Commissioning USS Vermont

On August 28th, 2021 the US Navy celebrated the commissioning of USS Vermont (SSN-792). The ceremony took place aboard submarine base New London, Connecticut.


Good morning ladies and gentlemen, it’s my distinct honor and privilege to welcome you to naval submarine base, New London for the commissioning commemoration of USs Vermont, I’m lieutenant Joshua Ludwig, the ship’s executive officer. I’ll be the master of ceremonies for today’s event on behalf of the crew of your submarine Vermont, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for joining us here today. Before our celebration begins, I’d ask you to please silence your cell phones. Thank you. We’re here today to celebrate the commissioning of USS Vermont 3rd shift to bear the name of the Green Mountain State. The first Vermont was originally intended to be a ship of the line for the US Navy. When laid down in 18 18, It was not commissioned until 1862, when she was deemed too outdated to be used for anything but a stores and receiving ship during the Civil War, the second Vermont B B 20 Connecticut class battleship. These ships were armed with a main battery of 124-12 in guns and had a top speed of 19 knots, Vermont was laid down on May 1904 at the Fore River Shipyard and launched August 1905. The ship entered service With the Atlantic Fleet in March 1907. Shortly after she and her service Vermont Joint, the Great White Fleet for the circumnavigation of the globe between 19 oh eight and 19 oh nine, She took part in International Hudson Fulton celebration in New York in 1909 and made trips to Europe in 1910 and 1913. They’re after the ship became involved in interventions in several central American countries, including the United States occupation of air crews during the Mexican revolution, Where two of her crew earned the Medal of honor During the United States participation in World War I. April 1917 to November 1918, Vermont served as a training ship for engine and personnel From November 1918 to June 1919. She made a series of trips to return American soldiers from Europe before being decommissioned in 1920. We are honored to continue the tremendous legacy established by the previous ship. To bear the name Vermont. The new Vermont more before you affectionately returned, referred to as a boat by the summary community and big sugar by the members of the crew and the best family. This ready group in the navy will soon join America’s service remind us the first block for Virginia class submarine and with its sister ships that represents a revolution in submarine design, construction and mission capability brimming with leading edge technology and advanced engineering. The vessel brings versatility and firepower to the fleet reminded the Virginia class are among the most effective platforms. The United States Navy and this courtship takes another step forward in advancing the superiority of our submarine force, able to operate in the far corners of the world’s ocean undetected. We’re being connected to air, sea and land-based forces and key shore facilities. These submarines are equipped to wage multidimensional warfare around the globe. We’re not Vermont adaptability makes it highly responsive to changing mission requirements and broaden the nation with capabilities required to be the decisive factor in any conflict. In addition to anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface ship warfare, counter mine warfare, Vermont will support surveillance, special operations and counter strike missions. Thank you for allowing each of us the privilege to serve our nation as part of your Navy while proudly bearing the name Vermont. Construction began on the submarine. You see before me in 2017, It was Christened October 31, 2018. Here in Groton due to the global pandemic. By order, the secretary of the Navy. She was commissioned administratively Without a traditional ceremony on April 18, 2020, then Secretary of the Navy for research development acquisition. The honorable James Bond Yogurts made a promise to our crew, the sponsor and the people of Vermont that we would have a traditional U. S. Navy ceremony. We’re here today To honor that commitment Today, Vermont is tested in battle ready. We are very proud to serve on the newest attack submarine in the United States. The commissioning ceremony is a time-honored tradition that began with the first commissioning of the Navy’s first ship, a captured British schooner. The marriage ETA in 17 75. Since then, thousands of ships have undergone the transformation from silent hole to fully alive, warship. My shipmates, our crew here ever known as plank owners. Our information and ready. Well the guests please rise and remain standing for the arrival. Our official party honors, presentation of colors, our national anthem and the invocation. Ladies and gentlemen, our platform guests. Lieutenant Commander, Todd Mallory, United States Navy chaplain corps. Our ceremony, chaplain, capital where Perry, United States Navy retired are long glass. Please enter Miss Deborah martin Chairperson. Uss Vermont commissioning committee is Jamie brooks. But sir, honorary matron of honor, Captain john Stafford, United States Navy Commander, Submarine Squadron four, Rear Admiral David Goggins, United States Navy Program, Executive Officer, submarines, Rear Admiral Douglas Perry, United States Navy Director, Undersea warfare division, Officer of the Chief of Naval Operations. The Honorable Carlos del Toro. The 78th Secretary of the Navy. The honorable peter welch, United States Representative at large state of Vermont The Honorable Joe Courtney, United States Representative, 2nd District State of Connecticut. Ladies and gentlemen, our ship’s sponsor, Miss Gloria Valdez escorted by senior Chief Petty officer Robert A. Andrew. I’m the chief of the boat. Ladies and gentlemen, the honorable Richard Blumenthal, United States Senator, State of Connecticut today. My commander, Charles W. Phillips. The third Vermont’s commanding officer. Ladies and gentlemen, honors to the honorable Richard Blumenthal. This. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Okay. Mhm. Platform ready to advance the colors. Platform and salute. Yeah. Yeah. Oh oh never. Yeah. Uh Uh huh. Yeah. Okay, retire the goals platform. Ready to. We’d like to thank the Vermont National Guard band regional support group saluting battery and naval submarine school dolphins Color guard for their participation in today’s ceremony. Ladies and gentlemen chap Mallory will deliver the invocation. Let us pray in light of the recent tragedies in the world we lament and we pray rouse yourself. Lord, are you sleeping? Lord come help and don’t cast us off. Redeem us for the sake of your steadfast love. Lord permit a great and effective door of service to open with this new vessel. There are many adversaries in the U. S. S. Vermont intends to go to work to go wherever you send her. Lord May, her precious cargo. Never be caught by surprise when adversaries tried to thwart the work, but instead, let your word and what you have promised served them to the end be forever near Vermont master and friend of sailors. We pray to you that each one feel your light yet firm hand laying upon them, strengthen them by your holy spirit, empowering them for your service and sustaining them all the days of uss, Vermont’s life and forever more. Our men, thank you Captain Mallory with a guest, please be seated Vermont parade rest. Ladies and gentlemen, the honorable joe Courtney, thank you. Xo! Good morning everyone and I want to. First of all. Begin by thanking submarine based new London for hosting this event here today. Al Montoya and his team for helping organize this event over the last year and a half. This submarine base has not missed one day of submarine deployments in the middle of a global pandemic. They have mm Because of the extraordinary steps they have taken. The infection rate has been lower than the community at large and today they are now showing a vaccination rate of well over 80% again, above and beyond what’s happening nationally. And certainly an example for our country about the way we are going to move forward to crush this virus once and for all. Thank you captain Todd more in your team as was mentioned earlier last year when the crew only commissioning took place Honda Yogurts, the Under Secretary of the Navy made a promise that we would convene again sometime in the future to make sure that all of the hard work of the shipyard and the crew and commander Philips and his team were going to be formally recognized and having the highest leadership of the navy here today. Secretary Del Toro shows that the Navy kept its word. I texted with Honda this morning who has been following this very closely. He extends his best wishes and congratulations to the great work that Vermont is doing. And again, um we again are now ready to really publicly move forward with Vermont in terms of the great work that this ship has been doing and will do in the future. The presence today of Navy’s leadership, I think is a powerful statement of the country’s gratitude for the work that took place during the pandemic. To complete Vermont’s construction On March 20, During the pandemic. Most of the country was while most of the country was going through lockdown, the Department of Defense designated the shipyard critical infrastructure. So that next day while most people were staying at home, the shipyard workers had to come to work in tight quarters in a great risk to finish this boat and get her on her way is a great example of patriotism and commitment of the submarine industrial base and the submarine force that they were able to accomplish this feat. It is a great honor for Senator Blumenthal tonight to welcome here. Mr. Secretary you Mr. secretary and all our friends from Vermont, my colleague Peter Welch, we served together in the U. S. House, Vice Admiral Perry and his amazing family. I I know why Peter’s here because that’s half his constituency. It seems like in terms of the Perry family and again, the enthusiastic Vermont commissioning committee. As I’m sure commander Philips and his crew will agree. Gloria Vasquez is the best sponsor this boat could ever have during her time at the Department of the Navy, which brought her to Capitol Hill often. She was an expert in all things submarines, from acquisition to construction and operations. She will be a caring and vigilant sponsor and it’s great to see you back here today. Gloria as we, as we will hear, I’m sure from Vice Admiral Perry Vermont has been very busy in the last year visiting the 4th fleet area of operations in South America and then conducting exercises in the North Atlantic. But the most noteworthy accomplishment, I believe is the 95% quality score. Vermont received the highest rating in the history of the Virginia class program during its initial shakedown cruises. I say that because during Vermont’s construction there was a milestone crossover in the composition of the shipyard workforce In 2018, the workforce which have been predominantly baby boomer for the for decades for the first time became majority gen Z. Millennial and gen X. And 60% of the workforce at that time had been with the company five years or less. If there was ever a moment where quality issues might suffer intuitively, it should have been during the construction of the USs Vermont. Instead the opposite occurred. The engineers and metal trades workers, the sailors and officers of Vermont rose to the challenge with a lot of help and guidance from the mentors that had decades of shipbuilding skills and passion and together they defied the odds and built an almost perfect boat. It is truly a great accomplishment. All of us here in eastern Connecticut are proud of this submarine of the achievement represents in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic and the message it sends that a new generation of shipbuilders can and will do the job for the US Navy in the 21st century. Thank you. Yeah, thank you. Representative Courtney, Ladies and gentlemen, the honorable peter Welch, thank you very much. It is wonderful to be here with my very good friend and colleague Joe Courtney. You have to understand this is not just traditional bragging by one politician for another, Joe knows what he’s doing and nobody cares more about the well-being of the Navy and the well-being of this community than your congressman Joe Courtney, who speaks with great authority on your behalf in Washington. So thank you Congressman Courtney and it’s a Senator Blumenthal. That was a nice welcome for you. I have to say uh you know, you do that. Uh I don’t know, I don’t know how that happened. I mean that was impressive and thank you. It’s nice to be here. Is wonderful to have you here. And of course the Secretary of Navy, I’m just getting to know secretary del toro and uh you all know that he did 22 years as a service member in the Navy. And uh I got to say we’re so grateful to have him with that experience. And then of course his private sector experience and his know how in his deep, deep dedication to the well-being and strengthening of the U. S. Navy. You know, I’m here in so thrilled to be here. I was at the christening. And uh I just want to say, I know my colleague Senator Leahy and my colleague Senator Sanders are both so proud of what you’re doing here in the U. S. S. Vermont, I just want to make you know that they told me to give their greetings uh, on their behalf. So thank you. And uh congressman court, you mentioned Deborah martin, the commissioning uh committee, wonderful job and Gloria Valdes, thank you so much. You know, uh, when Governor Scott was here, one of the things he said was this was at the christening. He said though the oceans are absent from Vermont, Vermont has never been absent from the seas. It all started on this little town, a rich furred Vermont right on the shores of Lake Champlain where Al Perry uh lived and then began this tradition of uh father for sons and now grandchildren serving in the Navy with about 100 and 50 years’ experience. Uh it’s an extraordinary, extraordinary accomplishment. But here’s what I want to say and what I find. So moving D’amato in Vermont is freedom and unity. And I understand that the U. S. S. Vermont has taken as it’s symbol freedom and unity and what a time in our country for that motto to be what you’ve embraced because freedom and unity acknowledges that we’re going to have conflict. It acknowledges that we’re going to have challenges that we face. But what it says is that when you have conflict, you’ll face it. But you work through it by doing it together. And when you think about this extraordinary submarine right behind me in all the unified efforts that had to go into the engineering and design. And then those workers, that electric boat who with every rivet with every turn of a wrench, They had to do it with care so that when that submarine is 800 ft below the surface, withstanding enormous pressures, it would be safe and it would be sound for that crew. And then think about the members of the crew who are here, about whom we are so proud standing there, information where each one of them has a job, but everyone also has the job to have the back of the person next to them to make certain if somebody stumbles, they have someone who is going to help them get back up. And we’re here today with this ceremony that was going to be revisited for other ships and other times because we want that crew to know that when they are deployed on a mission on our behalf, thousands of miles from here, deep under the sea. And they’re out there alone, depending at that point on each other, to serve us. The memory of this in our presence reminds them that they are not alone. We’re with them. So I want to say what a thrill it is for me, how proud I am to be here in how special it is that the motto of the USs Vermont is freedom and unity is through our common efforts, our mutual respect, our sense of self discipline in duty to one another that we will succeed. Thank you. Thank you represented welsh, ladies and gentlemen, the honorable Richard Blumenthal, thank you so much to the navy for that wonderful salute. Uh, and my apologies to the youngest members of our attendees for the very scary experience. Uh, those guns. Uh, I want to begin really by saluting and thanking the most important and most distinguished of the group here today. All of the veterans who have served our great nation. If you could just raise your hands so we can thank you for your service to our neighbors. Thank you Today gives us the occasion to honor both the shipbuilders and the sailors of our nation. As Secretary del Toro said yesterday when we were meeting with a group of the shipbuilders electric boat. They are as vital as the folks who serve in the pentagon. They produce these magically technologically advanced weapons platforms that can do surveillance and special operations and missiles. Our submarines are perhaps the most versatile and strongest of any of our weapons platforms. And we’re very proud to welcome all of you, including congressman wealth, to the submarine capital of the world. Thank you for being here today. We’re very, very proud of the electric boat workers and all who contribute to making possible the great boats like the U. S. S. Vermont. The sailors who have already done more than a year of service on the USs Vermont are to be thanked as well and about half of them are new in the last year to the ship. So thank you all for your service to our nation. But I also want to thank the families of those servicemen and women around the world are sailors and all who are in harm’s way. Our hearts break today for those families as a dad whose sons have served one as a navy seal, the other as the United States Marine Corps Infantry Officer in Afghanistan. I know what it is to lie awake at night wondering what has happened halfway around the world. And fortunately I have been spared my family, my wife and I have been spared the grief and pain that 13 families feel today piercing their heart, but the family served spouses, Children, brothers, sister, all of you here today who have members of your family in uniform in harm’s way wherever they serve around the world. Thank you to every one of you. Thank you to all of the families of our servicemen and women. We live in a world that is as dangerous as any time in our history and that’s why that service is as important as ever in our history and why U. S. S. Vermont is a linchpin of our national defense, like every one of our submarines and ships and service today. Thank you to all of you for honoring the US has Vermont and all of the sailors who will help protect our nation against our enemies and adversaries against all who mean us harm and all who threaten our freedom. Thank you so much. God bless you and God bless the U. S. S. Vermont, thank you. Thank you. Senator Blumenthal. Ladies and gentlemen, Rear Admiral Douglas Perry. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. U. S. S. Vermont Senators Blumenthal Congressman, Courtney, congressman. Welch, Secretary del Toro. Dad, Yeah, distinguished guests and visitors. Most importantly the crew of the USs Vermont, I am honored to stand here today to participate in this commemoration of the commissioning of our nation’s most advanced undersea warfare platform and frankly the world’s most advanced undersea warfare platform. As a fellow Vermonter, career submariner from a family of career submariners and the current Director of undersea warfare, I represent the Chief of naval operations and I’m humbled to do so today. Express extremely proud to celebrate the time honored tradition of Vermont’s commissioning and her official entry into naval service. The Green Mountain States legacy of Naval Service. It runs deep. Despite the fact as congressman mentioned that Vermont has no ocean coastline, but in the pre-dawn hours of nine May 17 75 Early in the American revolution Vermont’s hero Ethan Allen seize the initiative and led the Green Mountain boys across lake Champlain to capture the British Fort Ticonderoga And a year and a half later on 11 October in 1776. Again on Lake Champlain. The American fleet outnumbered. Outgunned under Benedict Arnold thwarted the British plans once again to reach the Hudson river. A significant thwarting that changed the course of the American revolution. They did that at the Battle of Alcor Island. Well over time, Vermonters have continued to serve and lead our nation’s forces, including a great naval hero, Admiral George Dewey of a Montpellier native who entered Norwich Academy, Norwich University at the age of 15, ultimately attending and graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1858. He is most known for leading the Asiatic Squadron in defeating the Spanish fleet at Manila Bay in 1898. The state of Vermont as well has been honorably represented through her namesake vessels mentioned by the XO, the 74 gun ship of the line Vermont aided in the south Atlantic blockade of the Civil war. The battleship Vermont circum data. They navigated the globe, conducting naval diplomacy as a part of the great White fleet. The light cruiser Montpellier, The mighty Monte, as they called her, earned 13 battle stars for her contributions in the pacific during World War two and more recently, the Los Angeles class submarine Montpelier still serving today was the first submarine to launch tomahawks in support of Operation Iraqi. Freedom. The bark Uss Ethan Allen supported the Union and patrol and blockade operations in 18 sixties and the ballistic missile submarine Ethan Allen named for our here was the first purpose design ballistic missile submarine and the only to complete a fully operational test launch of a nuclear armed ballistic missile. So you Vermont SSN 792. You now joined this company of naval vessels that have served with distinction, ensuring our national security and inviting Vermont’s motto of freedom and unity. I am confident you will do so with honor, courage and commitment. So as we navigate forward through today’s environment of strategic competition, we need you to be ready, something you have already demonstrated in spades. Your capabilities are second to none. And our shipbuilding and industry teams have put in the hard work and will do so in the future to deliver on those capabilities. But it’s you the Vermont crew who bring this incredible platform and all her awesome firepower. True little life, you will guide her into harm’s way to support and defend the American values around the globe. I’m assured that you will stand up to this challenge as all those up on the stage with me do as well. To conclude, you join a rich history of honorable service and today’s challenges are no less than those which face your predecessors. I know you’re ready to answer the call. I now have the distinct pleasure to introduce today’s keynote speaker, Secretary del Toro is a 1983 graduate of the United States Naval Academy and a 22-year Navy veteran, a surface warfare officer. He served as Commanding officer, the first commanding officer of USS Bulkeley, a destroyer DDG 84. He has since served in multiple high level roles, both in uniform and out of uniform and has been chosen to lead our Navy into the future. Ladies and gentlemen, The 78 Secretary of the Navy, the honorable Carlos Still tour. I just need to find my spot. Maybe someone can help me find the spot. Before we begin though, I want to reflect back for a second because I had a flashback just now sitting on the stage 20 years ago I had the opportunity to Christian the USS Bulkeley And it was in Pascagoula Mississippi at Ingalls shipyard, it must have been 109¬∞ in the shade. No kidding. And I sat there watching my wife and my four small Children fiddling in their seats, taking off their ties, stripping away their coats. I mean it was horrendous bob dole was our guest speaker there and I couldn’t imagine what he thought of my family. I want to pay special tribute to this young lady here. The commanding officer’s wife who has these two beautiful Children and she has been trying her best to take care of this beautiful little girl. So how about all of you? Not just applaud her, but applaud if I could have all the spouses of all our our Navy service members get up please for a moment. And let’s applaud you. Okay? You let her fiddle all you want Now, Seriously, ladies and gentlemen, before I begin, I would like to take another special moment to honor the memory of the brave marines and the Navy Corman who lost their lives in Kabul on Thursday. They died as they lived protecting others and fulfilling their oath to the last full measure of devotion. My wife, Betty and I extend our deepest sympathies to the families, the loved ones and the shipmates of these great warriors. Just please join me in a moment of silence on their behalf. Thank you. This is indeed a reminder that we live in a dangerous world that we have a solemn responsibility to those who go out into it for the protection of all of us. So I want to thank you. Senator Blumenthal, Senator Murphy, Congressman Welch and Congressman Courtney for all that you do to equip and take care of our sailors and marines every single day. Thank you to our ship’s sponsor, Please to our ship’s sponsor. Gloria Valdez, thanks for looking out for this boat and her crew from the moment her keel was laid. And I know Gloria! Where are you? Here you are? I know that you know what it takes to build ships and our navy and our nation is so grateful for all the service that you’ve provided our nation for so many years. So thank you Gloria tradition holds that this is the moment of ship is brought to life. But the demands of a global pandemic in a dangerous world, meant that the US Vermont had to enter the fleet without a formal ceremony. I can think of no better metaphor for our silent service in the quiet commissioning at sea that strengthened our maritime force last year. But a great ship, built by a great team, manned by a great crew representing a great state, should get a moment in the sun. So before she slips from you again, I am honored to make my first ship ceremony as Secretary of the Navy. The formal commissioning of the USs Vermont and I’m so thankful to Honda Geurts who have had the pleasure of getting to know this best month as my acting deputy Secretary of the Navy, uh, for the pledge and promise that he paid to every one of you last year in doing so remote. Perry, you’ve shown great leadership on behalf of our undersea warriors, but that’s not the only reason you’re here. And you know that as a native Senate Vermont, you represent all of the warriors from Brattleboro to ST Albans who’ve ever worn the uniform of the United States Navy Vermonters served in every conflict with Valerie and excellence from the highest mountains to the very depths of the ocean. That’s the spirit far older than the state itself and even older than our nation itself for more than a year before the Declaration of Independence was signed Ethan Allen’s Green Mountain boys stage an amphibious assault across Lake Champagne that captured Fort Ticonderoga. Just think about that revolutionary war. It was a bold strike that required speed, agility capability and stealth. That’s exactly what the U. S. Is Vermont has brought to the fleet today and in the past year. The moment she was commissioned us Vermont added next generation stealth surveillance and special warfare capabilities to the joint force. The Vermont can attack targets ashore with highly accurate cruise missiles. She can conduct surveillance to the land, the shore and the sea. She elevates our anti-submarine and anti-ship power and gives us an edge in mind delivery and detection. Her cutting edge reactor increases our fleets energy efficiency in our undersea reach and short this Virginia class attack submarine represents our finest teamwork, uniformed, civilian and contractor and senator. I indeed did mean what I said yesterday at the braves shipbuilders who built this great ship today are as important as those of us who serve in the pentagon and throughout the entire fleet. So to the electric boat, Newport news team, thank you for taking the lead and seeing this essential mission through. And I want to salute our small business partners as well to who provided key systems like the common weapon launcher and the payload control system. I know from personal experience as a small business owner what it takes to build a worship. It takes planning, precision and above all it takes teamwork and teamwork is the only way we can construct the challenges that lie ahead from the arctic to the mediterranean sea to these Atlantic shores. We’ve seen the biggest resurgence and Russian activity since I was a Cold War destroyer captain, Rogue states and terrorist continue to threaten sea lanes and shorelines across the world. And in the end of pacific, the Chinese navy is building, reaching and expanding every day while demonstrating a dangerous contempt for the international norms that protect us all. Secretary Austin has declared china are pacing threat and protecting our sea lanes and our allies from this competitive challenge is my top priority. As secretary of the Navy. We are fielding the capabilities and the concepts needed to meet this challenge at every single turn. Earlier this week, I spoke with surface warfare officers who were training and distributed warfare so we can project unified power from many places at once. And last week I met with our newest marine generals who were transforming the core for the modern man uh maritime battle space. We’re investing in great shipyards and in facilities just like this one to maximize efficiency and keep the right platforms in the fight and we’re using get real, get better approach to improve aviation, cybersecurity, logistics and undersea warfare. All of these initiatives will keep us ahead of the pacing threat. They are nothing without our greatest asset. Our people are people in the shipyards, our Navy civilian personnel and most of all the proud men and women who served in the United States Navy, just like this crew. This vessel has already proved itself in service. Not only because it was designed and built the right way, but because it was operated by the finest sailors on earth, so bravo zulu to you, Commander, Philips, Lieutenant Commander, Ludwick and mass Chief Brownson for your success so far. And I want to say a special word of thanks to the entire plank owner. Crew of the USs Vermont enlisted sailors who power our undersea fleet are an elite breed, skilled, disciplined and determined. They make enormous sacrifices and achieve amazing things over the horizon. And under the ways the silent service places extreme demands on both our sailors and their families. And I want to again thank each and every one of you. Family members who serve at your side, you have my personal commitment as your Secretary of the Navy that I will do everything I can to reduce the burdens of deployment and make sure that both warrior and family have everything that they need. That is my pledge to you. So fair winds and following seas to all of you and thank you for your service to our nation and our in our country. Thank you so very much. Now as Secretary of the Navy and on behalf of the President of the United States, I hereby affirm the United States ship, Vermont has a commission ship in the United States. Navy may. God bless and guide this Worship and all who shall sail in her. Thank you. Okay, thank you. Secretary del Toro. Executive officer set the watch. All right, sir. House the deck set the first watch High Sir. The officer deck is the commanding officers. Direct representative while on watch is responsible for the safety and smooth operation of the ship. The longer last is a traditional symbol of an officer decks authority in the ship of the line. Capital repair. The United States Navy Retired will assist in setting the first watch, bypassing the long glass to our first office of the deck. Lieutenant Michael J. Martin from Buena vista Colorado. The Petty officer of the deck is information systems, ignition submarines. Second class E. N. A. Black war from Danville Vermont. The top side centuries torpedo man. Second class Derek G. Broaden from Fairbanks Alaska the quartermaster. The watch is electronic technician, submarine navigation. Second class Francis Sapina from Bronx new York. And the Boston is made of the watch is Boston’s mate. First class Dwight smith from tupelo Mississippi Set the watch on Deck Section one. So watch is that very well Kevin? The watch is set very well Vermont or 10 shut from the days of sale the age of steam propulsion, gas turbine engines and nuclear power from wooden hulls, iron clouds and steel ships are navy has been and will always be a service steeped in tradition and heritage among our greatest traditions is that of a ship’s sponsor. It is the sponsor who imbues a ship with its personality, sponsors, participate in every milestone event in the creation of the ship. From having her initials welded into the keel to the ship’s christening her commissioning and beyond. It is the ship’s sponsor who breathes life into the ship when she gives the order to man our ship and bring her to life. Our sponsor, Miss Gloria Valdez, spent more than 32 years in public service, culminating in her selection as a deputy assistant secretary of the Navy ships from 2015 to 2018 while there, she worked tirelessly to oversee naval shipbuilding, major ships conversions and maintenance and modernization of the fleet. She’s been one of our Navy’s strongest supporters and we are honored to have her as our sponsor. Gloria. I’d be honored if you would join me and bring our ship to life. Good morning everyone. Before I actually give the command, I’d like to make a few remarks. Um, first of all, thank you, Secretary Del Toro for being here and uh, and for permitting us to have the today’s commissioning commemoration to uss Vermont to the veterans in our audience. Some of you up here, thank you for your service to our nation. While my job today is very specific, I first want to say something about our Vermont commissioning committee and I would like all of you to please stand and be recognized Vermont commissioning committee. Mhm Yeah, I’d also like to recognize Bernie, just Jessica wits and James Tomasso we lost but are not forgotten especially during this important milestone. Bernie and Jim were integral members of the committee and although they are missed dearly by their family and friends, this commissioning committee led by Deborah martin has planned not one but to commissioning celebrations for the USs Vermont and while this weekend is not playing out exactly the way we envisioned it is not any less important or spectacular. Your dedication and commitment to the officers and crew of the Vermont and their families is what impresses me most about each of you, Secretary Del Toro. I hope that you will grant us the opportunity to gather again for Vermonters weekend when Vermonters can tour their namesake vote, meet the officers crew and their families and celebrate together Vermonters truly care about the families of the USs Vermont at the peak of the pandemic, they established the Vermont support group led by Gary fry Meyer. They have established a close tie and collaboration not only with the family readiness group But with more than 30 Vermont associations and businesses, we’re dedicated just like I am to supporting the USs Vermont for the life of the boat. Most importantly today we honor and congratulate the boat’s crew and the men and women of electric boat and Newport news shipbuilding for delivering this magnificent submarine. And she, as I mentioned in my Christine remarks, Vermont was built by the best for the best and she is the best of the best, the most technologically advanced submarine in the world. It is the crew. However, that truly makes her extraordinary and these unprecedented times. This commissioning is unique and that it is a commemoration ceremony. And while many of the original plank owners have moved on in their respective careers, a number are still serving on board. Uss Vermont including Petty officer, second class Ian Blackmore from the great state of Vermont commander Charles Philips the third, Thank you and your crew for making us proud every day. Our nation has entrusted you with our finest worship and you have unequivocally demonstrated that you and your crew are prepared for C. With already over 285 days underway since April of 2020, I am confident that you and the phenomenal crew that are standing over there are equipped and ready for any challenge. It is an incredible honor to be your sponsor. You and your families have my unwavering support and the support of Vermonters May God bless this vote, this crew and the men and women who will serve on board Uss Vermont for many years to come and may. God bless America. Are you ready to see him now for the command that you have all been waiting for officers and crew of the USs Vermont man our ship and bring her to life. Uh huh. Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Uh huh. Yeah, ladies and gentlemen, the crew of the USs Vermont salute you. Mhm. We are proud to serve in America’s Navy. Ready two Governor Phil Scott Regrets being unable to 10. Today’s ceremony. The show is Vermont steadfast support of our namesake submarine. The Vermont, the governor is represented by the Vermont Air National Guard’s Green Mountain Boys F 35 with Operations Brothers in arms displaying Vermont’s pride in the most sophisticated military platforms and air and under the sea. Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated Kevin. The ship is manned and ready throughout Rear. Admiral Perry uss Vermont was placed in commission and I assumed command. Her watch has been set and she has been brought to life the United States ship Vermont reports for duty. You’re wrong. Thanks sir. Secretary Del Toro request permission to break your flag. He was granted I, sir. Executive Officer. Break the flag of the Secretary of the Navy High Sir. Quartermaster. Break the flag of the Secretary of the United States Secretary of the Navy, aye, aye, sir, Captain, the flag of the Secretary of the Navy is flying proudly over. Uss Vermont very well. Ladies and gentlemen, Commander Charles w Philips, the third United States Navy Commanding Officer, USS Vermont SSN 7 92. Mhm Vermont parade rest. Good morning Senator Blumenthal congressman. Secretary Del Toro. Miss Valdes, Admirals, distinguished guests, Vermont Citizens, family, friends, and shipmates. Thank you for being here today to commemorate the commissioning of U. S. S. Vermont. Secretary Del Toro, thank you for being our keynote speaker. We’re excited to have you leading our Navy and Marine Corps team and we are honored to have you here today. 17 months ago. On April 18, 2020, the crew quietly placed USS Vermont in commission on a rainy day at the start of a once in a century pandemic. I am grateful that we can all gather today to recognize the phenomenal efforts that went into building this submarine planning and hosting this commission in commemoration and sustaining our operations away from home. When we commissioned, we assume the watch and join the active fleet of the greatest submarine force in the world. Being part of this elite fighting force requires strength and tenacity through our silence and stealth, We preserve our nation’s freedom. We’re in an era of great power competition. Our competitors are more determined than they have ever been. However, our submarine force gives us the advantage this submarines capabilities, keep our competitors at bay and the world at peace. During World War II. The famous USS Tang was commissioned in October of 1943 and just three months later she was underway on her first war patrol. Please let me remark on some of the things this masterfully built submarine has accomplished in the 17 months since our commissioning. We’ve operated on three continents, crossed two oceans and steamed enough miles to circumnavigate the globe over three times. We have hosted a head of state on board and improved maritime partnerships with two countries. We have trained submarine commanding officers and executive officers in all areas of submarine operations. We have conducted exercises and operations in support of maritime, homeland defense. Most importantly, we have been certified to support the nation in combat for over a year. The first time milestone for a Virginia class submarine. Prior to post shakedown availability, Crew of Vermont, you should be proud of these accomplishments and use our successes as a starting point to constantly improve. We can never relent and must have a sense of urgency to be ready and justify the nation’s confidence in us. Now, I would like to give thanks for what it takes to accomplish such feats. Let me start with the excellent shipbuilders at General dynamics electric boat and Huntington Ingalls industries. They build the best warships on the planet. Today’s events would not have been possible without the resilience and dedication of an exceptional commissioning committee. We are grateful for Miss Deborah martin and her team’s efforts to commission this boat and connect the crew with the great state and the citizens it represents. We wish to pay tribute to Bernie, Jessica wits and Jim tommaso who passed since our commissioning. They dedicated so much to this boat and her crew. We’re sorry they’re not here to witness this celebration and we give honor to them and their families. We are grateful for the Vermonters who came here today to take part in this commemoration. We appreciate the support of your namesake submarine. The Vermont Support group has already begun their efforts to keep the boat connected to you. Fine Americans and we look forward to our relationship over the ship’s life. Next, I’d like to recognize and thank our ship’s sponsor, Miss Gloria Valdez Gloria, staying true to the boat and states shared motto. We bring the freedom and you bring the unity to this team. Your tireless efforts to advocate for the crew are nothing short of remarkable. Thank you for your counsel and guidance. We’re proud to have you as our sponsor and we look forward to celebrating future milestones in Vermont service to our nation. Next, I would like to recognize Captain Henry Wronki, the ship’s first commanding officer. Captain bronchi oversaw the building of this warship through its completion and outfitted the finest crew I have ever served with in my career. Finally, I’d like to recognize our ombudsman family readiness group in our command. Families simply put this submarine could not go to see without your efforts as volunteers in our nation’s defense. You manage the world back home with grit and grace. So we may be ready to answer the nation’s call. Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Uss Vermont is the newest and finest warship in the nation’s our arsenal. It was delivered as the 297th ship in the US Navy. I could not be prouder of the collective teams that brought us to today. Thank you. Freedom and unity. Okay, Okay. Yeah, Vermont, Arts and shun well, the guests please rise. Chad Mallory will deliver the benediction. Let us pray. Mhm. Yeah, receive this blessing as it falls on both crew and boat. May there be nothing to fear among you as you do the work of the Lord and let no one despise you as you go on your way in peace. Amen. Thank you Jeff Mallory. Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated, remain seated until our official party has departed.

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