Our Eternal Normal

Our Eternal Normal

COVID-19 has affected each of us in many ways. The congregation here at Church of Christ Deer Park has only recently begun meeting again after several months away. Children have been out of school for months on end. Restaurants have been drive-thru only. Elective surgeries have been postponed. Gym rats have had to workout at home. Jobs have been lost. Entrepreneurs have been bankrupted.

Some folks have had minor inconveniences from skipped vacations to missed salon appointments. Other folks have suffered great heartache. Who knows when this world will get back to normal or even what “normal” might look like? While we crave for normalcy after this pandemic, some things are “eternally normal.”

  • God loves you.
  • God wants a relationship with you.
  • God created the universe and all contained therein.
  • God sent his Son to die for you.
  • God raised his Son on the third day.
  • God established his one church on the first Pentecost after Jesus’s Resurrection.
  • God’s Word is truth.
  • God’s Word doesn’t change for my wants and likes.
  • God forgives my sin when I believe on his name, turn from my sin, confess the precious name of Jesus, and am immersed for the remission of my sins.
  • God answers prayer.
  • Heaven is real.
  • Hell is real.
  • Eternity is forever.
  • Judgment Day is coming.

God bless!

A version of this article appeared in the weekly newsletter for the Church of Christ Deer Park in Deer Park, Texas.

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