Navy Recruit Training Command Graduation Ceremony July 17, 2020

The virtual graduation ceremony for Training Group 36 at Recruit Training Command, the Navy’s only bootcamp, July 17, 2020.

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(intense music) (soldiers shouting) (intense upbeat music) ♪tough times get into your raft ♪ ♪tough times get into your raft ♪

Hello everyone. I’m captain Eric Thores. Commanding officer of recruit, training command. I welcome you to the virtual edition of our recruit graduation ceremony. Even though you can’t be here in person, it is important to be able to share this experience with you The families and friends, watching this significant milestone online. Next time you see your sailor, I’m sure that we’ll have many stories to tell you about their bootcamp experience. But first, allow me the opportunity to tell you, our side of the story.

Hurry up! Let’s go! Get on the bus! Let’s go! (sound of bus stopping)

Out of the bus! (shouting indiscernibly)

Recruit training command, is the quarterback of the United States Navy.

[Officer] Good order and discipline, will be maintained 24/7. Proper military posture will be maintained 24/7.

Every enlisted sailor begins their Naval career here. And our mission is fairly simple. It’s to transform civilians into smartly disciplined, physically fit sailors, ready for follow on training and service to the fleet. And while doing so to instill in them the highest values of honor, courage and commitment.

You are no longer a civilian! Whatever you were before is now over! You are about to begin a journey, that’s gonna make you a part, of the greatest naval force, the world, has ever known. This training, will not be easy. It wasn’t meant to be. (heavy breathing)

Our training environment is controlled chaos. (shouting indistinctly) And while it may not seem like that to the recruits, each and every event has meaning and purpose.

You’re going to sound off at the top of your lungs! Do you understand?

[All] Yes we do sir!

[Narrator] We are designed to develop skill sets that sailors can carry throughout their entire career. We push hard on physical fitness. (shouting loudly) Watch standing.

You’re not looking man. Look! (soldier mumbles) Try it, read it and look. (soldier mumbles)

[Narrator] And creating a warrior mindset.

Now with the mental scan, you’re gonna be focused on your mind.

A true body, mind and soul approach.

When I say, “Yes, yes, yes!”, you will have 15, 1-5 seconds, to guide your faces, guide your straps. Check for a seal and put your hands in your pockets!

All of our recruits receive training that will help them, the second they get to the fleet. (people shouting over each other)

This side! Put your glasses down! All the way!

Firefighting, damage control, weapons and seamanship. Our crews get hands on training and application with them all. (people shouting over each other) (upbeat music)

I’m putting my hands in front of your faces so you not seeing, get it?

All right, (mumbling)


Hands in, too weak handed!

[Instructor] All right, put them near your ear. (shooting) (upbeat music)

Again, one breath! Face comes up, one breath, back down! (water splashing) (water splashing)

[Man] Go down, go down there!

Stay on the surface, look at the weight, good. (intense music)

Find one, right here.

So I need, everything you’ve got!

Because, once we start this evolution again, I’m going to expect you, to adapt, overcome and beast! (shouting indiscernibly) (intense upbeat music) (soft music)

Work together as a team, execute the mission, and the next time I see you, you’ll be safe. Who ya navy. Who ya!

[Narrator] Everything they learn is tested in the battle stations. (woman singing loudly) (buzzer buzzing)

[Chief] Identify yourself!

Chief, division, zero, zero, one. Man and ready for battle stations Chief!

Very well!

Do not relax anything, that is on you, that is on you…

Do you understand?


[Narrator] A 24 hour event, where the recruit ceases to exist.


Hold the door!

[Narrator] And a sailor is forged.

[Man] Try to close the water! Try to close the water!

I tried, you need to close the metric, as tight! As tight!

Mayday! (scratching sound) (shouting)

[Narrator] Maybe bootcamp really is a machine. With a swarm of moving parts. All working towards the same goal. Making a sailor. (people chanting)

Courage and commitment. (people chanting) (soft music)

The sailors forged here are the bedrock of our Naval forces. They give our Navy its combat edge. And enable us to help keep this nation secure. Each of them you see here today, has earned the right to wear the uniform recognized throughout the world, as a symbol of freedom. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the newest and sharpest sailors in the United States Navy. (band playing)

[Announcer] Division two, two seven! Commanded by, chief petty officer Christian Henson! Petty officer second class, Bobby Kitchen! And the recruit chief petty officer, Steven Justin Hansford! From Sierra Vista, Arizona! (band playing) Division two, two eight! Commanded by, chief petty officer Edwin Varvey! Petty officer second class, Dominika Vance! And the recruit chief petty officer, Seaman Maria Parvonvoneer From Fredericksburg, Virginia! (band playing) Division two, two, nine! Commanded by, petty officer first class Eddie Guerrero! Petty officer second class, Logan Haggerdy! And petty officer, second class, Anthony Gibbs! And the recruit chief petty officer, Seaman Tanner Seaworth. From Austin, Texas! (band playing) Division two, three, zero! Commanded by chief petty officer Alejandro Otis! Petty officer first class, Rose-lore Buzzy! Petty officer, first class Cardy Trueworth! And the recruit chief petty officer, Seaman Garcia Otis. From San Antonio, Texas! (band playing) Division two, three, one! Commanded by, chief petty officer Keith Schneider. Petty officer first class, David McGuire! And the recruit chief petty officer, Seaman Christopher Jones! From Waterford, Connecticut! (drums playing) Division two, three, two! Commanded by, chief petty officer Danny Gampult! Petty officer second class Tiara Bore! And the recruit chief petty officer, Seaman Grecia Revera! from Tucson, Arizona! (band playing) Division two, three, three! Commanded by chief petty officer Billy Coffelt! Petty officer second class, Russel Nails! And the recruit chief petty officer Si mi yang Lu Lynn! From Flagstaff, Arizona! (band playing) Division two, three, four! Commanded by, petty officer first class John Jenkins! Petty officer first-class, Ian Stanley! And the recruit chief petty officer, Seaman Vipul Sharma! From Chandigarh India. (band playing) Division two, three, five! Commanded by, chief petty officer, Eric Sloan! Petty officer second class Joshua Rodriguez! And the recruit chief petty officer Seaman Austin Anderson McDonald’s! From Dallas, Texas! (band playing) Division two, three, six! Commanded by, chief petty officer, David Haushen! Petty officer first class, Rochelle Robertson! And the recruit chief petty officer, seaman Isadora Morris! From Waycross, Georgia! (band playing)

Congratulations, sailors. You’ve all made it. You’re graduating from bootcamp, and doing so in a time of extraordinary circumstances. Today we recognize your transformation from civilian to sailor. A Sailor is a member of a profession, forged through shared adversity. Confident in their abilities. And certain in their conviction, that they are ready to handle any challenge. The RTC staff, and your RDCs, see these traits within each of you. I personally could not be more proud of how you’ve risen to the challenge as we presented and proven that you have what it takes to be members of our Navy and profession of arms. While your time here has been different than others have experienced in the past, fundamentally, most things haven’t changed. Like every sailor you’ve been trained in firefighting, damage control, seamanship, small arms and watch standing. You proved you were tough mentally, morally, and physically. You showed you could work as a team, both relying on one another, and being relied upon. You demonstrated the warrior spirit of sailors and earn the right to wear that title. The Coronavirus has certainly impacted your experience, but the Navy is inherently flexible and agile and excels when faced with challenges, just like you’ve all done here during bootcamp. We’re not just congratulating you today. We’re welcoming new members of the Navy family watching from afar. While I wish you could all be here in person, I’m glad I’m at least able to virtually welcome you. The term Navy family isn’t just a slogan, it’s a real thing. And I’m gonna let you families in on a secret. We need you, to love and support us throughout our service to our nation. Thank you for your love and support of your sailor. You are truly part of our family and essential to the Navy, To the sailors graduating today, well done. We’re all very proud of you. Take care of one another and stay in the fight. (band music playing)

Throughout your time here, you’ve been taught toughness. You have been taught to run to the fire. You’ve been taught to deal with the acute stress, how to process it and still move forward. You’ve been taught all that stuff. You’ve been taught to overcome challenge. And you have overcome challenges. The fact that you’re sitting here today says you’ve done that, ’cause here’s what I’m gonna tell you, you’re gonna be tested, it’s coming. One of you is gonna be sitting in your gym, working out, and you’re going to hear a loud crash off the back of your ship. And when you get up the top side, a helicopter with 25 people is hit the back of the ship and fell in the water. And now you got a mass casualty and start rescuing people. One of you is gonna be eating from the mess decks. And you’re going to hear the flight deck fire drill or fire alarm go off. And you’re gonna run to the flight deck to suit up. And there’s a Harrier jet with two, 500 pound bombs on board, a pilot in the cockpit and the plane’s on fire. And you’ve got to go combat the fire. One of you is going to be sitting in combat, off the coast of Africa, and you’re going to hear “Missiles inbound, this is not a drill.”, And you’re gonna have to react. Everything I just said, has happened to our Navy in the last four years. And sailors like you, responded and took action. Your test is coming. Are you ready? (crowd shouting in agreement)

Weak, weak! Are you ready? (crowd shouting in agreement) I am proud of each and every one of you. You are absolutely the generation of sailors I want to go to war with. Be proud of what you’ve done. Earn it every day. I’m proud to call you shipmate. I look forward to seeing you in the fleet. I look forward to see your graduation tomorrow. Congratulations to your parents. Who ya.

[Crowd] Who yah!

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