Book of Job Chapter 24 from Young’s Literal Translation of the Holy Bible

Wherefore from the Mighty One Times have not been hidden, And those knowing Him have not seen His days.

2 The borders they reach, A drove they have taken violently away, Yea, they do evil.

3 The ass of the fatherless they lead away, They take in pledge the ox of the widow,

4 They turn aside the needy from the way, Together have hid the poor of the earth.

5 Lo, wild asses in a wilderness, They have gone out about their work, Seeking early for prey, A mixture for himself — food for young ones.

6 In a field his provender they reap, And the vineyard of the wicked they glean.

7 The naked they cause to lodge Without clothing. And there is no covering in the cold.

8 From the inundation of hills they are wet, And without a refuge — have embraced a rock.

9 They take violently away From the breast the orphan, And on the poor they lay a pledge.

10 Naked, they have gone without clothing, And hungry — have taken away a sheaf.

11 Between their walls they make oil, Wine-presses they have trodden, and thirst.

12 Because of enmity men do groan, And the soul of pierced ones doth cry, And God doth not give praise.

13 They have been among rebellious ones of light, They have not discerned His ways, Nor abode in His paths.

14 At the light doth the murderer rise, He doth slay the poor and needy, And in the night he is as a thief.

15 And the eye of an adulterer Hath observed the twilight, Saying, `No eye doth behold me.’ And he putteth the face in secret.

16 He hath dug in the darkness — houses; By day they shut themselves up, They have not known light.

17 When together, morning [is] to them death shade, When he discerneth the terrors of death shade.

18 Light he [is] on the face of the waters, Vilified is their portion in the earth, He turneth not the way of vineyards.

19 Drought — also heat — consume snow-waters, Sheol [those who] have sinned.

20 Forget him doth the womb, Sweeten [on] him doth the worm, No more is he remembered, And broken as a tree is wickedness.

21 Treating evil the barren [who] beareth not, And [to] the widow he doth no good,

22 And hath drawn the mighty by his power, He riseth, and none believeth in life.

23 He giveth to him confidence, and he is supported, And his eyes [are] on their ways.

24 High they were [for] a little, and they are not, And they have been brought low. As all [others] they are shut up, And as the head of an ear of corn cut off.

25 And if not now, who doth prove me a liar, And doth make of nothing my word?

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