relayed the information to their divisions. Today’s events. Show how orders are passed through the chain of command. The report. There’s the one right now. Very well. 201. Very well Miss Daisy very well. Or visit President before sir. The sailors creed. Ah smart. Okay. a good morning, is that the graduate division question? All right sound. Oh right. Mhm. A. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Yeah. Right. A city. Yeah. A. A. Oh. Mhm. We are. You what? Yeah. Yes. A. A. Yeah. Hey. Okay. Mhm mm. Yeah. Award winners. Left. All right place Ward, we’re supporting. Good morning Captain Jeff Sanding, the commanding officer of the crew training command. I’m pleased to welcome families and friends to our graduation ceremony and look forward to sharing this momentous occasion with everyone with us. Today is a reviewing officer, Admiral Samuel J. Commander, U. S. Pacific Fleet and Captain brooks Chief of Staff Naval Service Training Command. I cannot thank you all enough for your continued support and I’m sharing your sailors grateful for your continued support throughout their training. I would also like to welcome all of the veterans in our audience for their service to our country with all of our veterans. Please stand so we can recognize them With a round of applause. Yes, Vision 95 graduates today, they’re the state Flags unit providing a 50 state Flags, District of Columbia and U. S. Territory Flags Drug for and Color Guard. Please join me in giving them and the five other graduating divisions here today a round of applause for their outstanding performances. Oh this is where our Navy heritage meets the future and when these young men and women enter the profession of arms, The staff of the Training Command are dedicated to providing the United States Navy would basically train physically fit and smartly disciplined sailors such as those standing here this morning. These sailors have successfully completed 10 weeks of demanding recruit training. They have earned the right to wear the uniform, recognized throughout the world as a symbol of freedom. They and others like them served as the bedrock of our naval forces. They will join other sailors around the world to give our Navy its combat edge and enable us to help keep this nation secure. This training group is ready to graduate and serve in the world’s most powerful Lady. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you 417 of the newest and sharpest sailors. United States names, Yeah, thank you. Recruit training commands, competitive system among individuals groups and divisions promotes teamwork, attention to detail and provide an accomplishment. Divisions performing above standards throughout their training are what recognition flags and the five missionaries, academic achievement, military drill compartment, readiness, applications and physical fitness. These flags period as a visible symbol of individual success. Each flag indicates lever sailors individually and as teams met performance standards and one or more missionaries. A division that excels in every case. Training qualifies for the battle efficiency honor, division recognition and is awarded the flag for this. Exemplary achievement. Division 9-5 has earned this honor today. Well done. Right. Admiral will now present this week’s individual boards and he’ll be joined on the commanding officer. Captain Sand and Captain brooks Naval Service training For achieving the highest overall academic score during training. Seaman David Hyde Division 203 from Melbourne Florida has earned the Academic Excellence Award, which is sponsored by the of the Illinois Society of the Sons of the American Revolution receives a letter of commendation from the commanding officer. Well done sailor Recording. Morning, thank you. Morning. Captain stevens 40 for having displayed extraordinary call is best expressed in the American spirit of honor, initiative and loyalty. Semen Courtney Sizemore, Division 9 to 5 from Rincon Georgia is one of the Navy League Award, which is sponsored by the Navy League of the United States. Seaman Sizemore is presented with a commemorative plaque and a letter of commendation from the commanding officer. Well done sailor. Mhm Yeah, thank you. Morning. Morning Captain Fireman Richard Perkins, Division 203 from winona Texas is the winner. United Service Organization Award for best exemplifying the spirit and intent of the word shipping requirement. Perkins has given a commemorative plaque for the United Service Organization. Well done Sailor. Thank you. Yeah. Okay. Right, thank you. Good morning. Captain steven Chadwell reporting. Seaman Billy Chapel Division 9 to 5 from Sioux falls South Dakota is the recipient of the Military Order of the World Wars Board of Mayor. This award is presented for meritorious performance. Summer training Seaman Chapel has presented with a commemorative plaque from the Military Order of the World Wars. Well done sailor. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Morning. Thank you. Morning Captain Steven. Very good morning. The Military Officers Association Leadership Award is presented to Jacob Division 201 from East Brunswick New Jersey for demonstrating exceptional tenacity and professionalism. Seaman very has a letter of commendation from well done stay there. Mhm. Thank you. Morning, no great morning reporting. Semen Division 95 from Hillsborough north Carolina is the recipient of the Navy Club of the United States of America Military Access Award for best qualities of enthusiasm, devotion to duty, military bearing. And this award places him at the pinnacle. Today’s newest sailors. He is the word of a flight accommodation Simmons and the staff of recruit training command salute you as the finest of this group of graduates. Well done sailor. Thank you. Morning you can’t the visit, it is appropriate to recognize such an outstanding individual accomplishments by the sailors with a round of free cheese. The attitude will lead all graduated divisions in three cheers for this morning. Hey, I have the distinct pleasure this morning introducing a reviewing officer. Admiral Samuel J. Commander, U. S. Pacific Fleet. A native of Pennsylvania. He commissioned in 1986 among his command tours, he serves as Commander, carrier Air Wing seven. Commander, Carrier, Strike 10, Commanding Officer, Provincial Reconstruction Team Province can stand for the 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division in 173rd Airborne Brigade Battle Director, Combined Operations Center Qatar Commanding Austin 106 and Director of operations us essential command. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in a warm recruit training command. Welcome to Admiral Samuel. Yeah, thank you teammates begin with an acknowledgment of the family and friends who have joined us here. I hope you have an appreciation for your part in this momentous occasion. This what you see a ring before you is the cream of American youth. The top 1% of all of America. They would not be here. They would not have achieved the high, the high achievement of the title of the United States Navy sailor without your service, without your guidance, your mentorship, your coaching and your loving example through all of their lives. Ladies and gentlemen, please around your applause for all the family and friends and taking part in the lives of these magnificent young sales. Yeah And again a word about the sailors themselves is uh in America, about 40% of American youth enter into college and university but only 25% actually bring together the mental, the physical and the moral capability to raise their right hand and swear an oath to support and defend the constitution. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the most elite group of young people in all of the United states of America and they’ve decided to embark upon this journey to serve their nation. I’d like to recognize the retreat recruit training, command, all of the recruit division commanders, all of the instructors, all of the staff sailors, civilians, all of whom who have taken the hardened steel of America hold it to a razor’s edge that is fit and ready to fight. Ladies and gentlemen around the claws for the commander and the staff of having reviewed this division I find a bit and are ready to fight. They’re ready to give their all for our nation and for its ideals and for that we’re very grateful. All have been imbued with a tremendous love of country and have decided to put their own skin in the game to defend our nation and its values. All of them have demonstrated the appropriate levels of honor, courage and commitment and have earned the honor of the title of United States Navy sales teammates, shipmates battle buddies to each and every one of them. It is an honor To serve with you in the United States. Maybe for 247 years, sailors such as yourselves such as ourselves have stood the watch From the water level of Yorktown into the mountains of Afghanistan and deserts of Iraq sailors have served throughout the world for 247 years to thank freedom dependent democracy. Our families and our nation’s well-being. I have every confidence that when we see each other in the fleet, you’ll represent the nation with honor, courage and commitment. May. God bless recruit division 9 to 5 May. God bless the United States, Navy Marine Corps and and God bless her. Thank you very much. Yeah. No. Mhm. Yeah. Thank you. A right. No. Yeah. No. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. A. Mhm. Mhm mm. Yeah. Thank you. Maybe. Bad. Okay. What? Yeah. Post regards. Yeah. Right. A. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Right. Yeah. A. Yeah. A. Sure. Thanks. Yeah. Yeah. A idea. Right. Okay. Mhm.

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