CW5(R) TL Williams induction to the United States Army Military Police Hall of Fame

CW5(R) TL Williams induction to the U.S. Army Military Police Hall of Fame. Due to COVID restriction, this ceremony was conducted in a virtual setting.


Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the United States Army Military Police School 2020 Regimental Hall of Fame Induction. All parts of this ceremony were conducted in accordance with the most recent COVID-19 guidelines. In 1992, The Military Police Regimental Association established the Military Police Regimental Hall of Fame to recognize and honor former members of the Military Police Corps who made significant contributions to the development of the regiment. Each year, the United States Army Military Police School accepts nominations from across the world for induction into the Hall of Fame. A special selection board of past and present senior members of the regiment convenes to review each nominee’s military service and merit. Selected nominees significantly contributed to the evolution and definition of the Military Police Corps’ character, doctrine, mission, and or training. In certain instances, the selection recognizes exemplary or heroic actions. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a distinct pleasure to introduce the Chief of The Military Police Corps Regiment and the Commandant of the United States Army Military Police School, Colonel Niave F. Knell.

Hi, Colonel Niave Knell, your 51st Commandant. Today it’s my pleasure to announce the 2020 Regimental Hall of Fame winners. This is the largest group of recipients that we’ve had. We have eight total. They represent two of our compos. Hopefully next year we’ll represent all three. but we do represent three of the missions. We have the Combat Support MP mission, CID mission, and the Corrections mission represented. Two of our recipients are winners of medals for valor. All of our winners exemplify our motto of assist, protect, and defend, and all continue to serve in some capacity, either as volunteers or as DA civilians. We’re all very proud of our 2020 Hall of Fame inductees and congratulations to them.

[Announcer] Today, we honor Chief Warrant Officer Five retired T L Williams, outstanding leadership and significant contributions to our Military Police Corps Regiment, our army and our nation. Ladies and gentlemen. It is my pleasure to welcome Brigadier General retired David Phillips to introduce Chief Williams.

On behalf of Regimental Command Sergeant Major Charles Kirkland, Colonel white Dennis and myself Brigadier General David Philips. I’m honored today to introduce to you a soldier, a leader, a warrior, a CID special agent, a forensic scientist, an MP, and a lifelong friend, Chief Warrant Officer Five T L Williams. Her career spans several decades and I was honored to serve with her multiple times. The first time being at Fort Hood, Texas where she was the senior special agent in charge of the Fort Hood office. She was involved with solving numerous crimes, but one in particular affected not only the Military Police Battalion, the Military Police Brigade, but also the local community and Fort Hood in general. It was very complex and she orchestrated her special agents in gathering evidence and solving this case, which had national ramifications. Following that we had another opportunity to serve together. It was following the terrorist attack on the Pentagon on nine 11. I was serving as the director of security at the Pentagon when she was assigned a very critical duty as the liaison between the United States Army and the FBI throughout the investigation. After that, I again, got to serve with TL Williams in Iraq in combat. (water whooshing) She was the senior special agent and in charge of all special criminal investigations in the entire theater. I made a point to drive over and talk with her but first I contacted Colonel Dan Quinn. At the time the chief of staff of CID Command. I mentioned to him I would be going to the Military Police School as the commandant, when I left theater and there would be a changeover, the regimental warrant officer, he asked, “Who do you have in mind?” I told him, “Chief Warrant Officer Five TL Williams.” He got very quiet for a moment on the phone. I thought I actually lost the connection. Then he said in a very upbeat voice, “If you wanna shake things up, she’s exactly who you want. And she will make a very positive difference for the wretched. (water whooshing) We showed up together at the school and became a triad. Command Sergeant Major Kirkland, Chief Warrant Officer T.L Williams, who was the new regimental warrant officer and myself. We formed a triad where we did everything as a group of three. When we traveled, we would land at a location and immediately split up and come back together and try to stitch together the various career professions of the Military Police Corps. (water whooshing) We called it “The triple strand of strength.” (water whooshing) And it goes back a few years, but this was the shirt that we had that year. And it shows the various career fields of the Military Police Corps working together as one unified force. Chief Warrant Officer Five Williams TL. (water whooshing) She was an integral part of the effort and she made a difference not only with this, but with numerous other areas affecting our regiment. She continues to make a difference serving our regimen at CID Command. And I am honored today to introduce the newest member of the Military Police Corps Regimental Hall of Fame, Chief Warrant Officer Five TL Williams.

[Announcer] Thank you sir. Chief Warrant Officer Five Williams distinguished herself through exceptionally military service over her 30 years of services culminating as the first ever Military Police Corps and Criminal Investigations Command, Senior Warrant Officer, Office of the Provost Marshal General and Commanding General United States Army Criminal Investigation Command. Chief Williams was the principal advisor to the Commanding General on matters of welfare and morale, utilizations, promotions, privileges, discipline, training, and logistics support of warrant officer personnel. She performed in a myriad of positions of increasing operational and strategic importance to the United States Army and the Military Police Corps. Chief Williams’ extraordinary performance of duty significantly and positively impacted the United States Army, Criminal Investigations Division Command to this date. In recognition of her truly significant achievements and exceptional contributions to our country in the United States Army Military Police Corps, Chief Warrant Officer Five retired TL Williams is hereby inducted into The Military Police Corps Regimental Hall of Fame by the order of The Chief of The Military Police Corps. Chief Williams is awarded with the Regimental Hall of Fame medallion engraved with her name and years of service. The medallion carries the regimental crests along with a wooden regimental case. Chief Williams is also receiving a Regimental Hall of Fame Certificate of Induction signed by The Chief of The Military Police Corps and a Regimental Hall of Fame lapel pin. Lastly she received one of two bricks donated by the NPRA. The second brick will be placed at the MP Memorial Grove. Ladies and gentlemen, the newest inductee of the Regimental Hall of Fame, Chief Warrant Officer’s Five retired T L Williams.

Greetings to my beloved Military Police Regiment. I hope this video finds you all well. I’m extremely humbled and honored to be inducted at the same time as these amazing men, especially Mr.Sirian. I’d like to thank General Phillips, Sir Major Kirkland and Colonel Dennis for nominating me. It was a big surprise. You guys made me a better soldier and leader and I’ve always been great friends. I have been lucky to have assignments with some of the best command teams and battle buddies soldier could ever have. Since General Bezeka told me I was selected for induction into The Hall of Fame. There’s been one person I’ve been thinking about the most, and that is my father. There is no man I’ve loved and respected more than him. He told me I could do anything I wanted to as long as I set my mind to it. I’m sure he was hesitant about me joining the army, but he only voiced out once. When I joined the army he was in Panama with the Iowa International Guard and was the senior master sergeant. He came off the plane and I told him I enlisted in the army. And he said, “Are you sure you don’t wanna join the air force?” I told him it was partially grim and he never questioned me about it again. After he was diagnosed with cancer, I was promoted staff Sergeant. He told me one of these days, you’re gonna outrank me and he passed away about a month later. Nine months later I was a W 1 and he was right again. I’ve had great influence in support in my life starting with my family, my grandpa Bill, my brothers, my aunts and uncles, and ending with my forever friends. But my mom has always been number one without her there was no way I could have traveled around the world or been deployed without her love and support. Thanks again. Military Police Regiment through what has to be done, assist, protect, and defend.

[Announcer] Thank you Chief Williams. Ladies and gentlemen at this time Chief Williams photo is being unveiled on The Hall of Fame wall, signifying her induction into the Military Police Regimental Hall of Fame. Ladies and gentlemen, please join us for the playing of The Military Police Corps Regimental March, and The Army song. (band music) ‚ô™ We are the Regiment ‚ô™ ‚ô™ That of the troops was born ‚ô™ ‚ô™ We are the Regiment ‚ô™ ‚ô™ That for the troops was formed ‚ô™ ‚ô™ Military Police Corps in peace ‚ô™ ‚ô™ And war is there to assist, protect , ‚ô™ ‚ô™ Defend our own no matter when or where ‚ô™ (upbeat music) ‚ô™ March along ‚ô™ ‚ô™ Sing our song ‚ô™ ‚ô™ With the Army of the free ‚ô™ ‚ô™ Count the brave ‚ô™ ‚ô™ Count the true ‚ô™ ‚ô™ Who have fought to victory ‚ô™ ‚ô™ We’re the Army and proud of our name ‚ô™ ‚ô™ We’re the Army and proudly proclaim ‚ô™ ‚ô™ First to fight for the right ‚ô™ ‚ô™ And to build the Nation’s might ‚ô™ ‚ô™ And the Army goes rolling along ‚ô™ ‚ô™ Proud of all we have done ‚ô™ ‚ô™ Fighting till the battle’s won ‚ô™ ‚ô™ And the Army goes rolling along ‚ô™ ‚ô™ Then it’s hi, hi, hey ‚ô™ ‚ô™ The Army’s on its way ‚ô™ ‚ô™ Count off the cadence loud and strong ‚ô™ ‚ô™ For where’er we go ‚ô™ ‚ô™ You will always know ‚ô™ ‚ô™ That the Army goes rolling along ‚ô™

[Announcer] Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for watching The Virtual Induction Ceremony for Chief Warrant Officer Five retired TL Williams until the 2020 Military Police Regimental Hall of Fame.

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