Retirement Ceremony for Brig. Gen. Jill Lannan

Retirement Ceremony for Brig. Gen. Jill Lannan, August 8, 2020

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Ladies and gentlemen, reverends Sarah Swan will now come forward and give the invocation. Thank you. Please join me in prayer. In the tradition that you’re most comfortable with, Father, we invite your presence here to witness the retirement of Brigadier General Joe Lannin. We thank you for everything that you’ve released on established through her. May those things continue to advance and grow and flourish. May the wisdom, strength, focus and compassion you’ve honed in her continue to be sharpened and shine throughout this next season of her life. May her mentorship and leadership continue to bless those around her on personal and corporate levels. Made general land and be free to enjoy quality time with her family and friends. Especially on weekends. Thank you for the sacrifices that she and her family have made for the airmen and soldiers who she’s lead and served throughout her career. Thank you for her heart. For service and genuine care for service members. Lord, we ask that you bless her and her family richly. May your blessing be upon everybody here. The Washington Air National Guard in the United States of America. In Jesus name. Amen. Thank you, Reverend Swan Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. Today, the men and women of the Washington Air National Guard pay special tribute to Brigadier General Jill A. Lannin and her career as she retires. After more than 35 years of dedicated and faithful service to her country, we would like to welcome and thank you all for sharing in this special occasion before we again let me take a moment to introduce the official party. The presiding officer today is Brigadier General retired John s two e former assistant agitate General for Air and Commander, Washington Air National Guard. Our honoree is Brigadier General Jill A. Landon, special assistant to the Director Air National Guard for Headquarters, Air Force Office of the Secretary of the Air Force Chief Information dominance and Chief Information officer. Also with us today. We would like to welcome General Annan’s special guests. General Annan’s significant other colonel, retired Joe Schweitzer, her son Jessie Reyez, her son Beau Landon and his girlfriend Destiny rough. Thank you all for being here. We would also like to welcome a number of military distinguished visitors. Please hold your applause until all names have been introduced. Major General Brett Dougherty, The accident General Washington National Garden Command Sergeant Major Bruce Ecclestone, senior enlisted adviser, Washington National Guard major general. Retired Frank Scoggins, former assistant agitate general for Air and Commander. Washington Air National Guard General Scoggins is joined by his wife, Diane. Check a teeny brigadier General Gent Welsh assistant accident general for air and commander. Washington Air National Guard Chief Master Sergeant Marvin Boyd, Command chief, Washington Air National Guard Brigadier General Chazz Jeffries, Mobilization assistant to the director of operations, J. Three U. S. Cyber Command. Colonel Page Abbott, director of staff headquarters. Washington. Air National Guard Colonel Ken Borchers, Commander 1 94th Wing Chief Master Sergeant Alan Lawson, Command chief, 1 94th Wing Colonel Scott Humphrey, commander, Western air Defense sector and Colonel Retired Johan Duscher, former director, Joint staff, Washington National Guard. Welcome. General Landon would also like to personally acknowledge a few others in attendance today. I wanted to save Matt from having to go through ah list of people in names to pronounce, but I want him pay a special welcome to my legislative girls Patty, Paula, Niamh, man friend Jim and Rainy and Cassidy Rae Wall and my special friends Lisa and Jeff Jenkins and My Buddy for Life, Rick Nemesis in his lovely wife, June. And I’ll acknowledge some other folks online when we get to other remarks. Thanks for coming. Finally. Welcome to the many others who are in attendance today, either in person or virtually friends, fellow airman, co workers from past and presence and members of the Washington Air National Guard. Ladies and gentlemen, you’re presiding officer for today’s retirement ceremony. Brigadier General to it. That’s Matt. Well, for this should be fun. It will be fine. Well, first, let me start by saying what A what an honor. And what a privilege it is to be part of this special day for Jill on her family. Um, we go way back, we have a lot of memories. So, Jill, thank you for this opportunity. Just share a little bit about you and your great and Cantlie historic career. Um, a life Leanne shares in your joy today, but, uh, she regrets not being able to be here, but she did include a nice note. And I’m going to read that note. In fact, after reading or note, I thought, Why the heck didn’t have her write my speeches because it’s really good. It’s really good. Anyway, Let me just start by saying, It’s so good to see everyone, even though this is a first. What a bunch of mass bandits Normally, uh, you know, I’d be running if I saw a bunch of people in Mass. But and honestly, in Idaho, we do this only a little bit, but it’s Washington. So it’s good to see everybody. And again, while I love this intimate and really Cantlie scenic setting with all 50 of you, this kind of ceremony for general and it would command at least 500 arm Or and I don’t say that I don’t say that lightly, we would need a huge facility to pull that off, and we’d be counting General Dougherty for that assistance anyway. So, Jill that, you know, I know that means nothing to you as faras an ego. But I’ll tell you that sad part is there’s not 500 intense so they can hear you personally. So the General Dougherty, General Scoggins and Diane so good to see you guys. It’s so just it’s a blessing to have your general Welsh General Jeffries and soon to be general do teacher and all other general officers kernels commanders, command chiefs, chief Massed sergeant Sergeant Majors into all the airmen and soldiers and retirees and friends that air here personally and watching online. All I can say is, Thank you for being here as we honor one of America’s finest airmen. And I mean that sincerely, Jill, to celebrate a remarkable and distinguished career. Jill, I know General Bloomberg was very close to you. And if you were with us today, he’d be sitting in that front row beaming with pride as we all are. But I know he’s falling down upon you from above. Let me start by offering a personal welcome to Joe. It is so good to meet you. What a great guy and excited Teoh hearme. Or And, of course, to Jesse, thanks for coming up from Vegas and destiny and course, bow man, as we were talking earlier to see Bo all grown up, I gotta tell you, you make me feel really old, okay? Because when I first met Bo, he was this little and I think he’s maybe five or six, maybe seven, maybe 17. I don’t know, but he was sitting there in the front row, and it was for some celebration for Jill. I don’t know if he’s a promotion or awards ceremony or something, but Jimbo is sitting in the front row and if you know gel, she She’s a passionate person. There’s a lot of heart. I mean, there’s a lot of emotion in there, and she was getting a little bit of emotion and Boat rescues her and shouldn’t tell the story. All right, tell a story online. Just disregarded part SoBo reaches out because Mommy pull my finger and I’ll tell you, the whole place busted up. And of course, it helped to calm the situation. But in a way, all I can say is Bo, um, it’s so good to see you, man. And you have grown to such a fine man. And let me just say you have sacrificed right along with your mom All these years he came home and she probably still had the combat boots on. Started making dinner, helping with the homework, getting the laundry done, starting all those things that a single mom does for her family. And Jesse, you’re very much a part of that to you know that. But I’ll tell you, that’s I didn’t have to worry about that. I came out. My wife was taking care of four kiddos. I had it easy. This is a true hero. These These are the kind of folks we need to celebrate the pay the price day in and day out. Let me tell you, my friend, there’s not a day went by when she put that uniform on that she didn’t think of you guys. Okay, you were first and foremost in the front of her mind. So thank you for allowing her to serve for so many years in the defense of this great state and nation. And I know like I said, it’s not always been easy and it’s coming a great price. So let’s now talk a little bit about Brigadier. General Jill landed for a few moments. Let me tell. It’s not easy to do when you got 35 years of experience. 27 is a friend of mine, but let me see if I could summarize a little bit of this so I’ll give it a shot for those that do not know. She grew up in Upper Michigan, in the town of Stevenson now is Stevenson as small as I think it is when I googled it, it was 762. Jill was part of that. I know what the number was back when you were there, but anyway grew up with a sister and two brothers. And she is the baby of the family, which automatically makes her the favorite child and a youngest in the audience. Well, favorite child right there. Anyway, Jill’s dad was a beer and wine distributor. Well, which may explain her love for oh Barney’s pub and other ruler houses in Olympia and across the nation in high school, it gets better. Trust me. In high school, Jill was also known for sports. Yeah, she’s an athlete. She ran track that comes into play a little later. But did you know she was in the band? What instrument? You think she played? Okay, Cornett. Eso We’re talking ago. You played the trumpet? No, it was the Cornett. So she corrected me on that. OK, but did you also know she was a cheerleader? Surprised? Course not. She’s been a cheerleader for 35 years, so it kept this place going anyway. And then during her junior and senior year. She studied abroad in Thailand, so she actually speaks a little bit of time. Warden. I do. And so if we could apply some whatever end, we could probably get her to see a good little Thai song that I have heard or saying, and it is priceless. It’s really fun anyway, So that’s another just one, those unique things about her upbringing. But here’s where it gets really interesting. So General Innit attended the prestigious school ST Norbert College in Wisconsin. And, as you can see by her bile, she studied, majored in French and Spanish and was in the ROTC program as a distinguished graduates. That’s one of those big accomplishments, not easy to do. Um, and so I asked her, said he had to get involved in ROTC, said, Was it you know, because your dad served in the Navy? Was it because you just had that burning desire? Well, what was it? Well, to be honest, I had friends that were taking these military science courses. They said it was pretty easy. No. And then they went out and had a beer good enough for May. You’re talking a guy from Florida State. Trust me, that was good enough. Now here’s a question for you. Well, I looked back up, but also she went off to summer camp. This is important to note and, ah, of course, because of her leadership in qualities and skill sets and all that, she got awarded a full two years full ride scholarship. So that’s again accomplishment. Does anybody know how many general officers have come out of ST Norbert’s college option? Say lay claim to their heritage. My guests. 23 14. 14 general officers from one college, Florida State. We don’t have a way of Burt Reynolds her and Ah, yeah, we’ll leave it at that. Burt Reynolds. Yeah, that’s our claim to fame. 14. Do you know who the 14th 1 is? And the only female general officer? That is really cool, Let me tell you, what’s also need is the board of trustees called her up recently and said, Hey, we’d like to bestow upon you a jurist doctorate degree, said Doctor Juris Juris, doctorate. I think we have to call her doctor after this Dr Landon anyway. So what? It gets even better, though. Then they said, Hey, how about coming back and giving the commencement speech this year, so she’ll be flying back toward the end of the month. So I let right and we’ll be doing a tape speech for her message to the graduating class from ST Norbert’s College. I think we ought to give her a round of applause for that. That is really cool. Well, as you’ll hear, there’s Mawr accomplishments. Will you’ll see their first? First for a lot of things for her military career. So let me cover down on some of that 1985. The young lieutenant goes off to Fort Huachuca, Arizona, to 10 basic military intelligence school. And then it gets bad from here. Okay, gets really ugly. So she gets her next assignment. She’s in tears. I’m going where you got to be kidding me. Well, that’s a really dumpy place. It’s called Scofield Barracks, Hawaii. I said, you got to be kidding me. So you leave Nice, warm. You know, Arizona, you get to go to the tropics. Yeah, I said, how was it? She was Well, how do you think it was? It was great Said where did you live? On the beach, on the beach. North Beach Charb life charmed life. So about three years she’s doing that. And then she gets called back 24 Louis, where she’s in the S two department, 1990. Then she moves up into the G two for operations at First Corps. And that’s really where we came into the picture. If she came into our picture, it was while working at First Corps that she was first introduced to the Washington Air National Guard, specifically the 1 11 a sock. Okay, And I was had the good fortune to be the detachment commander at the time. And I have been asking the core a low on Air Force colonel if he could help us out. Get some kind of role players, actors that could come in and help that had Army skill sets to get us ready for our first operational readiness Inspection of your eye. And he said, Sure, we’ll find some people. Then Captain Landon was volunteer old. You’ll be part of this ragtag outfit. And so this next part of the story I can only tell you I wish Craig Blanken steam. We’re here. And Rick, you know what I’m talking about. General blanket steam, then a captain himself. I think maybe was a major. But anyway, the story goes, we’re rolling out in convoy. Probably a good 20 vehicles. Craig’s leading the vehicle. We get out to the the entrance point. You have to go down this dirt wind. The road kind of opens into an area and right in the middle of the road is this broken down Humvee with the hood up. And who is it leaning in like she’s pretending to fix the engine. Very own Jill Landon. So I don’t know what happened. Craig’s yelling out the window. Move that thing, Get out of the road. I got a convoy, You know, when he’s given it to her and she’s like, You don’t think I’d move it, buddy? You know, Come, give me a hand And I do not know what possessed Craig to get out of the vehicle. I do not know. Greatest mistake of his career, anyway. He hops out, takes about 10 paces forward, still wagging his finger. And about that time, Jill said, I’ve had enough, gave a little signal and crouched down in the front of the vehicle where two or three tack peas locked and loaded, and they just let him have it. Blanks were flying all over the place. It was It was beautiful. It was just It was visible for Craig, but it was really, really something to see. Anyway, At that point, you know, Craig realized his vehicle and his team were hosed and that he had succumbed to the treachery of this captain named Jill Lannin. Well, needless to say, everyone and I do mean everyone loved this spunky captain from the Army. And before long, the unit was trying to get her to join the 1 11 a sock. And I think she did. Just out of curiosity, cause she thought we were such misfits is what she told me one time. Anyway, she was assigned to the Intel section in 1993. She did leave active duty, joined the guard, and Jill became, uh, the O I. C. Shortly after being in that section, which was kind of a fast accomplishment. But here’s another real first. Not long after she was put in to become the first non rated female detachment commander you got understand? Our Manning document didn’t allow that it was pilot have rated only. But thanks to the gentleman right here in the front row, General Scoggins, he went to bat. We got a waiver. And the next thing you know, we have a brand new detachment commander who was absolutely the right person at the right time for the unit. And what a great job you did. Jill. Excuse me. By the way, do you know what her call sign is? No. No, you do, Rick. It Xena. Xena, the Princess Warrior. Is anybody surprised that because, well, one her warrior spirit, no doubt absolutely has that warrior spirit. But to she looks like the actress Lucy Lawless. I mean, check it out, look at her and then look at jail and you go, Hey, there is this, um, Anyway, so I have to share a It was, in fact, general Skies and I were just talking a gentle reprimand that I received from my boss. And I had no knowledge of this. I clueless. I didn’t know can didn’t know. Anyway, Um a rather lifelike and I do mean lifelike painting was on display in front of the building on a mark 82 £500 bomb display. Prominent on it? Yeah. You drive by the building, you’ll see it. She’s got off it. In fact, that’s where the story got interesting. So, General Scoggins, driving by one afternoon, sees something backs up, sees again? Actually, no, my phone’s ringing. I think I was a lieutenant colonel in time. He’s like Colonel two. Yes, sir. What can I do for you? Uh, tell me. I don’t have this right. But is that landed on the front of that bomb wearing a Princess Warrior outfit? I’ll let you all Google that if you don’t who I’m talking about again. I had no knowledge. So bottom line, the conversation was short. It was one way. And it conclude with me saying, Yes, sir, I’ll get that fixed. And out came a gallon of green paint, and, uh, way took care of that. Anyway, in 2002 Jill was selected as the first female officer to command Attachment one which detached one turned out to be the precursor of the formation foundation for the 1 94th wing. More to follow on that, but during that time, many changes were under way, particularly combat communication units that were transforming into cyber again thanks to General Scoggins. He looked at that and said, We need to transform along with it. Um And so in 2003 Joe was selected to command the relatively new unit known as the 26 Information Warfare and Aggressor Squadron. And I gotta tell you, because of her great leadership during this period, so many wonderful things took place that gave the that unit a national highlight. It truly is known as the benchmark cyber unit during that time, and even today it’s still is called in is the premier unit for both active duty and guard. Then a 2007 another first as she was selected to command the newly foreign Mission Support group that had just stood up under the wing, followed by another first as the first vice wing commander in 2009 and then finally, as the first female wing commander, 2013. And that is quite an accomplishment till very, very proud of you. Then, after a brief stint as the chief of staff for the headquarters here behind you, she was selected to become the Air National Guard assistant to 24th Air Force here for Space Command from 2015 to 2018 and finally she was appointed as the Air National Guard assistant to the deputy C. I o headquarters. Air Force. And when I say that many of you kind of know, What’s that mean? Well, let me trust me, friends. And I tell you, these last two assignments are a huge, huge deal, and you’ll hear more about that when they read the citation for her accomplishments. But it has everything to do with today’s realm of cyber and space, and she’s been dead center in the middle of that, and through all of assignments, Taskings, missions and challenges, General Annan has led with great distinction, uncompromising integrity and the highest of honor. And, I will say with a great sense of humor, a truly remarkable in storied career which Jill you could be so very, very proud of. And, as you’ve heard here today, a career of many first, for a woman, to be honest, the first female general officer, most notably for the Washington National Guard, both air and army, and I think that’s a huge accomplishment. I’ll say it probably won’t now be the last. Thankfully, thanks to you, it’s my sincerest hope that these accomplishments that you’ve had inspired all airman, but especially our young female airman to believe they to can achieve the same success and more so finally left be talk for just a moment, moments on the person that has been my friend for 27 years. And while I was on the phone with you the other day, I asked her What inspires you? What motivates shit, Jill? Her answer was simply and yet profoundly family. Her family. She is all about family. She’s all about her friends. She’s all about her community and just people in general. As many of you know, Jill has a huge, huge heart. I asked her to describe her leadership style in light of this, she believes, and this is what she told me. I believe you gotta lead by example, but with compassion and conviction, you gotta have the to love people, but make the tough decisions. And that’s not always easy. It’s not easy. Mission must always be the priority, but taking care of people cannot be compromised. For without your team of dedicated, motivated professionals, the mission will suffer or worse, it will fail. So General Lennon has a proven track record of 35 years of outstanding inspirational leadership, worthy of total emulation and complete admiration, an unwavering loyalty of thousands of airmen and soldiers across not just locally but across this nation. Jill and even at headquarters in at the at the bureau, I also asked her what she was most proud of is she reflects back on his stellar career. And, of course, once again she spoke of family. She spoke of her family is what she’s most proud of, but also all the different challenging and interesting assignments. Then she also mentioned because of Exit is one more thing, you know. What’s that? She goes? Well, I was the first female Air Force officer on the Washington National Guard marathon team. Come back to the track comment. Okay, So let me tell you, in just two years, while she was in that capacity, she ran five full marathons. Anybody here run a marathon? Yeah. Okay, sit down. All right. Five full marathons and 12 Hafs, the only running ideas to the bathroom at night. It’s just terrible. Anyway, so proud. I mean, this also explains why she whipped me on the annual fitness test sincere past, me talking usually it to someone on the way. Just breathing easy anyway. So when I think of general and leader, the friend, the mentor, the mom, especially your mom role, I think of this amazing human being who tirelessly gives so much of herself to those she loves. So those people around her to the mission she’s been entrusted with into the community she supports. You have to know General Annan is to love General Annan in jail. I hope you know just how many folks locally and across this nation, truly love you. But they love you because you love them. You give so much of yourself. So I’d like to sum everything up, I said by just quickly reading my wife’s note. And again she sends her deepest regrets for not being here. Dear Jill, today is such a milestone in your military career. You have served with honor in every position given and today that honor is being returned to you for job well done and a life well lived. Thank you for investing well in the leadership positions, your fingerprints or many, and have imprinted those who follow in your footsteps. Congratulations. on your retirement. You have earned it. Make good memories with Bo. Enjoy and make a difference in future pursuits. One day, God will say to you, Well done. Good and faithful servant. Lovely. And yeah, well, Jill, I can’t agree more with what Leann said. You have indeed left your wonderful imprint on the lives of so many airman soldiers. Civilians in the community at large. You’ve given so much. And I can only personally tell you that you will be remembered for the fountain of passion, your incredible commitment, their charismatic leadership and your unwavering dedication. I think the poignant words of Ralph Waldo Emerson rings so true for you. The purpose of life is not to be happy. It’s to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well, indeed. I think this is an excellent reflection of you, General Annan. Jill, we all wish you and your entire family the very, very best in the coming years. I hope you get to spend many long and happy days when you get back to Michigan up with your beautiful camp. And I also hope you get to take in a few Packer games, which I know she will. And I think everybody knows she’s a diehard cheddar head rabid fan. You’ll hear more about that too, I’m sure. But I do hope you get that time again. Thank you for your faithful years of service to the state and the Washington Air National Guard in the United States. Air Force. Well done, general. In and well done. May God bless you and your family and all your future endeavours. May he keep you in the palm of his hands. So God bless. Now go and enjoy retirement. Thank you. Thank you, sir. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand general to we will now present General Landon with the Legion of Merits. Attention to orders. This is the citation to accompany the award of the Legion of Merit second Oak Leaf cluster to Jill A. Lannin. Brigadier General Jill A Land and distinguished herself by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service to the United States. Has special assistant to the Director Air National Guard for the Deputy chief Information Officer, Secretary of the Air Force, the Pentagon, Washington District of Columbia From 1 September 2018 to 31 July 2020. In this important assignment, the leadership exemplary four sites and ceaseless efforts consistently demonstrated by General Annan resulted in significant contributions to the effectiveness and success of Air force programs. She drove and enabled rapid enterprise information technology transformation and cybersecurity reform to deliver an innovative digital experience for over 106,000 guardsmen, General Landon promoted Air National Guard network modernization efforts, advocating for $110 million of future year defense program funding for the Transformational Enterprise Information technology. As a service initiative, she served as the deputy chief information officer, representative to the headquarters, Air Force Executive Team on Industrial Control Systems, Cyber Security and lead a high visibility three weeks sprint to develop a comprehensive plan for hardening air force critical infrastructure against cyberattacks general and uninsured. Over 10,000 Air National Guard cyberspace operations personnel were prepared to meet requirements for the Cyber Squadron initiative, enabling base level defensive cyberspace operations at 90 installations across 54 states territories in the District of Columbia. Finally, she served as the deputy task force commander during exercise Bersama Warrior 2020 in Malaysia and earned praise for the United States Army Pacific vice commander and 25th Infinite Incheon Infantry Division for handling Corona virus pandemic mitigation and response while overseas and getting the team home safely. All well, maybe maintaining the vital relationship with a key National Guard State partnership program. Country. The singularly distinctive accomplishments of General Lannan culminate a long and distinguished career in the service of her country and reflect great credit credit upon herself, the Air National Guard and the United States Air Force Given under my hand. L. Scott Rice, Lieutenant General U. S. A. F Director Air National Guard Brigadier General Landon will also be receiving the Washington State leading the Merit. Ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing for the reading of the retirement order. Attention to order, Reserve order Echo Kilo 3588 Brigadier General Jill A. Landon is relieved from current assignments assigned to the Retired Reserve Section and placed on the U. S. Air Force Retired list effective 1 August 2020 by order of the Secretary of the Air Force, Signed Ashley L. Heian, Colonel, United States Air Force Director personnel and Total Force Services. Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated breeder general to We will now present a certificate of retirement and a letter of appreciation from former President George W. Bush to Brigadier General Landon. The letter reads. Dear Jill, thank you for your service in the United States Armed Forces. I am proud to have served as your commander in chief, and I am pleased to join your family, friends and colleagues in recognizing your career and accomplishments throughout history, the dedicated men and women of our military have protected our citizens and preserve the ideals that make our country strong. Their courage and sacrifice have inspired countless peoples and have helped shape America’s character on behalf of a grateful nation. I thank you for your contributions to our security and to the cause of peace and freedom. Your service, patriotism and selfless devotion have helped advance the universal hope of liberty at home and around the world. Laura and I send our best wishes for health and happiness in the years ahead. May God bless you, and may God continue to bless America sincerely, George W. Bush, in recognition of General and in service in defense of the United States Chief Master Sergeant Mark Suli, a representing the 1 94th wing honor guard will now present her with the United States flag. For those who may not know, Brigadier General Landon had originally planned to retire in 2015 to get in front of the planning curve. She had the United States flags flown at her favorite football team stadium, the Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field. Little did she know. Then it would be another five years before being presented this flag at her official retirement ceremony. The certificate of authenticity reads. The Green Bay Packers hereby certify this American flag was flown over Lambeau Field in honor of Colonel Jill A. Land in Washington, Air National Guard on January 16 2015 by William Ruble. The accompanying letter from the president and CEO reads Dear Colonel Landon on behalf of the entire Green Bay Packers organization, I would like to extend the warmest congratulations to you on your upcoming retirement after 30 years of loyal and distinguished service in both the United States Army and Washington Air National Guard, your success in the operational assignments that you have completed, including the most recent as commander of the 1 94th wing, can’t Murray Washington has made this country more secure and has made an immeasurable impact toward the betterment of democracy and our way of life. Your list of operational assignments throughout your military career, along with the list of awards and decoration, is quite impressive. Your dedication to duty and loyalty to our country is to be commended. We are aware that you have been a lifelong fan of the Green Bay Packers for this support. We are truly grateful. It is only because of the dedication of fans like you that the Packers have gained worldwide recognition through the years Carnal landed. It is our honor to once again congratulate you on your upcoming military retirement and wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Signed Mark H. Murphy, president and CEO, Green Bay Packers and Sandra M. Rubell, Corporate giving assistant community outreach, Green Bay Packers In recognition of her service to the state of Washington, Captain Hans Zeiger will now present General Landon with the Washington State flag. The accompanying certificate reads to all who shall see these presence Greetings be it known that Brigadier General Joe Lannan is hereby presented this certificate of appreciation in honorable recognition of 28 years of dedicated service to the Washington Air National Guard and being the first female general officer in the Washington National Guard. This is to certify that the accompanying Washington State flag was flown on July 4th, 2020 over the state Capitol building in Olympia. In her honor, signed Kim Wyman, Secretary of State Colonel Retired Joe Schweitzer will now pin the U. S. Air Force retired pin on Brigadier General Landon. Okay, At this time we have a few gift presentations for Jill. Brigadier General Lannin. Our first gift comes on behalf of the office of the Secretary of the Air Force. Deputy Chief Information officer. Mr. Arthur Hatcher, acting Deputy CEO, is unable to be here in person, but he sent a letter ahead on it. Reads, Jill, thanks for your 35 years of service to the nation and particularly for your exceptional contribution to the SAFF CN mission. For two years, you played a critical role in the Department of the Air Force Network modernization efforts. By advocating for funding and synchronizing the interests of the Air National Guard, you advanced key operational imperatives that fused intelligence and cyber while aligning the digital modern modernization functions under the Deputy chief information officer. Lastly, and most importantly, you were a great wingman and teammate representing our deputy CEO front office on matters requiring general officer level advocacy. We will miss your camaraderie and smiling face, best wishes and God’s speed in the next lane in chapter Sincerely a g p. S. My one regret is that we didn’t take advantage of your talent as a beer connoisseur. Seriously, though, on behalf of the CN family, I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. And thank thanks again for your exemplary service for our next few presenters. I will invite you to make any remarks at the podium so that our online guests will be able to hear your remarks as well. First up, Brigadier General Welsh would like to present a gift of appreciation on behalf of headquarters. Washington Air National Guard. Great excuse to take the mask off. Ah boy, I don’t even know where to start going to tell you this. It’s it’s like we’re losing. Ah, big sister. You have been there for every one of us. I mean, I’ve got a ton of my career that I owe you personally. You’ve been there for me. You’ve been there for General TUI, everybody. That’s that’s risen out of the 1/11. A stock, A sock mafia for many years. Um, I still got your number, though. I’m still gonna probably at reach out to you every now and then. But it’s like a big piece of us is Ah is leaving and kind of makes me sad. So I’ve got a coin here for you, and I’ve got my personal poker chip That’s not good for anything at the Red Wynn casino. So don’t don’t take it down there, but, ah, this really, I think encapsulates your careers well, but it’s our motto here, and we rise by lifting others. I’ll give you those, and we’ve got something. Ah, a little more frothy. Okay, so obviously with cove it you’re not traveling. So, uh, we brought the European beer to you and Ah, we’ve got a couple glasses. You guys can toast him tonight. But Brigadier General Jolan and thank you for 35 years of dedicated service 22 May 85 to 31 July 2020 and quite the assortment of German and other things. So there you go. Do it quick. I’m not gonna drop it, boys. That’s not yours. Next up, Brigadier General to we would like to make a presentation. Well, similarly, we wanted LeAnn and I said, Well, what would be appropriate Knowing that you’re spending ah, lot of nice quality time with Joe. So there is a there’s an adult beverage in the one container and that I hope you get to enjoy maybe on your deck this evening or sometime before you guys head out. Ah, And then there is a book of ah, Camino de Santiago the which talks about the walk across Spain through holy sites. And so I know you will do that at some point. And then lastly, there’s a little gift card in there for old Bill Arnie’s go figure. So I hope you enjoy that with family before they have to press on. But, uh, and it was just on behalf against LeAnn and I. We just want to say thank you, Jill, for being part of our life, for love it on our kids and just Ah, you’re fantastic leadership all these years. A Z gent, you said we’re losing the big sister that actually sees the adult in the group. To be honest, the adult is leaving, so I don’t know what that means for the rest of kids, it is frightening. But the bottom line is your legacy lives on. And I thank you again. So little something. Next. Colonel Ken Borchers from the 1 94th wing has a presentation to make. I am getting great. You are rights. Thank you for pointing that out. I appreciate it. So if you want to go back, we’ll go back. Eso it turns out, um I don’t know why this stands out my memories so vividly, but it does. I’m going to share this with the crowd. 27 a half years ago in February, a cold winter morning on a Saturday in the A sock bunch area Right over there. I had, I think, still one strike, one whole stripe on my sleeve. I was very proud of it. Yes, ma’am. Yes, ma’am. I feel like I’ve gone back and forth a few times, and that’s all right. That’s all right. But someone was introduced. I remember vividly standing up and turning around and seeing ah, female captain Army officer, And I knew she was an army officer because she was still wearing us army on her beauty use. At the time, it was kind of a severe hair cut sort of thing. You stood up and you looked frankly, uh, you looked a little angry and a little confused about what you had gotten into, And, uh, and I thought, Well, she while she looks really scary, uh, she looks terrifying. Um, And then I got to work for you, and you taught me some very hard lessons along the way. And you were indeed scary. I was right. It turns out I was right on. I thank you for all those scary lessons, because since then and over the years, you have become a very dear mentor and friend to me, and I miss you every day. But here’s the thing, and this is pretty cool. Outside my office, there are the all the portrait of the former wing commanders of the wing. And this gentleman over here is on that wall. Uh, we still got to get the boss up on that wall. I keep asking for a photo. I don’t know what I don’t know what’s going on there, but Ah, Jonah, Jonah, Travis is on that wall, their horns on that wall. Um And you’re on that wall. And the thing about your photo is that as I walk into my office, yours is right there at eye level and you’re looking at me. It’s like your eyes follow me into my office. And I got to tell you, these have been some hard days, and some of these days have been very good. And some of these days have been very tough. But when I see you, every time I walk into my office, I think to myself, thank you for those lessons. And yes, this is hard. And I’m doing my best. Thank you. We’re gonna miss you. So after you left Yeah. Come on. Or your chief. After you left, we had this little made of the wing eso You didn’t get to have one of these. But now you will. As a former commander, we put the wing coins in there because words are important. Isn’t getting it on the mic. But that’s OK to read. Yeah, It says bring Jill Ex WP planet sexually Xena. Warrior Princess Words important. That’s how she signed a lot of emails. Thank you for your leadership friendship. Chairman of the 1 94th win team. I think Lieutenant Colonel Dave Stilling and Senior Master Sergeant John Austin would now like to make a special presentation. So, ma’am, thank you so much for letting us be part of your ceremony. Um, I’m actually feeling relieved because August 1st you actually retired, so I think I’m safe. So But once again, thank you. I came here in 2010 from Georgia, and you’re at the wing, and and like I always said, compassionate, you help people accountable. But more importantly, you’re able to translate commander’s intent all way down to the A one C and so that’s really rare. So I appreciate it. Funny story about the Xena Princess Warrior. Ah. So about two years ago, for the 30th anniversary for the 1/11 we’re repainting the bomb because I wanted to look nice. Yeah. So Dave Greenwood, starring Green was out there and, uh, he goes Holy crap. Look at this. He brings me out there and there. Xena. Warrior princess still on the bomb that had been covered over. So I snapped a picture and I sent it to you. Remember that. And I said, We really want to keep this, but we probably shouldn’t. So I thought that was that was awesome. But ah, so really, we just have a couple of gifts, and, um, I don’t know how it started. John and I were talking about this, and we’re trying to figure out that your passion for the military and passion for family is equally matched by your passion for football. Ah, and your packers. A matter of fact, I’m from Pittsburgh and I never heard the end of the Packers beat the Steelers in 2010. So we thought, Well, and I know how got going emails going back and forth every Monday or Tuesday after a football season. I think you started it actually, so she would start up in the email trail and it would be between us three. Just talking crap about football, Patriots, Steelers, and Packers. And it would go round and round. It still happens to this day. I think John instigates it, actually. So, um, but I just want to thank you once again for this opportunity to talk to, um and Melanie passes her best, which is as well. And so thank you. And good luck. And we’ll still be talking crap in football. John, I know you had a few words to say. Okay, man. So if life thing was pretty cool, I’ll give you that. Um wrong team. Wrong stadium. Great deal. Thanks for the idea for my retirement. So I don’t know what to do with my flag, because it was an awesome idea, so well done. So it’s not gonna kind of silly earlier as well. I still don’t know how our email chain started or how it happened, how it came to be. But seriously, for the last six years running every Monday morning after after Sunday football games, the three of us start talking crap. I don’t make so sense. Senior mass hard, Lieutenant Colonel General. I don’t get it, But it happened, and it still happens. It is hilarious. So let me tell you when you say she has convictions, sir. In compassion, she has both of those things. But boy, she can talk some crap of the best of them, and it is hilarious, and it’s a lot of fun. So what you don’t know is when she left the wing. Ah, a few years back. Now, you, uh we had a gift plan for you. That me and kind of silly head created then And it’s been in my office for five years. Some you may have seen it. You haven’t seen it. We still have. It was in my closet at home, so we’re gonna give it to you. Way we expect this is this is about as good as good as it gets. Okay, So you’re gonna love this for you than that it is combined. Oh, yeah, a picture that Well, wait, there’s more. So it’s not quite done yet. The best part of the story. I took these jersey to an alteration shop off base. The way he was so mad, it means did not want to sew them because of a reputation for sewing and doing the work. Just like it’s gonna look ugly. Attack. I said yes. That’s the point. It’s supposed to be disgusting. Just so it she’s gonna love it. So? So I’m glad they got our book General TUI. I also got her a book. If you recall when you’re lingers to your chain of command for the wing to General Horn. You gave him a book? Do you call a book you gave him? Yes. So I agree with everything that’s been said. You are a phenomenal commander when the best that I’ve ever seen. And so gentle horn as have been the rest of that I followed you. I can’t help but think if you gave him the right book, how much better things could have been S o I bought to you the Bill Belichick leadership book. Just just so you can say that You hope it’s not quite done yet. So there’s actually an official gift. Okay, so, um, I had emailed her last week, after all, the after all the years of talking crap, I truly did not know what she had. She had a woman cave, uh, with the items or jerseys or what she had. So I asked her favorite players a list. Why? And she gave me a list. So we went out and bought a clay Matthews jersey, which is one of her favorite guys. It’s so So you got this. You General Landon would now like to present a few gifts herself. Yes, I know this is going long. I apologize. But to ah, Joe and the boys might get your gift. I thought, you know a coin. What you going to do with it? Lose it. Throw it away. What? I what I ah, we’ll give to tonight is pizza and beer. And what I give to you for the rest of my life is my support, Love. I love you all. All right, John Austin, this was on my door. It’s now going on yours so you can pick this up later. Someone will put it there. So you accumulate a lot of stuff in 35 years and you schlep it from office to office. The office and I was here a few weeks ago, going through things and really laughing hard at some of the things I found. Um, and one of the things I found that I would like to return is to Mike. Parents. Where are you, Mike? Yeah. So, Mike, barons attempt. Colonel was a jag here for those of you who don’t know. When I was a wing commander, the recruiters called me and said, Hey, ma’am, we’ve got a couple. You have JAG slots. We have a couple jags we want you to interview, and we want to bring both in at the same time. So I you know, I see their resumes. I’m like, Whoa, that guy’s from the 62nd right? I was like, OK, cut six second guy. The other guy was from Cyber com Senator Roaches, son. So I’m like, Oh, cyber jag. He’s gonna be great. So and I’m ignoring Baron stuff. So they come in my office, I sit down and introduce themselves, and I don’t think Roach said five words in there. He couldn’t get anything passed human rights. But Baron says a few words to me, and I said, Wait a minute, where you from? Because you recognize the twang? You just know. He said on from Minnesota, like you’re Vikings fan, just like yeah, well, like his family, like, well, I’m a cheese head. This is This isn’t his interview like this is not gonna go so well, he says. But, hey, I went to college in Wisconsin like you want to call it where rip in college and ripping colleges. Ah, right up the street there. Hey, from ST Norbert College. So it might. And I hit it off very well. And his wife raised the Children, right, cause they’re diehard Packers fans. But in all seriousness, that was a good decision I made to bring you on that day. And you have just, um I know you’re not supposed to have favorites, but you’ve been a favor. You’re a good man, your good father, your good human being, and you’re going to do great here. But you either left me with a piece of crap, Nat Box that I found or it was Kelly used. But you’re getting it back. So before you leave today, you can walk up here and take this Farve in a Vikings uniform just so wrong. It’s all yours. You’re welcome. Okay. Anybody here from the 262 Something that I’m going to give back to the 262 which was just such a great, great command of mine, thanks to journal Scoggins, who really pushed me to take it, and I didn’t want to, but it’s such a great organization and ah, the a o f flight left Ah ah! Picture with me that as much as I truly love it, it belongs back in that squadron. So I’m gonna have somebody returned this to 262 And lastly, Well, we’re almost to the last one. The 1/11. You’ve heard a lot of us talk about the 1/11. I spent nine years there in the first year was rough for me and juniors, right? I remember that day I stood up, I looked around. I was kind of I didn’t know what I was doing. Didn’t know what kind of organization I had joined. Took me a long time to transition from active duty Army into the air. National Guard. Um, but that unit has just left such a mark on on this entire organization. As I was going through my, uh, box of things, I found a few things that are going to go back to the heir to the A sock. One of those is the do for book. For those of you who were ever in the A sock. You know what the do for book is? I promise I’m not gonna read anything out of it. And this was the 2nd 1 because the 1st 1 is a green. You know, the big green notebooks and that’s filled, But I found this one. And there are some names in here I recognized, like ah to ee nemesis and a great story in here about Junior Borchers. So this can go back to the 1/11 where it belongs, and you can continue this proud tradition and there’s some funny stuff in here. And then finally, for the 1/11. Still, he was mentioning We had our our ah ceremony our anniversary ceremony a couple years ago, and I won the raffle for the scroll. And I’ve had the scroll on my office ever since. And it always reminds me where I came from in the Air National Garden. As much as I’d like to take it home, it belongs in the squadron. So I want to return this back that will live in. They suck, has all the commanders names on. And you can get the former commanders names who haven’t been a you know who aren’t on it now, including yourself. So this goes back to you. But I never got a scroll because Pettigrew screwed it up and he forgot to say so long A soul. So you owe me one, okay? A souls forever almost done, Junior. So junior told you that we met when he was a one striper, 18 year old. A little bit of a punk. Um, I went to college and at Gonzaga, came over for drill with Gent. Um, and I really have my doubts about those two for, uh, you know, if you would ask me back then that they’d be sitting here right now is the a taking the wing commander? I would have said there’s not chance in hell, but, um, Junior has always been like a little brother to me. Still is like a little brother to me. I don’t have a little brother. So he’s my little brother and I watched a girl, and I’m just so very, very proud of you. And I know you’re gonna continue to do great things. So, for you, my friend, I have my star. And I hope Teoh pin it on you someday or watch it pinned on you someday. But let me remind you, you have plenty of opportunities to screw it up. And if you do, just give this deleted cause she won’t. So the last thing I have and I’m not gonna call people up here, but I have a little bit of appreciation. I wanted to take some of the support organizations out. So lunch. So I got you some gift cards to my favorite sub shop in Olympia. And I want to think, Ah, the headquarters. The four support Squadron Finance Calm flight in the med group For all the just tremendous support they’ve given me over the years. And they’re so rarely recognized and especially these past five years where I’ve sort of been, you know, on an active duty island, and they still support me. So I hope you’ll all get together, have lunch on me, and please include the cops and anybody else. I I may have for gotten in there, but I have cards up here with letters to those organizations. I’m sure somebody will get them to them. So I’m done with my gifts, Matt, I think All right. Well, thank you, ma’am. Ladies and gentlemen, is now finally time to give our honoree the floor for her closing remarks. So please join me in congratulating Brigadier General Jill Lannan, U S Air Force retired. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Sorry. I please sit down. I know this has been a long ceremony because we talk a lot, and I really do think everybody for coming. All 30 50 of you. Whatever we’re authorized to have in here and for all of you that are online, it really does feel very intimate. And by the way, the masks look great. You look awesome. Um, and this this is this is weird. Um, we’re living in very strange times, but, you know, we’re making the best of it. And I thought, what would I say at a ceremony like this where I have a small audience sitting in mass looking kind of strange and live streaming, which is very awkward for me. And I thought about one guy which might make you I’ll go home. More grants, anybody Anybody attend Mori Grimes retirement ceremony. Okay, So more grinds. You have to know who he is. Quick story here. Promisingly. Quick. So more. He was a Jay tack Turk. Very ah. Few words. Ah, true warrior. To the extent where I had to tell the group commander, tell the squadron commander he’s not going back to Iraq. Um, but just a true warrior and and just really loved that guy. So he gets up at his ceremony and JD John Darlings officiating the ceremony as group commander and the ceremony’s over and Mori transit JD. And he says, Ah, thank you, sir, For everything you’ve done no longer. Sure. And then he stands up. He looks up and goes, Ah, gentle McGonigal. Colonel Langdon, Thank you for coming. It works out in the audience and he says, It’s been a hell of a ride. Let’s party. And that was it. That was this air money, you know, General got it was like, Was that just it? We laughed so hard, I thought maybe I just pulled more grams today. But you all know me better than that. And as Joe often locks likes to point out to me. He tells me I talk too much. But in all seriousness, this is such a great day, and I’m really so honored, um, and humbled at all of this, and this is gonna be much about thanks. And I’ll try to wrap this up quickly, but I want to start there thanking first and foremost to the headquarters staff in Colonel Abbott for pulling this all together. I know this has just been crazy. I mean, the day we thought were going to do this, it was You can have five. Then you can have tan. Then you can have 30. No, you can’t have any. Phase one. Phase two. Phase three. Phase two minus. It was really difficult. And you just lead, um, as you do. Page, I’ve gotten to know you with a conviction. You lead this staff, and I really appreciate you and all you’ve done. Um, and Chief Boyd’s don’t know where she is. Probably in there, working like she has probably told nine a tonight. But she is really a held my hands. And since I got promoted to general and she worked in Go mo and really been supportive of me since she’s come back here to the state and you got you got a winner and a chief there. And to certain Belton April and I have been together since the early days of debt one and just a quiet professional, just always doing a job. And I’m just so grateful you’re part of my sermon. April and Don Don made the program for me very, very thankful to you Don and he also helped me with my computer all the time. And I imagine when you saw my email, he goes, she’s just not cyber. What’s wrong with her? Always did it with a smile and and Theresa cutting my orders and Rick Collison and to the all of the headquarters staff of Just played so such a role in making this day. I really am so grateful. Sarah. Sarah and I go back to the wing Reverend Swan, who had a sick kid yesterday. Marie concerned she would be able to be here, but she was great in your implication was just where is she is just beautiful, very touching. And I I thank you, and I’m gonna miss You’ve just been a great great chairman to work with Matt Venable. I told him I was like getting the band back together. And it was to Ian Matt in April in Sarah and I there’s no one. I would rather have narrate this for me. Just you’re just a nice human, and I thank you so much. Um, Chief Soy. Thank you for being a part of this ceremony. You’ve led that honor guard so admirably and he may have left by no. And then Captain Zeiger Hans, I really appreciate you stepping forward. You can blame Nyan by really appreciate You presented me with the state flag. So General Dougherty and Star Major, thank you for being here today, sir. I know you said you just had to walk across a long, but I know how busy where I saw you on TV of a few weeks back and I was like, Man, tag looks tired. That’s because he is tired driving the state pretty hard. And And I’m just grateful that you’re here and that leading our soldiers and airman and civilians through this. This time I’m so proud to be part of the Washington National Guard. General Scoggins and Diane. Ah, Seeing your friendly faces here today means the world to me. You, ah, were such a mentor of mine. You pushed me. You motivated me and you had you had confidence in my ability to lead. And this day means so much having you here. Thank you so much, sir. And gent, we go way, way back. Thank you for hosting. Thank you for lending my me your staff the last couple weeks to pull this together I know they’re all in good hands with you leading General TUI. You her. I don’t even need to say anymore. You know how far we go back of 27 years? Caesar’s. He’s literally responsible for me standing up here. He brought me into the air Guard. Um and we have shared so much the good, the bad and the ugly. I treasure the member memories, your continued friendship, and I really can’t wait to come see their ranch in. Ah Lian. Thank you so much for the beautiful words, Chazz, I can’t tell who’s who in masks out here, But I know I saw my body. Chazz. Very proud of you. Another, um, not so younger brother. Almost. You know, not as young as Junior, but very proud of what you doing that cyber com and things to come here? The right guy and then, Ah, lips. I know you were. You were right. Decision to bring to this state as well and very proud of you and what you’re gonna do in the future. Your accomplishments job and Kelly are out there from the cabin cabin. I think so. Ah, love you guys. And thanks for your friendship. Ah, General Langoustine couldn’t be here today. I talked to a couple weeks ago. His his, um um son Brian and wife just had twins premature, and one was still in the hospital. And he and Kathy right now are where they should be, and that’s taking care of their family. Um, but he sends his best to everyone. Dr. Avis and Kathy for Virginia. I know you’re out there DACA. You’ve been such a great friend, a mentor of mine. Thank you for the beautiful flowers. I know you’re watching, so I’m very happy that you were able to make it in General Loewenberg, one of our godfather’s. I know he’s watching. I hope he’s watching with my mom and dad, and I hope I minimal proud. But to the airman here and ah, to the airman on line watching, it’s your truly responsible for me being up here. Um, I’ve had just such amazing airman and senior in CIOs, Chief Ted. Well, I know you’re out there, Max. All the Chiefs and senior N. C. O. Is an airman. Officers and Enlisted year. What makes this? It made my whole career worthwhile. Hi, Joe. In my boys You didn’t have a choice but to be here today, huh? But I knew you wouldn’t miss it. And destiny, I love you with all my heart. And I’m just so, so proud of you boys and what you’ve already accomplished in which will continue, accomplish, and you’re gonna change the world. You’re just truly good humans. Oh, to my legislative girls. You know, I’ve introduced them earlier, but they’ve been, you know, my family for me. I don’t have family out here. And they’ve, Ah, watch me for many, many years, Paul Array. Well, her daughter Cassidy and your late dad, Rob Ray Wall from farmer husband, who have honored in the 1/11. And we go way, way back. And you girls have all been there for me through thick and thin. Rainy, All of you. Just thank you so much. Lisa and Jeff. Lisa and I met in the Washington Air National Guard, which, you may not know is Jeff and Joe were combat engineers together in the army, and, ah, they’re responsible for introducing Joe and I a couple years ago and, uh, bring in the army back to me, huh? I love you guys. I look forward to more memories. And Rick and June friends for life. I said, I’ve Ricks one of the first guys that met in the a sock, and I didn’t like him at first, and he probably didn’t like me either. But I love him now. He pulled in evil Knievel. Uh, recently, he couldn’t tell you his story, but I’m really grateful you guys made it. He never misses a ceremony. Okay, so to my life stream audience Oi, Nos out there. Mr. Hatcher, A G thank you for that beautiful picture. And thank you for taking the time on a Sunday afternoon in D. C. I don’t know why we never drink beer together. It’s not you. You know. You know where my office was, But I really appreciate your leadership and make me feel welcome. And CNN to Colonel George Haynes and Colonel Leaf Purchase who I know are out there. They were the muscles behind the last five years when I’ve been serving for the active duty to just great great colonels and great Americans. So thank you to Ah, one of my best friends, Colonel Dr Judy Koval. You met her at my, um, many of you met her at my promotion ceremony. She’s watching from Tripler. Ah, we were in the army together. Went to jump school together, assault together. We We’re roommates together in Hawaii at Fort Huachuca, and she’s now on army. Ah, Colonel, Doctor at Tripler. I know you out their duty, Um, and last Ah, to to My siblings weren’t here today. Last month we put my dad to rest next to my mom, and we all went back to the U P to be together, and I didn’t think it was a good idea to then bring him out here. Um, my siblings so were orphans. Now, um, but my brother, my big brother Jeff and my beautiful sister in law, Barb from, um, Phoenix are out there. My sister, Sally the wind beneath my wings. And Denny, they are watching from Stevenson. And my brother Tim and his wife share your also watching for Michigan or maybe from camp. But I love you. My niece Kristie and her husband Chris there, watching from Arizona newlyweds. Um, love you, girl. And then my niece Katie and my nephew Scotty are watching from San Diego. So you can see I might have family in hot spots all over the country, and we just couldn’t be here today. But I know there. If they’re either on the live streamer, they’re here in spirit. And J and Taylor fear out there love you guys too. Am I beautiful soon to be? Not soon enough. Um, daughter Law, Natalie is watching from Las Vegas. Love you, girl and the Landon’s air watching from Alaska. And finally, my BFF Jill and her husband, Tom, are watching from Green Bay, and I’m sure they’re proud. GOPAC. Okay, I’m done with those 35 years. That’s a long time. Starting with time in my beloved, you know, United States Army. I would not be here today with accomplishments I’ve had had I not been a soldier in the United States Army gave me the leadership foundation and really taught me at a very young age the importance of the n c E O. And to trust urine CEOs and to get out of their way. Um, I had some great great as you heard times in the army to four years at Scofield Barracks and then to serve in ah, division artillery in the ninth. I D and at first core just I love my army in Joe still calls me his soldier girl. Um, but the army also led me to mayor National Guard family. And you heard this story, so I don’t need to repeat it. But the opportunities that I have had has been a member of the Washington Air National Guard. Um, in the family and lasting friendships I’ve gained, ah will be with me for life. I am so humbled that I had the opportunity to command at the group in squadron and wing level and meat just so many fantastic air airman and serve alongside them. Um, you have taught me lessons that will last Ah, Lifetime. And I am truly, truly, so grateful. And then my last five years, serving on the active duty. It wasn’t supposed to be that way. I supposed to be two e’s chief of staff and be a dual hat title 32 title 10. And the active duty Airport said not so fast. Ah, you’re well, actually, the Air National Guard did. You’re gonna you’re gonna serve active duty only title 10. And I was really anxious about losing touch with everyone but I gained so much new perspective in these past five years, new and lasting friendships that I wouldn’t have had. And I got to see and live the total force with 24th Air Force and working for Lieutenant General Wegman Wedge of Fear out there. Just a phenomenal leader and friend and man. He’s funny, Um, and to end my career at the Pentagon with CN team is just really, really pretty cool. I’m 11 blessed and lucky girl, and now to come full circle back here today to be with my my Air Guard family in this joint team. It’s been a great journey, and it’s been all about the people. And I’m a better person, undoubtedly because of each and every one of you, um, and all the others out there during these 35 years as I depart the Washington Air National Guard, I just want to remind you in the Washington are still serving in the Washington Air National Guard that now you’re past your current. Your future successes are the result of people who came before you and became before me came before me. In some cases decades before us. Guys like Frank Scoggins and Tim Loewenberg and Gary McGonigal and John TUI. Um, never forget your history. Um, you know, the foundation was started by others, and we carry it on, and it’s why it’s this is just such an amazing organization. So you’re in good hands with your current team, and your future is tremendously bright. But your history is also important to so remain humble. Remember that. Okay, here comes the hard part. I’m almost done hard part with no hugging, no hugging in tears. Now many people use inspirational quotes, and you see, I have a quote in my program, and I chose a quote from someone who will continue to inspire me and my family for the rest of our lives. That’s mildly knee sneaky, and I wanted to honor her today. The last time she was here was when I was promoted to brigadier General, and some of you probably met her over at French Theater. She called me her bad ass and Jill. 3.5 years ago, she was a nursing student at Arizona State University’s Barrett Honors College, which, oddly enough, was founded by our current secretary of the Air Force Secretary, Barrett her husband. So Nikki applied and was a non er student there. Now she would have been a phenomenal nurse. The quote, the quote was from her college applications slash probably when she’s 15 and it resonates with me and should resonate with everyone. And it’s really pretty simple. Three work rules she lived by. Do the right thing, do your best and always show people you care, because you never know what somebody might be going through. It’s like, Man, she really had a lot going on for such a young girl. Inspirational words of action in compassion. Doing the right thing but caring for others from such a long a young girl who left us way too soon, and my family will honor her and miss her forever. Life is hard sometimes, and his junior said it. It’s hard right now. It’s hard for all of us, but his two repeats itself. It’s been hard before, and we get through it. You’re living in serving during one of those hard times, our airmen and soldiers and civilians air serving our communities in our nation during a pandemic during a continued racial justice, economic uncertainty, threats to our elections and doing it every day. Still, with care and with compassion from supporting the food banks that you’re doing here in the state, the contact tracing and all the other missions that the soldiers and airman of this great Washington National Guard are doing. And yet you still have toe maintained readiness and be ready to deploy. Teoh, you know, defend our nation from the bad actors that are still out there threatening our democracy. And it’s a grind right now, and I know that. But I’ll tell you while I hang it up, I am so grateful to know that you’re all out here and you’ve got my six. While I’m drinking that beer because you’re a great, great team and you’re in. You’re in great hands. Your future is great, is great. So I want to thank you all for serving the Great State and this great nation. Take care of yourselves, take care of each other. I’m gonna miss you so much. But I have memories to last a lifetime. I thank you all. God bless you. God bless your families. Be a nice human landing out. Ladies and gentlemen, please remain standing for the conclusion of our ceremony at General Lenin’s requests, please join us in singing both the army and the Air Force Service songs before the departure of the official party. The words could be found in your program way. This will conclude our official ceremony. For those who are able, we invite you to attend a reception taking place. That beer works in Olympia from 16. 30 to 18. 30 this evening to honor General Landen and to wish her the best in her retirement. Thank you all for its ending.

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