A Prayer for Ukraine

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A Prayer for Ukraine


We watch with great fear and worry—yes, even anger—as the innocent people in Ukraine suffer intensely at the hands of a murderous tyrant. We don’t fully understand why the innocent suffer as they do, but, our God, we know you control all things. We also know that not even a sparrow can fall without your knowledge, so we’re fully cognizant that you see the full scope of the suffering innocent men, women, and children currently endure.

We ask you to wrap your loving arms around the suffering ones. We pray that you, as the God of all comfort, may give them peace in the face of aggression. We pray that you may protect the innocent from harm. We pray that you may ease the anguish of those who have suffered affliction. We pray that you may help the displaced find adequate food and shelter.

We know, Father, that your church is strong in Ukraine. We pray for our brethren. We pray that they may be lights during this trial. We pray that you would bless them, protect them, and give them your peace which passes all understanding. We pray that you may use the current atrocity to allow the seed of your Word to blossom even more among the Ukrainians.

God, we pray for the leaders directly and indirectly involved in this unnecessary and unjust war. We ask that their decisions may allow everyone to “lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way” (1 Tim 2:2). We beseech you that their decisions may quickly bring an end to this armed conflict.

Lord, we must also ask that you bless the Russians. We fully know that the people of Russia are not responsible for the actions of their president. We also know that the soldiers are simply following orders, but we do ask that you would help them to recognize unjust orders and bless them when they disobey.

It’s distressing for us to see this war, and it’s disturbing for us to be powerless to stop it. But you are not powerless; you have demonstrated your great power over and over and over throughout history. We appeal to you to exercise that great power in this conflict according to your perfectly just and holy will.

In Jesus’s Name,

This article was originally written by Dr. Justin Imel, Sr., for the weekly newsletter at Church of Christ Deer Park in Deer Park, Texas.

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